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  1. dailyviral

    Youtube Ban Videos Instantly - New Update?

    i am doing youtube marketing for my blackhat niches from the past 5 years and this is the hardest time i have ever faced because of youtube video bans and policy updates. Is there any better alternate where i can promote my blackhat niches?
  2. dailyviral

    Instagram ban?

    You are using static ip for sure.
  3. dailyviral

    Game Hack Niches And Promotion

    I am in the hacking niche field from the past 5 years. Before 2017 was awesome i was literally earning $$$ per day. Now the situation is different and google and youtube is more strict. I have seen many gaming hack niches site are on top page og google. I am planning to start a game hack niche...
  4. dailyviral

    How to promote dating offers?

    Hello everyone!!! I am planning to start promoting dating offers. I have tried instagram follow, facebook post but i am not getting one download in a day. I don't know where i am wrong in promoting? I have 4 instagram accounts and I used to follow 190 instagram accounts in a day and i have 5...
  5. dailyviral

    How to run 1000 instagram accounts with each account runs on different ip?

    I am planning to run 1000 instagram accounts by myself and each account have a different ip (so that instagram cannot caught the accounts) but i don't want to buy proxies. Is there any way possible or a cheapest method to do. If it wants me to buy proxies so where can i get free proxies? I have...
  6. dailyviral

    Youtube Remove Videos After 24h

    No, it is not true. Try ccleaner and privacy eraser and restart your pc and browser. Try again and again. Limit 5 videos to a channel and make sure not to create 5 channel a day.
  7. dailyviral


    It's not easy to rank videos in youtube so easy. I am in the field of video ranking from the past 6 years. Youtube algorithm has been changed in the past one year, videos get ghosted. But i suggest you to buy views and comments and likes form a genuine buyer, then it's your luck if videos rank...
  8. dailyviral

    youtube+cpa big problem, help please

    Youtube is ghosting videos from the past 6 months, one thing left is your video looks legit with proper likes, subscribers, comments. You need to boost video first with views then a lot of manual work with different accounts makes your video legit and you can rank
  9. dailyviral

    How to find every single backlink for a particluar website?

    SEM rush is too slow, it updates very slowly. I need something free @"HawkEye" @"IM2020"
  10. dailyviral

    How to find every single backlink for a particluar website?

    I am searching for some top websites backlinks but don't know how to find every single backlink for that website.
  11. dailyviral

    $30/day with Youtube + CPA

    Hack niches are not valuable on youtube, yt rank is too tough now a days. Many people has spend hundreds of dollars on ranking videos but not even earned half of the money. But i know there is still some trick by which you can rank on yt, just hit and trial
  12. dailyviral

    How to do SEO of yahoo and bing?

    OKay, thanks. So web2.0, forum submission, directory submission, infographics, blog submission are enough or it needs more
  13. dailyviral

    How are you guys ranking videos?

    YT is not dead, i have been using YT from the past 5 years and after 2017 update my videos are not ranking. Before 2017 i used to gain 10 views daily on a single video, i used to give like and view by my own, no purchasing. But now my videos are not ranking i don't know why, many people are...
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