bobo journey 2014
2014-08-25, 03:33 AM,
I took a long break due to personal matters, I'm starting from $0 all over again but i have couple of years of IM experience.

I don't really wanna talk about what happened only upwards from here Cool

few things about me you might find interesting... Money

1) SERIOUS dreamer
You wont even believe how ignorant i am to my physical situation. in my mind i'm already making few k per day right now. our reality is only limited to our imagination. I truly believe 100% that thoughts are things. and you will see proof from my journey Cool

go fuckin read TGR if you havent already.

2) hyper aggressive in execution
whatever u do i do 100x more.

3) i'll be making 5/6-figure days. probably not in the span of this journey but i will get there for sure.

4) might come across as cocky as fuck if you dont already feel that way
no offense to anyone i'm just highly narcissistic and assured in my capacity/ability Grin

UNLIKE most journeys i'll WONT be reporting my earnings. i'll only be leaving HQ posts / successes / nice screenshots along with my methods. kinda like my own little blog

WHY? because i try to detach from my physical earnings as of now, as it KILLS your motivation AND limits your mind and therefore your results.

Kind of like how a "dumb kid" gets bad results for the first time, thinks hes dumb, and because of that it carries on for his next 12 years. <- Failure spiral.

Maybe you might spot some of these patterns in journey threads here Grin
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ontor khan(2014-10-02 02:06 PM) 
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2014-08-25, 03:40 AM,
SERIOUS dreamer
You wont even believe how ignorant i am to my physical situation. in my mind i'm already making few k per day right now. our reality is only limited to our imagination.

HAHA. Same!

Well, what can i say, good luck with your journey!
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bobobobobo(2014-08-25 03:41 AM) 

Earnings Online
★★★ 218.63€ ★★★
2014-08-25, 03:41 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-08-25, 04:44 AM by bobobobobo.)
Been waiting for my FB PVA provider for the entire day while studying

Also trying out Sasha's method here: (this guys so legit in sharing but hes ofc trying to promo his software as well)

so far i've submitted like 30k emails across various sites lets see what happens :)

- touch of mod3rn (ive got like 20k emails here)
earnings are zero atm, i can somewhat conclude that the site doesnt work with fb emails rofl
- a poker site
- pln-dr (both these sites limits to like 50 submissions fuck that)
- trading (currently grabbing emails for this
"Hey you! We're happy that you want to invite so many of your friends, but unfortunately this program is limited to 1000 invites per a day. Feel free to come back again later!"

(2014-08-25, 03:40 AM)ShakyDairis Wrote: SERIOUS dreamer
You wont even believe how ignorant i am to my physical situation. in my mind i'm already making few k per day right now. our reality is only limited to our imagination.

HAHA. Same!

Well, what can i say, good luck with your journey!

Very cool to find someone like minded Grin


I wanna talk abit about success psychology here. i dont normalyl publish stuff but i think this will REALLY help people who are struggling with motivation especially. i might be wrong, this is highly bro science. just observations by me.

the entrepreneurial state of mind is NOT the same state of mind you use to take action... unless you have cash to hire.
i believe entrrepreneurs are mainly thinkers, fueled by ideas, possiblities. they are not natural action takers.
"action takers" are normally peopel who dont think. guys who do jobs and follow the system. those guys jsut do and do and do without thinking.

if you're strugglging with action it's NOT your fault. procrastination is highly normal for the smarter people. if you were lazy in school you probably KNEW it was all bullshit because you're more "aware" than your peers. (i know all this soudns FUCKING arrogant but please just bear with me)

most of the gurus you hear about, they have the cash to hire the bullshit stuff out. so they talk about scaling your time, focusign on what you do best, etc etc. but you dont have cash. you need to work your butt off to get to wherever they are.

but work itself sucks ass. everyone knows that. the word work already means something you dont wnat to do. otehrwise it'd be "play". humans are naturally defaulted to conserve as much energy as possible. (unless its brings you immediate gratification!)

So how do you get yourself to work?

>>> by fueling yourself into action

the formula here is stimuli -> desire -> action.

the big secret is, if you can "engineer" a burning desire in yourself you truly can achieve ANYTHING you want.

please dont talk about forcing yourself to work or willpower. that shit doesnt work.

the 2 best mental states to fuel yourself to work are 1)drunk on happiness 2)rage expression. i'll explain each abit

1) drunk on happiness.
you love your work so much you're just fuckin happy to do it. it's very often NOT the case for you, even if you aggressively re-frame everything into something fun it will NOT beat going out partying or playing video games. to me this is very ineffective UNTIl you can get to the sweet spot of hiring everything out and only focusing on your core strength.

this is definitely where you want to structure your business around but it's NOT how you're going to make your first $10,000 or even $100,000.

2) rage expression.
this is kindof like your teenage years when you start feeling pissed off at everything. linkin park / heavy metal / disgustingly heavy dubstep comes to mind. if you've ever beat yourself up for feeling like a pussy not appraoching a cute girl you like that's the mental state you'd want to be in.

anotehr example is when you're competing against an opponent similar level as you. or when your crush is watching you play sports. or when some kid thinks hes good and you wanna school him.

suddenly you turn ultra competitive, you get into a peak/flow state and you play your very best.

thats the mental state you ultimately want to achieve to force yourself into action.

you'd want your mind state to be like "i'll fuckin make $100,000 this month beucase i'm the very best MOTEHRFCUEKR / or I'll prove my family/friends wrong yada yada"

you'd want to have ULTRA COMMITMENT / DEDICATION / get into a mental state of burning desire.

i call this channelign your masculine rage, napoleon hill kinda talks about this in the chapter "mystery of sex transmutation" of his classic "Think and grow rich". (at least thats my BEST practical use of it)

go watch FIGHT CLUB (EXTMRELEY worth a watch if you haven't already) if you don't know the feeling i'm tlaking about. or watch people Krump dance.

the stimuli i use to induce this mental state is...
1) "reliving" scenes of people talking shit about the viability of my internet marketing career
2) heavy metal music
3) a notepad file of rage induced stuff i've wrote
4) reminder of how much of a disgusting sloth (lazy kid) i used to be holy fuck
5) thinking about yr friends judging you for being such a failure (if its applicable to you of course) personally i'm very numb to comments by other people BUT this shit still gets me going

there are more but i wont go into everything. reliving sitautions and music both of these help A LOT.

note when you're pissed off normally you cant really THINK that well, so what i do is i plan my activities in good detail before i start inducing a favorable action mental state for myself.

this shit works like a charm. i have never been able to get "on demand" motivation for myself until i've discovered this.

use it take action and bank hard
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daemonX(2014-08-25 09:45 PM) 
2014-08-25, 09:54 PM,
Hi bobobobobo! Seems like you and I would get along well. TGR is one of my favourite books and I like your post above on procrastination and action, it's like reading my own thoughts.

I'll be following your journey closely.

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