how can i recover from THIN CONTENT penalty?
2017-01-21, 03:13 AM,
I have seen a few people report this and they usually seem to just start over as it is apparently close to pointless to apply for reconsiderations.

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2017-08-24, 03:44 PM,
(2017-01-19, 10:40 AM)Fierce Wrote:
(2017-01-18, 06:03 PM)CheDz Wrote:
(2017-01-18, 03:02 PM)Fierce Wrote: ok, so my site that makes 100+ a day from ogads got hit by a thin content penalty today. all my ranks just dropped from rank1 to page 8.

how can i recover from this? do i need to rewrite the whole content? change wordpress theme? i dont know, i feel down right now.. and feels everything is falling apart in my life.

PS: got a message on webmaster tools, thin content message
my site is still indexed.

Happened to me mate in september, still indexed. Niches went from #1 to #41 etc.

Still like that today, I submitted over 10 reconsideration requests, all rejected.
IMHO move on and start again, not the news you want to hear, but don't do what I did and waste a lot of time on waiting for reconsiderations, only to be rejected.
I had over 100 niches manually made/written by myself. No way was it thin content, not sure what caused it, maybe competition reported in Google or something.
I'm still indexed also, except all niches now won#t budge past #40.

You don't have to take my advice though, if you think you can get approved go for it. But I had that mindset and wasted tons of time.
If you do go for it and it works whatever info you find, I'd be happy to know xD I spent weeks trying. Goodluck

(2017-01-18, 06:07 PM)ManagerRage Wrote: Happen to me today /image/52aec95c567e482c8a28c6564323bb79.png and the site starting to decrease the ranking and lost almost $200 to rank this site. Still looking for solution.

Guys i already submitted for reconsideration, lets see the results. Im gonna post it here.

Hey man, I recently got hit by the same penalty, 5 domains taken over, Income source Died.
You said you will post the progress? What happened? Did they approve?
2017-08-24, 05:26 PM,
I would start over again, w/o WP, start using html or advanced.
Take care in case you are submitting SEO orders.
Many marketers will provide terrible articles with low content.

Example: you are going to order some 40 any kind of links service.
Buy or write 40 unique articles in that case.

Text spinners are bad to go, you need to switch content keywords often and use at least 500-600 words articles.

Make sure to not use SEO tools for tier1.

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2017-08-27, 01:25 PM,
If you are in Blackhat niche, you may never get your rankings back. But if your site is in Whitehat niche, you need to add more content and then submit your site for manual approval.
2017-08-27, 06:22 PM,
If you have been hit by THIN Content penalty you should consider that you content is not understandable or you build it with many grammar mistakes. This could be one of the causes of getting THIN Content Penalty in your website case. Other plausible cause may be the fact that your website users (or even your competition) reported your website to google.
2017-08-28, 11:36 AM,
Try to rewrite the content again buddy.
2017-08-30, 04:00 PM,
EDIT: Go to the thread and see my UPDATE. I got my site back

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2017-08-30, 04:41 PM,
Was it a game hack site??
2017-08-30, 04:47 PM,
(2017-08-30, 04:41 PM)yesman Wrote: Was it a game hack site??

yes it is. and the content is fake with og ads.

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