make up to 100$ daily
2013-11-17, 04:27 PM,
asanasuoscash - Secret Methods
An awesome, free guide about how to make money with asanasuoscash, including special software and secret methods.
Let it begin ...

"Here I will describe you several effective methods to make your asanasuoscash earnings acquired the desired effect, and the level of your payment has reached and sized huge amounts of money."

1. Method - YouTube

This is an easy way to start. People take off everything with YouTube. Before starting, check if you have the YouTube account and do you know to work simple videos in "Windows Movie Maker" or another program. Believe me, this is the easiest possible way. Here you can use all your creativity and give people what they think is best, and I'll tell you one way. You've just found a good hack or some crazy mod for some game or program. Show people how to use it, or how to install it, simply record yourself how you do it, I'd recommend you a program, which is very easy to use, and image resolution is very high quality. After you record it, simply post your video on YouTube, and put the asanasuoscash download link in the description.

Download the program here:

Believe me, some people are just looking for this kind of video and will make every effort to get this video, and will resolve the poll asanasuoscash. This is just an example, effective. You get creative.
Go ahead and register yourself, and for 30 seconds you'll start with the uploading your own files and earning money in a jiffy!

2. Method - MySpace & Orkut

Register at Yahoo and MySpace and there gather around 300 to 400 friends. It will take some time, but in the long run, it will be profitable. Extract some time each day and add about 50 friends. I have collected over 500 friends in just 2 weeks. The most important thing, concentrate on friends from the U.S., UK and Canada because of experiencing the greatest profits. You will be easiest, if you enroll in their communities and groups. Adds many more women than men - it means be a girl. Once you get about 300-400 a friends, put a picture in profile and update your status.
Go ahead and register yourself, and for 30 seconds you'll start with the uploading your own files and earning money in a jiffy!

3. Method - ROMs & Emulators

This is my method through which I get the most revenue, but in fact it is very easy to accomplish. The only reason why it is a bit complicated because it requires a certain expertise with websites, hosting, how to make a website and brighten it. If you receive this method the number of downloading will be significantly increased. Look for Nintendo DS ROMs and emulator on Google. When you find a good site download them as much as possible. At the beginning you can go on Mininova, find and download a large file with over 100 DS ROMs. Just upload all the files on asanasuoscash and put them on your new website. If you update your website, you could get thousands of downloads a day. You can submit your site for a list of 100 ROM you can get excellent traffic.
Go ahead and register yourself, and for 30 seconds you'll start with the uploading your own files and earning money in a jiffy!

4. Method - Digital Comics

Digital Comics are currently very popular on the internet, and nobody uses asanasuoscash to promote them, you can do several things. Find comics, download and upload them on the asanasuoscash. Put them on your blog, website or propagate them elsewhere. You can also use the site Visit the Comic section, and download a book. After uploading on the asanasuoscash, always set the link and book covers. A little explanation will also help to interest people, is a great place. Many people love free comics, so grab the opportunity.
Go ahead and register yourself, and for 30 seconds you'll start with the uploading your own files and earning money in a jiffy!

5. Method - Take advantage of laziness

It's one of my favorite methods, because it requires you to be creative. What you need is to go to any manual Traffic Exchange (use Google) and Sign up on a few. Upload on asanasuoscash some large picture or a small program of about 1-2 MB and call the file "Traffic Exchange Bot". Make a quick blog and delete it all but the post and title. Write a title that is easy to read. Write that you have bot Traffic Exchange that can be used. Do not worry because you do not have a bot, it is essential that you have uploaded the file in ".rar" format and has a real name. People will download your file, they will not find a bot with you, but want somewhere else, and you'll have your earnings.
Go ahead and register yourself, and for 30 seconds you'll start with the uploading your own files and earning money in a jiffy!

6. Method - Torrents and other upload sites

Torrents are an excellent choice for the placement of your files. I will explain to you the best tactics. For example, if you want people to take off your movie, and thereby earn more with asanasuoscash , it is important to do .rar- or .zip file in it. You have to put a text document (.doc or .txt) into which you put a link to asanasuoscash , where the code for the main file can be downloaded. (I recommend that you use a shortened link, these sites have a bunch, TinyURL,, etc.) The main file, in this case the movie lock with the code so that it can be opened and unpacked only if the code is downloaded. Put these files on, for example Hotfile or Rapidshare, inside a text document that leads to code. This is the way, which is certainly recommended for beginners.
Go ahead and register yourself, and for 30 seconds you'll start with the uploading your own files and earning money in a jiffy!

"This are just a few of the methods. You can always invert some new. I just help and give instructions on how to start. Believe, with little effort in order to use any of these methods, you will probably earn at least $50 per day."

Important steps and special equipment

Most people dream of internet riches, get rich quick methods and easy ways to fame and fortune. But for the most part this will not come true. To make this dreams come true you also have to do something, forget laziness.

In this guide I will give you a basic on how to start monetizing the internet.

Step 1: Sign up


You don't have to use it but I consider this payment instead of selling this book.

Step 2: How to start

All you need is a good niche. A niche market is the subset part of the market on which a specific product is focusing. Therefore the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics, that is intended to impact.

Once, when you have fought a good niche, you can increase your ideas.

Step 3: The program (please discover the special equipment after step 4!)

Try to create a program - just one - which can be usefully for somebody. There are three methods, the White-, Gray- and the Black-Hat-Method.
You can make use from Gray-Hat-Methods, but never make use from Black-Hat-Methods, you’ll get reported and banned afterwards. asanasuoscash may also close your account immediately, and you are finished.

Think about some solutions and try to realize them. So, one of these categories can be a very good niche:

• Movies

• Money

• Video Games

• Music

• Computers

Choose only one of them (that’s enough) and let your work begin.

Step 4: Setting up a video

This is most likely the most important thing I will ever tell you: “Make your own video!”

Ripping other people videos will get you nowhere, and now a short guide, how to build your own video:

• Start Recording

• Start typing in notepad for example: “Here we go. My program allows you to make high quality videos in only few minutes”, etc.

• Open and show off your program

• Close the program, clear your notepad and type in your final words. For example: "I hope this program is useful to you guys. I have also included a virus scan for you. Thanks for watching."

• Save, close and upload.

Attention: Never allow strangers to comment and rate your video!

Set your video up like this:

This allows you to prevent bad reviews and ratings. However, your video can still get flagged and removed. From this point on it is all how you did the past steps, if you did them well and spent time then it's going to show. If not pick yourself up and try again.

When your video got approx. 5000 views in only 3 days and still got removed, don’t worry, because that’s a profitable and popular niche, sure. In that case make use of Blogger or Word Press, to promote the deleted stuff from YouTube.

Special Equipment:

1. asanasuoscash E-Book - an incredible E-Book about the most important facts like White-, Grey- and Black-Hat-Methods, including special marketing methods with asanasuoscash.


2. Social Network Generator – don’t miss this tool, it’s very important for you. This tool allows you, to get mass of customers. The program is a little bit difficult to use, but effective and compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Co.

3. Special Optimizer - this intelligent tool helps you to get an overview of your work, to check some mistakes and to make improvements. You have to import your own work into this tool, it has a big capacity. It's easy to use, but it needs updates very often.

4. General Internet Marketing – this E-Book gives you expert advices and descriptions in the section “Internet Marketing”, it contains over 450 pages of valuable information. Please make use of this, especially at the beginning.

5. Nero – one of the most incredible marketing tools I’ve ever seen in my life. I got this incredible tool from a closed association of talented hackers. Make sure, to hide your IP while using this tool, that’s very important.


"I used this equipment daily, and even in those days I make use of this."

Now we are coming to the end, this has covered a lot of the basics.
This guide is still not complete, but enough, to help newcomers like you.
Don't waste any time and let it begin.

Good Luck!
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2013-11-17, 04:36 PM,
I couldn't understand anything here mate, "Download","Register" doesn't have any links, the text is just a mess here, did you just copied an e-book here or what? "You don't have to use it but I consider this payment instead of selling this book."
Confused -_-
2013-11-17, 04:38 PM,
yeah old method, but still you can get money from that.

more better you provide link the software too.
2013-11-17, 07:32 PM,
i also cant understand what me meant to say without having any links or using asunocash everywhere :O

will rise from ashes One day !
2013-11-17, 07:33 PM,
No Links working, please edit your post, thanks
2013-11-17, 07:36 PM,
Old method but thanks for share
2013-11-17, 08:25 PM,
Whole text is messed up, I tried reading and found that this methods are very old and already shared 1000's of time on different forums. Good effort, looking forward to some more informative threads from you.
2013-11-17, 08:51 PM,
one question, did you manage to get 100$ daily from these methods?

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