do you have a real life job ?? i am in confusion
2014-11-29, 08:01 PM,
hello cpaeliters , i am i an confusion i am about to complete my degree and i am in a dilemma that what to do next should i go to a job or should i do IM .??

well i am not that much good at programing and designing ...

some of my friends got job in campus drive and their package is like $350 PM ,, and i earn the same money by sitting home and doing CPA ..

but my problem is should i go to job or should i continue IM ?

and please suggest me what would you do if you are in my position

Guntur Mirchi

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2014-11-29, 08:58 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-11-29, 08:59 PM by ๖ۣۜMateusz.)
It's really up to you my friend. Different people will tell you their opinions on how you should live your life, but it's not their life it's your life and you know what will make you happy, so ultimately your going to have to make the choice.

Their are plenty of extremely successful Internet Marketers, people make thousands of dollars per day and millions annually. If your experiencing success with IM, love IM an wouldn't mind work hard and long hours on IM because you love it then do it full time. It's not going to be an easy journey for sure, but if you keep working at it you'll keep making more and more.

Really to me, it comes down to the question would I rather do IM my whole life or programming and designing. You can always switch back, finish your degree if you don't make it in IM, or you can switch to IM if you pick programming and designing and end up not liking your line of work. Nothing is permanent, but just follow what your heart is telling you right now.

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2014-11-29, 09:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-11-29, 09:10 PM by h4ck3d.scumbag.)
In my case its kind of strange :)

I mean ... I am a bartender. When I was working I did 0$ on IM and right after I quited the job I started making big bucks online. Then again, and again ... happent to me 3 or 4 times already.

The two things never worked togheter for me, but if u have enough free time you can make it work.
2014-11-29, 10:40 PM,
You can do both. :) Juz a lil suggestion from a restaurant employee.

For me this is my hobby. IM.
I quit my job (not instant, i did made it consistent first) in order to focus on this. and now... i am earning equally of the amount i am getting (salary) on my day job in the past.

you can do both. If you love IM, do IM. If you love earning decently on real world then do day jobs. If you love both then, do both. Just make sure you manage your time properly.

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2014-11-29, 10:51 PM,
My real life work is study :P , i earn here with cpa networks and pay my university
2014-11-30, 02:37 PM,
I'm finishing school, so i don't have job right now, but i'll probably get one once i finish school.
Money never enough :)

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2014-11-30, 02:43 PM,
As some said, it's your life and many people would have a different opinion. You would earn more than you do in a regual job, but you have to consider that in one night, all your methods, sites and everything you have might fail. And you would also keep wondering and thinking about what to do next and still can't find anything, that's when you would probably need the real life job. So yeah, I would say do both and try to manage your time.

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2014-11-30, 04:54 PM,
I personally do have a real life job - (for now) CPA is just a hobby that makes a small amount of cash on the side. I would advise you to do both but make sure to manage your time effectively.
2014-11-30, 06:07 PM,
for me "internet marketing" is my unique job :)

I left the university just for doing that !
and i'am living ^^ like another one

so make your choice ahah

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2014-11-30, 08:24 PM,
I got a real life job. Two job actually since one is part time. I don't do CPA much but my old niches still converting and giving me good amount. It is up to you but just an advice , you better get a degree you can use it in the future.

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