is that worth it?
2013-05-17, 01:05 PM,
Hello i'm thinking of maybe getting a .com domain with whoisproof for about 12$ per year and probably a offshore host for 5$ months even before my first download, my idea is now to maybe search for a domain that has something to do with ekygens or generators and let it look kinda professionall and fill it with a lot of links like, keygens generators and so on, really a lot of links from niches and stuff that will all come from my youtube videos :(

1. should i use wordpress?
2. currently i didnt do much before, didnt even haad my first download, but since i got a little bit of time i could atleast invest like 4-6 hours per day atm in that videos and site :( i'm jut not sure if even with putting a lot of effort into that if i could make more than the 5$ per month that i pay for the host

2. is 5$ per month good for 15gb disk space and unmetered traffic?
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2013-05-17, 01:08 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-17, 01:10 PM by Razer12.)
I went and bought my domain at for like $10 or something ( You can find them cheaper else where ) and then I pay my hosting at which only $3.50 a month.
If you have just one video and manage to rank it at least first page some where or on Google even with your site looking not so good you are surely going to make $15.00+ a month

IMO if you don't have lots of cash and/or don't have time to spare this isn't really for you.
2013-05-17, 01:15 PM,
well i currently have much time and want to creat multiple of videos that takle more than one topic :p and all link to my site where i write a little bit about that with download buttons and all taht neat stuff
2013-05-17, 01:26 PM,
Personally, I hate taking risks, and generally won't invest in anything until I'm certain I can make a positive return on it. In this case, I wouldn't bother with real hosting and a domain name until I'm sure my youtube videos actually generate viable traffic, and then make plans to scale this up based on how much I'm actually making. A free blogspot blog honestly works just as well as a personalised website, it takes 5 minutes to set up and you can write an article and customize it within half an hour. Linking your youtube videos to that blogspot site will then allow you to test your traffic without spending any money or losing out on conversion rates.
2013-05-17, 01:33 PM,
I would go with a google blogspot till you start to earn some money. Then after you earn take that money and invest it into a domain name!
2013-05-17, 01:51 PM,
If you get a .net domain on wordpress you can get it for $18 for a year.


[Image: CyjquRg.png]
2013-05-17, 02:35 PM,
Hello there, perhaps I can give you some advice on this subject, I'm a newbie so it's up to you if you want to listen. :P forget about not having any downloads, look at it with common sense and logic, if you invest $20-$30 into this, with a bit of hard work using YouTube you will double that back in a few days if that.

You should then think about learning SEO, because videos get taken down in the end, however that is a different story. Below I will give you some pointers:

1. Buy yourself a .com domain and try to use an EMD = "Exact matching domain" add an extra letter or something, perhaps for an example many users would be implementing something like this: >>>>>>>> www.your name hq .com <<<<<<<

You see what I did there?

This is good for SEO purposes and what not, when you have started to see a return you can invest into SEO services, that is if your not going to learn it yourself of course!

2. Use Wordpress and install good plugins, unsure about what to use? not a problem, use my guide here: Must Have Wordpress Plugins To Use (Guide)

Hope that helps!
2013-05-17, 02:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-17, 02:42 PM by Valkyrie.)
okay, thanks actually i could also pay the hosting currently via my money that i earn with my partnered youtube channel, its not much but i gain atleast 50-120€ monthly from it.

EDIT: ixamhosting looks good, its only 2$ thats pretty cheap, but is 100gb bandwith enough? i dont know anything about those stats.
2013-05-17, 03:24 PM,
200gb bandwith is enough for cloudflare? its just 1$ more

but its also the highest upgrade on that site for the offshore hosting thingy

also, someone suggested me to go on fiverr and maybe pay someone for seo/keywords/domain, is that good?
2013-05-17, 03:36 PM,
Use this mate so you can get .con .net domains for only $0.98 with free 1 year whois protect

for the webhosting, use and signup for their 30day trial so you will not pay anything within the trial period, if you got funds already then you can stay hosting with them.

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