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2014-02-14, 01:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-14, 01:08 AM by dar1x.)
Hello Elites,

First of all i want to say that i'm not a newbie in IM, i'm into IM for a long time, PPD/CPA aren't my main income sources however, i own a digital marketing company, we provide various services related to the digital marketing, from web design to email marketing, but i simply love seeing cash flowing into my PPD/CPA so i can't resist to not keep doing PPD/CPA stuff as well. I don't have any specific goals, i mean the more the better, especially considering that i can't spend full time on this because of my real business, however, i would really like to get at last $150-$200 USD constant income, then i would use all that PPD/CPA money for everyday spending, bills, rents, my company fees and also save a little but, while i would save everything i earn with my company.

So let's get straight to the plan :


1. I will be creating multiple blogspot sites, 1 niche - 1 site. I will attend to create between 5 and 10 blogs on a daily basis, my goal will be to have 100 blogs up and running by the end of the month. This is basically the hardest thing lol.
Niches will be various, what ever can be monetized via CPA or PPD is in my interest.

2. I will create a SEO campaigns for each blogspot in GSA SER, campaigns will be mostly the same, as much as dofollow backlinks possible, avoid sites with more than 50 OBL per link ( those are complete garbage ).

And that will be it basically, create a blogs - rank the blogs on google - make cash out of them. Since i'm going to work on a quantity over quality basis i don't even need to earn a lot per blog to make a decent income, even $20 per blog per day would be nice, which is achievable even on small keywords.

*GSA Search Engine Ranker
*2GB RAM Vps from SolidSeoVps
*60 Private Proxies ( i'm using one of my company servers with /26 ip range attached as a proxy server )
*Captcha Sniper (will get GSA Captcha Breaker soon probably ).
*Scrapebox - for generating backlinks lists
*Indexification.com account with 50k links per day indexing
*Serpbook for serp tracking
*Blogger/Blogspot to create sites :)
*AddMeFast plus the bot for social signals


Q: Why Blogger/Blogspot ?
A: Blogger is owned by Google, you will rank one of their blogs much faster and with less effort than you would with brand new domain, plus it's free :), 100 domains would cost me a decent sum of cash.

Q: Why GSA SER ?
A: It's easy to use, well created piece of software and it is effective

Q: Why SolidSeoVps
A: So far the best one i used, running GSA on 300 threads without any issues plus with captcha sniper.

Q: Which CPA/PPD networks do you use ?
A: I was working with AdworkMedia in the past on some email marketing campaigns, i'm really good with Dave and Dennis so i will mostly use them, i also like their network in particular, it's good looking, CPA landing pages are great designed, CR is good, i'm on a weekly payment base so that's a plus as well. I have a lot of CPA and PPD account, so i will may test some others as well, i have 3 years old CpaLead account so i may put it in action again i also have FileIce which i may try as a direct download links, although their landing pages are awful, i can't believe anyone is actually doing their surveys lol, there is also CpaGrip which seems to be working great recently, but mostly AWM.

Q: Are your niches white or black hat ?
A: I will attend to use mostly whitehat niches, but there will be some bht for sure.

If you have more questions let me know, i'll be happy to response.

1. Find at last 25 profitable, not so much competitive, niches for my project
2. Build at last 5 blogs for my niches
3. Start a SEO campaign for all blogs i create.

Will report back once today's plans are completed, i will be updating this thread daily or once in a two days, depends how fast will my blogs get ranked, i hope that this thread will be useful for a lot of people who are interested in mass spam - Churn 'n' Burn method and that it will give motivation for others to jump on the mass spam train :).

Till the next reporting - salute !
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2014-02-14, 01:24 AM,
You got a really nice plan,wish you luck in your journey :)

2014-02-15, 12:54 AM,

Yesterday i had a lot of stuff to do with my main business so i was kinda slow with this project, however i managed to do the following :

1. Found 10 very good niches, profitable, good amount of searches ( a lot of them just got popular this month so searches are getting higher and higher every day ) and with low competition.

2. Created 3 blogspots for the 3 niches mentioned above. All blogs have same design to save me some time creating them.

3. Started GSA campaign on those 3 blogs.


Today i'm planing to create 7 more blogspots, the rest of my niches list. Luckily weekend is coming so i won't be working much on my main business so i'll have enough time for this project, i will also scrape more links today for GSA so i could get better LpM so i could throw as much as possible backlinks to my blogs. I will also attempt to find at last 5 more niches today so i could create blogs for those niches tomorrow.
I hope and expect to see some first earnings next week, once i will have at last 25-30 blogs up and running and hopefully at last 10 of them ranking for some solid keywords.

I will probably do my next update once i will have to show off some ranking and earnings :).
2014-02-15, 12:59 AM,
my first post,,following and making with you as well :-)
2014-02-15, 01:42 AM,
(2014-02-15, 12:59 AM)amar125 Wrote: my first post,,following and making with you as well :-)

Great thing mate, let us know once you start banking :).

Btw. where are you from ?
2014-02-15, 01:46 AM,
A few quick tips.

- The blogs will probably rank even if you mass spam as .blogspot.com is an authority domain so you might want to test link blasting.
- Don't make all your blogs in 1 account cause if something happens, you're dead :P

Good luck bro!
2014-02-15, 02:17 AM,
Yeah you can even do 3-5 blogs per account just to be safe. Btw around how much searches per month you are targeting for each niche?
Good luck with journey! :)
2014-02-15, 02:21 AM,
If the niches are whitehat then nothing will happen... and he said he will be using mostly whitehat niches.
2014-02-15, 02:33 AM,
Heraclitus Online

Yeah i know they will rank, that's why i choose blogspot :)


That's exactly what i am planing to do, about 5 blogs per account, even if one account got deleted, i'll do it again as i am saving the HTML source of every blog template and post :).


Here are the stats for 10 niches i picked up :

Niche #1 : Keyword 1 - 2400 Searches
Kw 2 : 2900 Searches
Kw 3 : 1300 Searches
Kw 4 : 1300 Searches

Niche #2 : kw 1 : 1600 Searches
kw 2 : 1300
kw 3 : 6600
kw 4 : 5500

Niche #3 (this one will get popular next month, if i manage to get it up by then it will be amazing )
kw 1 : 2900
kw 2 : 2900

Niche #4 ( same as niche 3, will get very popular mid next month ) : kw 1 : 590

Niche #5: kw1 : 2900
kw2 : 12100
kw3 : 4400

Niche #6 (The most competitive one, however there are two blogspots ranking on 1st page with mass spam so i see my chance here )
kw1 : 74000
kw2 : 5400
kw3 : 18100
kw4 : 9900
kw5 : 6400

Niche #7 (good niche, very low and bad competition, almost completely US searches )
kw1 : 12100
kw2 : 33100
kw3 : 8100
kw4 : 3600
kw5 : 3600
kw6 : 9900
kw7 : 3600
kw8 : 6600

Niche : #8: kw1 : 4400

Niche : #9 (fake file niche, noting about hacks or cheats but still not existing stuff, almost no competition )
kw1 12100
kw2 9900
kw3 1900

Niche #10 (same as above, getting more and more popular everyday, luckily people are stupid and you can make cash on their stupidity :D )
kw1 : 33100
2014-02-15, 02:44 AM,
Dude, ur #6 niche :D is mine niche too :D

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