[dvLden's Share] echoAds - Detect Adblock Browser Extension
2014-01-22, 11:12 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-07-21, 09:16 PM by dvLden.)
Here I come with another share of my custom scripts!
Today I will share my latest Adblock Detector that you may use on any kind of website or CMS.

[Image: zTnIhKZ.png]

What is echoAds ?
Well you remember that some CPA networks has that thing within their Gateway script called (no-js and no-adblock)... Well except that their thing redirects visitor off of your website. Which is very bad...

I have created this little plugin with a jQuery. It will detect if visitor has Adblock extension enabled and show them warning with your message or even redirect them to wherever you want. You may trigger custom functions and so on...

Preview of echoAds Plugin Code
*  Project: echoAds
*  Description: Detect Adblock Browser Extension
*  Author: dvL-den
*  License: Copyrights dvL-den. All rights reserved.

(function ($) {
  $.echoAds = function () {

    var options = $.extend({
      domain: window.location.origin,
      detected: function () {},
      undetected: function () {}
    }, arguments[0] || {});

    $.get(options.domain + '/js/advertisement.js');

    setTimeout(function () {
      if ($.adblockDetector === undefined) {
      } else {
    }, 300);

Plugin Trigger and Explanations
  detected: function() {
    // In here you can write whatever you want to do, if Adblock is detected on visitors side.
    // Right now it will just fetch the html document with content and reveal it on your website.
    $.get('ajax/echoAds.html', function (adblock) {
    $('html').css('overflow', 'hidden');

    // However, if you'd like to redirect your visitors to another page/link,  you could do something like this... Keep in mind that "//" in JS is a comment.
    // window.location.href = 'http://cpaelites.com/';
  undetected: function() {
    // This is what happens if Adblock is not detected. Right now it only removes class that I have set in html tag and reveals the website content.

Requirements to Make it Work
• jQuery library
• The plugin itself with advertisement.js within JS folder.
• class="adblock" attached to your <html> tag.
• Inside of a CSS, adding class or ID of the content wrapper... Int his sample it's #demo so I have added that... html.adblock #demo
• If you are on subdomain, you will be expecting issues. You need to write domain: 'http://yourwebsite.com/another_folder/' inside of a plugin trigger.

dvL-den Redirect


.zip   echoAds.zip (Size: 33.38 KB / Downloads: 50)
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2014-01-22, 11:18 PM,
Another awesome share by one of our HQ member here. Thanks for this mate. Keep it coming.
2014-01-22, 11:24 PM,
thanks for the awesome share mate :)
2014-01-22, 11:29 PM,
Awesome share! Thanks!

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2014-01-22, 11:44 PM,
Great share as always! Thanks a lot!
2014-01-22, 11:57 PM,
Ya 'll welcome fellows ! ;)
2014-01-23, 12:04 AM,
nice share... thanks a lot!
2014-01-23, 12:07 AM,
This is an example of one of those things that I don't specifically think to change, but it DOES matter.

Thank you very much, sir. :p

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2014-01-23, 12:25 AM,
(2014-01-23, 12:04 AM)Blog2Show Wrote: nice share... thanks a lot!

Glad you like it. Enjoy and you're welcome!

(2014-01-23, 12:07 AM)OMGWTFISTHIS Wrote: This is an example of one of those things that I don't specifically think to change, but it DOES matter.

Thank you very much, sir. :p

Ehehehe :P
No problems mate... I hope I'm not too old since you call me sir. (I'm 21)
Enjoy and thank you too ;)
2014-02-02, 10:02 PM,
Nice share :) I really need to get some more posts :)

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