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[dvLden's Share] Facebook Multistep to Unlock (Like, Share, Proceed)
2014-01-15, 10:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-16, 09:41 PM by dvLden.)
Just another release of the one of my custom scripts.
This time I am sharing following...
** For everyone who downloaded before my edit, download again. Fixed one minor issue. Now you can share any link, not domain link only.

** If you're having issues with "Facebook Like Confirmation", read this post.
Facebook Confirm

[Image: lXMt908.png]

• Facebook login check - Checks if user is logged in or out on facebook and reveals a message if not logged. If not and user goes on facebook to login, when he returns back to the website page will be reloaded, so user don't have to reload it manually.
• Cookie handling for Like and Share - Checks if cookies exists or not on page load. If exists unlocks Proceed button.
• Like button - Add anything you want your visitors to like.
• Share button and popup dialog - Contain Title, Caption, Description, Image, Link.

Preview Images

Demo Redirect

You are required to use JavaScript - jQuery library and jQuery Cookie Plugin
- jQuery
- jQuery Cookie
- Facebook App

Code Split
I will split the code in separate lines and explain what is each thing for, when I feel it is necessery to explain!

So if you open up a demo you will see following...


HTML - "<body />"

There is one more piece from HTML "<body />" that I did not add above. You may not add this script into any custom file such as "js/multistep.js" because it contain php parts. However if it looks messy to your HTML structure, you can make it as "inc/multistep.php" and then simply include the script to the bottom of your website by typing following... "<?php include 'inc/multistep.php'; ?>". Hence it will be same outcome on a server as it was without extra files.

Create a Facebook App and get appId
This is required for the functionality of a script (like and share button). To let the script know when the user really liked and shared the required content.

• Follow this link...

• Click on Apps => Create a New App

• Set Display Name to whatever you want and leave Namespace empty!

• Specify Category of your App. I have chosen "Promotions and Contests".

• Fill the captcha on Facebook and wait a bit.

• Great so you've got your App ID now, but you need to set url for that app...

• Click on Settings and then on "Add Platform".

• Fill it with your domain name of the site where you're going to use my script and "No you do not need HTTPS on your domain, but just fill it anyways...

• In the end, do not forget to set your application live.


.zip   Facebook Multistep to (Size: 285.7 KB / Downloads: 1,208)


Hope you enjoy my Facebook Multistep to Unlock Script and I'll be looking forward to share some more of my work with this great community.
Please respect me and do not share this script anywhere outside of this community without my approval.
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2014-01-15, 11:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-15, 11:03 AM by ÐỚℬℤ.)
Thanks for sharing this adding to site asap

[Image: CZqWQay.png?1?7286]
2014-01-15, 11:12 AM,
Thanks for the share mate, Can this be used on wordpress by any chance?
2014-01-15, 11:17 AM,
(2014-01-15, 11:00 AM)ÐỚℬℤ Wrote: Thanks for sharing this adding to site asap

Enjoy man, you're more than welcome!

(2014-01-15, 11:12 AM)VantageZone Wrote: Thanks for the share mate, Can this be used on wordpress by any chance?

You're welcome VantageZone! Sure it can, if you know how to implement it properly without breaking your theme. I am not saying it's hard, it just require some knowledge, not as easy as on base/flat HTML/PHP website.
2014-01-15, 11:19 AM,
Thanks for sharing this mate.. this method need to have domain and hosting?
Do i need to pay for the FB Apps to get my App ID?
2014-01-15, 11:21 AM,
(2014-01-15, 11:19 AM)Dysfunktinal Wrote: Thanks for sharing this mate.. this method need to have domain and hosting?
Do i need to pay for the FB Apps to get my App ID?

No problems, enjoy!
Yes indeed, you need your host and domain. It can work on blogspot too, if you know blogspot very well.

No, you do not pay anything to Facebook. Creating App is free, you just need phone verified Facebook account, which you already have probably. Don't know anyone who does not have a Facebook account.
2014-01-15, 11:23 AM,
Impressive how many things you share in short time :)
Remember you from FileIce, keep up the great work
2014-01-15, 11:26 AM,
great tool....thanks for sharing mate
2014-01-15, 11:28 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-15, 11:28 AM by dvLden.)
(2014-01-15, 11:23 AM)Draguny Wrote: Impressive how many things you share in short time :)
Remember you from FileIce, keep up the great work

Yeh well just improving a bit something that I have already created for recent projects and then sharing it to the CPA Elites community.

I will slow down from today. Have college and to prepare one project for sale on CPA Elites. So I need some time to work on the two mentioned things.

Thanks for your thoughts and enjoy!

(2014-01-15, 11:26 AM)themann Wrote: great tool....thanks for sharing mate

Thank you and you're more than welcome!
2014-01-15, 11:48 AM,
Thank you very much! This script is great

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