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    Landing! V3 | The BEST Blogspot Template EVER | Dark & Light | Customizable | EPIC

    How can i remove the icons inside of the gray dots? I just want it to have the 1 that I have put inside it.
  2. Brien

    How much does your best niche earn you per day?

    I earn around $12 a day with one niche, two videos. What about you guys?
  3. Brien

    Do You Tell Your Viewers They Need to Complete a Survey in Your Videos?

    I do tell them that they have to do a short survey and that it shouldn't take any longer than 30 seconds. I wouldn't be able to tell if it drops my traffic, but my CR is anywhere from 33 to 45%
  4. Brien

    Quality ~ Ask anything, and get answered by real PRO's | Version 2.0

    I have two videos. Both have been ranked using HR views plus likes and comments but haven't received any signals or backlinks. My question is this. One video is 4 months old, one video is 7 months old. The 7 month old video is ranked 4 for the keyword I'd like to hit, the 4 month old video is...
  5. Brien

    Ratio of views to likes/comments?

    I would probably do 15k overnight then drip feed the rest.
  6. Brien

    Ratio of views to likes/comments?

    Say I upload a niche, and add 50k HR views. How many likes, favorites, and comments should be relative to 50k HR views?
  7. Brien

    Why would you even pick a CPA over a PPD network?

    My CR gets cut in half when I use CPA. I don't get paid twice as much for leads, so I use FileIce.
  8. Brien

    Have you ever limited your surveys to only mobile?

    I'm just curious if you guys made it so the only surveys that people can complete are mobile? Obviously conversion rate will drop, but do you think in some cases it would make more than email submits?
  9. Brien

    $4.18 .COM Domain + Whois Protection on Godaddy

    You can grab yourself a .COM domain and whois protection to hide your info for $4.18 with the code below. The code is cjcrmn3cp
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    Quality ~ Ask anything, and get answered by real PRO's | Version 2.0

    Say I have a niche, "Free X Download". How many videos should I be uploading for that niche? I know I can try and hit different keywords, but should I have 2-3 videos per niche in general?
  11. Brien

    Did you see an increase in earnings after buying a domain?

    Just wondering if you saw an increase in earnings or CR. Thanks
  12. Brien

    Should I invest into my niches?

    Well I have plenty of money to invest, but I don't know where to start. I made these niches back when all you had to do was pump some HR views. I'm assuming I should get a domain before I do SEO. Also, where would I even start when it comes to SEO? I'm assuming backlinks has something to do...
  13. Brien

    Should I invest into my niches?

    I have two niches that earn me anywhere from $10-13 a day total. My CR is 30-40%. Both sites have blogspot domains and a page design that is only marginally better than the default Blogspot theme. My question is this, will domains and custom themes pay for themselves in the long term? I...
  14. Brien

    How to use backlinks effectively?

    I haven't used backlinks or any SEO on my websites or videos. I have two niches that earn me roughly $13 a day that I'm guessing comes 100% from Youtube traffic. Should I invest in some backlinks for the video and my blogs? If so, where do you buy your backlinks at?
  15. Brien

    What are your future plans?

    I just want to make enough to pay some bills while I go to school. CPA is not a career guys, it's a job. Make sure you aren't setting yourself up for failure when people stop doing offers. Stay educated.
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