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  1. BaStan

    My PayPal was just accessed by someone else. BE CAREFUL!

    1 year ago ,someone tried to h@ck my account also, but PP detect another location for who wanted to login and ask him further info such as credit card number attached to the account and this is how I didn't lost the money in the account. I don't know why they didn't ask such info when that guy...
  2. BaStan

    [Need] Free voicemail services(like k7)

    I think it doesn't matter so much these days... I just to re-validate some of my old email accounts
  3. BaStan

    [Need] Free voicemail services(like k7)

    I would like to know if somebody know some good free voicemail services like k7 it was in the old days. Thanks !
  4. BaStan

    [HOT] Hostwinds $0.05 One Time Discount Code

    Do we need to fill up with some credit card info ?
  5. BaStan

    Verify Paypal

    there is a purpose to verify your info and I think it's not passable
  6. BaStan

    Dreamcash no payment in July ?

    I'm not using Payoneer payments ,but for me, in the past Dreamcash was trust company for me ,have you contact the admin?
  7. BaStan

    I am new to CpaElites

    Hello there and welcome to CPAElites :smile:
  8. BaStan

    International or NL?

    Just try out both to see which performs better and after that stick with that and scale it up
  9. BaStan

    YouTube SMS Verification

    Good to hear that :smile:
  10. BaStan

    Best Strong SEO Package? That i can buy?

    That's right,move to Tier2 ,but first make sure you have high index rate for your Tier 1 backlinks :nerd:
  11. BaStan

    YouTube SMS Verification

    You're welcome, until now I didn't find anything,but I will keep looking for such a service since I need it too for my purposes :smile:
  12. BaStan

    Best Strong SEO Package? That i can buy?

    When you have this google dance in SERP's ,it means that your SEO promoting is doing good and you must keep your work until you hit your desired spot
  13. BaStan

    No more Godaddy 0.99 domains?

    Check out my thread and let me if it helps:
  14. BaStan

    hi to all

    Hello hiuuf and welcome to CPAElites. Hope you will achieve soon your goals :smile:
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