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  1. BTMSean

    CPA or PPI?

    You can add both CPA and PPI offers onto your content locker at the same time and see what performs better for you :)
  2. BTMSean

    What is best Network for France offers and leads

    You can't rely too heavily on network epcs as there are sometimes publishers that will either drag the epc down or convert at an abnormally high rate. The only way to know is by testing the offer yourself. But generally speaking, epcs over $0.42 in FR is considered good. @Darster, thanks for...
  3. BTMSean

    Payoneer Please Help - Urgent: I get error

    It's pretty cheap to call globally with Google Voice. Hopefully they at least tell you why they closed your account.
  4. BTMSean

    PPI Network for Mobile Devices?

    Are you looking for Android and iOS mobile app installs?
  5. BTMSean

    clicksure abnormal amount of voids

    A lot of the bigger networks have CPL offers. I'd suggest to test out a few and compare epcs. Always do some research on the networks beforehand so you know who you can trust ;)
  6. BTMSean

    Content Locker or File Locker ?

    Darster is right, but there are also link lockers, if you are trying to lock specific URL(s).
  7. BTMSean

    A noob in desperate need of help

    Hey Wezzlan, Welcome to CPA Elites :)! If I knew more about your domain name and your potential promotional methods, I could certainly give you a few pointers. One thing I do suggest is getting more into whitehat traffic. As you mentioned in your original post, it's better for the long term...
  8. BTMSean

    Questions about CPA Offers

    This isn't always a good idea. Although it looks appealing to only convert on high paying offers, some of the lower paying campaigns convert much easier (first page email submit, etc.), which is why they pay lower. ALWAYS focus on the EPCs as mentioned above. It's your best bet to maximize...
  9. BTMSean

    Should I Change Links From PPI to PPD

    Hey Jayzzz, I'd definitely recommend using CPA offers over CPI offers if your main country is France because of the opportunity for much higher payouts. I would also recommend either sticking to PPD networks or changing to white hat before running blackhat traffic to a CPA network. Good luck!
  10. BTMSean

    CPA Elites 1 Year Old = Nearly 30K Users

    Congrats, CPA Elites! So much accomplished in such a short time.
  11. BTMSean

    Which network is the BEST

    Thanks for the kind words, Darster. You're definitely right. It's good to test out a few networks and find your sweet spot. Any questions about BTM? Contact me on skype! BTMSEANF.
  12. BTMSean

    Do you know any decent PPI network?

    Hey Pachu, What countries are you currently looking for? Blue Track Media has a nice selection of PPI offers. Cheers, -Sean
  13. BTMSean

    Cpa networks?

    Thanks for recommending us, komplexed! Split testing is always the best way to go until you find the right fit for your traffic. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance. Regards, -Sean
  14. BTMSean

    Direct Offer Networks

    That's not necessarily true. There are quite a few networks out there that have direct relationships with various advertisers that offer both domestic and international offers. If I were you, I would sign up to 4-5 of the top networks and run some tests. You might see different EPCs on each...
  15. BTMSean

    cpa networks which pay weekly or net 15 with less payout ??IS CPALEAD A LIE ??

    To answer your question about payment terms, NET30 means you get paid 30 days after the current month when traffic was generated. NET15 means you get paid 15 days after the current month when traffic was generated and so on... Some networks have minimum payouts in order to avoid fees on such...
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