Zero to Hero Project - RELOADED
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a Project by PeaceBreaker3

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Welcome to the Zero to Hero Project - RELOADED! First of all I want to talk a little about myself.. I am a 21 year old guy from Germany, I have been into PPD/CPA since the end of 2009. I had a really slow start and made a few hundred dollars in my first three months. Once I saw the potential I wanted to scale it up and worked a little bit harder, which brought me to about $1000/month, but from there I couldn't really get any more. I decided to take this whole thing a little more serious at the end of 2010 and started working on PPD/CPA like it would be a regular 9-5 job. Within 2 months I reached $100/day and was very satisfied with it. I had some personal problems after that and kind of lost interest regarding IM, CPA, PPD or general working. I stopped working and went on autopilot for the whole year of 2011 and the first couple of months of 2012. My earnings were pretty constant and I sticked to those $100/day for nearly whole 2011 even though I didn't even work anymore. I relaxed, bought myself some awesome stuff and did nothing. Then in 2012 after a whole year of autopilot my earnings started going down very slowly.. $80/day.. $60/day... and so on, until i eventually reached the lowest point since years and I only got $10-$15/day. At this point I was really depressed when it came to my earnings, but my personal problems were gone long time ago so I felt motivated enough to start working again. This is the day I found CPAElites. I was new back then and started the Zero to Hero Project (which is this thread! It just got recycled for my new journey) where my goal was to get back to those $100/day. You can find the whole Zero To Hero Project within this thread, below this post you can find MY VERY FIRST DAY in trying to reach more than $10-$15 per day! The results I have been getting after a few months of work were insane and I reached my goal of $100/day pretty quickly and took it even further. Some time passed and at the end of 2013 I wanted to "restart" the journey and scale it up even further, but instead I decided to stop the project and not share my earnings anymore. So now 6 months later I am still using my old method, my main income is still the method you can find within this thread, but the project has changed a little. I am using it now for my SEO-only journey, Every single one of my SEO-Projects are on a different network than my main network and my earnings and updates on SEO will be posted on here. I will only work very few days per week on my SEO stuff, but if I do, I will make sure to update the thread with it. So: Join me, the SEO-Noob, and maybe, just maybe watch me become decent at SEO. :D

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First Zero to Hero now Zero to Hero RELOADED. This Project will be all about the money, like always - But instead of posting my overall earnings I want this to be a SEO-only project. My main income still is my old method I used a year ago, same old basic stuff. Unlike the old Project I don't want to stop at a certain goal. I want to reach the highest amounts possible for me and if you want to take part in this adventure make sure to subscribe to this thread for my AT LEAST weekly updates, but also small updates every now and then. I can already tell I will leave out an update here or there, but don't worry, I will try to keep the updates coming. Along my way I will leave a Tip here and there and maybe you are able to profit from this journey, too! This used to be the Zero to Hero Project so keep that in mind. Not only do I want to scale up my earnings a lot, but I also want to boost my overall IM experience by always trying something new, read more about my Goals below. As for this Journey, all earnings from the "new" Day #1 will be from SEO only. I will not post my other Earnings.

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You might want to read through an Interview I gave, too! Check it out here: Peacebreaker3-CPA-Elites-interview
Here is a list of questions people previously had and my answer:
If you have unanswered questions feel free to post a reply, I will add your question to the FAQ or answer it in the upcoming updates!

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[ ] Reach $10k Total Earnings
[ ] Reach $25k Total Earnings
[ ] Reach $50k Total Earnings
[ ] Reach $100k Total Earnings

[ ] Get $50 Daily
[ ] Get $100 Daily
[ ] Get $200 Daily
[ ] Get $500 Daily
[ ] Get $1000 Daily
[ ] Get $2000 Daily

[ ] Get 100k Views on this Thread
[ ] Get +500 Rep
[ ] Get 5000 "Thanks"

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From Time to Time I might post some useful Tips and small Tutorials inside my daily posts. Some of them can be found here:
Landingpage Tips
Most Popular Mistakes
Video Tips

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Here you can find all my previous Earnings from the original ZERO TO HERO PROJECT:

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Thank you for reading through my journey, please make sure to "SUBSCRIBE" to this thread in order to get notifications whenever I post something on here, thank you.
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2013-05-23, 11:07 PM,
Going to be following this thread. Real interested on how much you end up making, keep us updated. :)
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nana41(2014-08-29 05:07 PM) 

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2013-05-23, 11:34 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-05-23, 11:37 PM by PeaceBreaker3.)

Day #1 - Earnings Yesterday: $13.87

Today is the day I created this Thread. I am currently earning $0 from new niches as I haven't set anything up - YET! My goals for today are not setting something up, but recovering data. I got my dusty old laptop and transferred all the data I need to my new laptop, including old Youtube Accounts, Logins for several needed sites and much more, even some really old E-Books(and screenshots of a thread Bok1a created over one year ago about Youtube SEO - haha).

I created some kind of folder for all my stuff I am going to work on. My goals for today are setting everything up I need in order to start my first niche (e.g. install Photoshop, ...), but also reading through this forum a little to see what the cool kids are doing these days in order to make some money.

I also want to check out some of my old niches which still get a few downloads, see where the traffic is coming from and maybe update some information in order to get even more conversations. I also found some really old stuff I could work on right away. Let's see... See you tomorrow!

PB3 ;)
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AvAv(2013-10-08 02:59 AM) Qmaster(2013-07-19 11:55 PM) 

Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV? | Skype: peacebreaker3 |
2013-05-24, 05:49 AM,
I like your journey's progress so far, my old niches are wayyy dead sadly.
That's a great start though since you seem to have an idea of what to do.
2013-05-24, 07:00 AM,
Dont Worry Mate You Can Make 100$/Day In Few Days - Just Update This thread Daily.. Next Day You Will Work Sure :)
Good Luck You Will Win Sure!!
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Crocodile(2013-08-20 03:08 PM) 
2013-05-24, 07:27 AM,
I remember you from sharecash years back. I think you had good referrals back then if I remember correctly.
I just got back into this PPD/CPA thing too. A lot has changed though! Goodluck!
2013-05-24, 07:30 AM,
phaggot weren't you moderator in sharecash? I remember you. I was going to go for global moderator too with OPC but he got it instead of me Q_Q
2013-05-24, 04:45 PM,
Nice Earnings Man.You Prove to be a motivation to other people here.
Also it would be better if you join a cpa network coz you will get paid more.Also you dont have any reason to give some extra cash to the PPD owners unless you are very nice.Also you can try adnooka.This CPA network is very eay to get accepted also you can use the filemanager system just like PPD.
Good luck anyways

Get Accepted Under Me and I will teach how to make 30$ a day or more with 2 hours of Work
[Image: 4mh0t8f.gif]
2013-05-24, 04:46 PM,
This should be interesting, I actually planned to stay with this thread.

[Image: 415x155.png]
2013-05-24, 06:30 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-19, 03:43 AM by PeaceBreaker3.)
Day #2 - Earnings Yesterday: $12.38

Aight guys! Today I'm gonna do some work. I decided to not touch a new niche today, because I found some videos I can upload regarding old niches. I have to get used to write good title/description/tags again. I will update one of my old but really big niche actually. I will simply upload a ****ton of videos for it and try to get used to the video platforms, they have changed a lot :D My second goal for today is gather a few niches I can work on tomorrow. For now I will reupload recovered data and for example replace broken links/images. I already switched out a few broken links today and what do you know, traffic is already flowing in (well.. a little.. haha)

alexparris: I don't think I will reach my first goal of $100 daily in just a few days. Seeing how things have changed its kinda like starting from scratch, you have to modify my old method .. every single step needs change! :) Thank you though!

mKHAz: Yea, I had some awesome referrals, they got me $2000-$3000 monthly sometimes! haha :)

@sumusiko: Yes, I've been Global Moderator on Sharecash for a pretty long time :D

@ReadByte: True, but things have changed, its kinda like starting from scratch but with a huge collection of outdated e-book information inside my head haha :D

radarXtreme: I'll think about it, starting from actually zero would be pretty cool, but for now I'll stick with this PPD site! :)


Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die. Come watch TV? | Skype: peacebreaker3 |

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