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2016-02-10, 02:14 AM,
Hello boys and girls. I am kinda new in posting, but old when it comes to lurking. Also not the best when it comes to English skills as I am not an native-speaker. Anyways I have some evil plan in my head to get my ass to work and start to earn REAL money, not little pennies I've used to earn while living in my comfort zone, thinking like "life is gud i habe dis 200-300$ per month". I earn money through freelance stuff to some guys around the world, sometimes Fiverr which is kinda shit (I hate working for someone). Having a girlfriend became way too expensive over time and I am really good at spending lots of money, so it's time to generate more of them, mostly on auto-pilot. To be honest if you want to life high-quality life in this world where everything has it's price it's not even close to enough having ### income, but having #,### or ##,### income would be much better. What is my plan? To be be able to earn 200$+ per day. I'll be able to complete this? Of course yes, all I need is time, determination and your support. I already have some knowledge, but I used to burn out really quickly due to staying in crappy place called "comfort zone", where I don't wanna fall ever again.

What niche we will target?

As a kid of Satan I specialise in black/grey-hat practices probably like most of this forum users, because doing white-hat shit like playing with affilliate links where you get % by selling a toaster etc is too boring for me. So niche is fake softwares and other fake stuff. Nothing new and original, but maybe i'll come up with something different, who knows.

What I already have ?

- My old blog with 32 posts and 200-500 UV dail. Andsense banned me like 2 days ago, but atleast they payed out me around 200$ week ago XD Traffic went down, because niches burned out. I gotta come up with new ideas.
- Scrapebox License = This will help me with backlinking videos and blog posts.
- Video-editing, Photoshop and SEO optimalization knowledge. I have to plan making some my own content to avoid getting banned for copied footages and make my videos to stay for a long time.
- Other 2 blogs which are not promoted with nice domains, I have some content on them, so i'll work on promoting them.
- Clear youtube account with all the graphics design done.

Well my idea isn't even close to "original", but human stupidity has no end, so it's an never ending goldmine.

What's the plan for this month?

- Rework main website - probably migrate to another host due to MySQL problems from time to time.
- Get atleast 5-10 high-quality videos done, upload and position them well.
- Research and post some content on main website.
- Look for good and trusted PPI / PPD networks
- Get some backlinking going on.
- Make 3-4 Landing Pages
- Count first money and plan another 11 months of work.

Today earnings :

5$/200$ - as i got banned from Adsense earnings went so low.. I currently earn only through perinstallcash, because I had to change the network really quick, but the results there are... kinda low? Per 21 installs I get like 2$ usually. I earned there like 100$, but kinda slow.. Most of my installs are US, because I target this country at most. In older network which went to be crap now due to blocks and 0 earnings, I used to earn like 10$ for this amount of installs... I think I am just going to do CPA.

I am aiming into CPA for today, got couple leads and 2,14$ in my pocket. I hope I'll get higher leads soon.

I will keep you updated daily. I'll come up with some questions during this trip and you will too, so don't be scared to help me out or ask me a question, because both of us will benefit this way.

Anyways thank you a lot for reading and let Rock'N'Roll. I believe that we will endure this adventure together until the the end and hopefully you'll see me getting 200$+ a day.

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2016-02-11, 08:39 AM,
Well today was long day. I spent like up to 10 hours researching and thinking about everything. I had some weird situation with my GF which let me down a bit, but doesn't matter as we are here to earn real money.

I've made mistake by rushing into CPA, because actually in PPI I earned nearly 1000$ in past time and in CPA/PPD I didn't made any success (at 2012 I've made 300$, but when It was kinda new thing). I guess my niche is just targeted to some retarded and lazy people who are more likely able to click into program under their cursor instead of doing an survey.

I've set up CPA on full 2 days on my blog and didn't earn a penny (oh 2,14$ in around 3 days lol). I've set up PPI for 1 hour and earned 2,6$ so it's says kinda a lot about my traffic, that these people are not created for this kind of monetization and they want just to download stuff and install it.

But anyways... If any Mod will ever read my thread I would love you to change the "CPA" in title into "PPI", because I will focus on it right now. (I dunno if i can edit my posts here lol)

I found 2 networks. I am testing one currently, I dunno if I can call the names of them here, but for safety as I am new member I won't say it for now.
So I changed my links on the blog and within 1 hour I've got 2,6$, which is kinda god for PPI I guess? They pay 1,60$ per USA, so you might guess which network is it.

Anyways if you know any networks with higher rates than that for US, please contact me on PM.

I uploaded first Youtube video with my voice commentary, professional wub-wub dubstep intro as I am planing to pretend some kind of youtuber to lure people into my blog. I gave my vid around 1,600 views, did cool professional thumbnail, gave it 110 likes and around 10 fake comments from different accounts. Now I am doing some back-linking into this vid, we'll see If quality content pays off on youtube.
I used to rip off other vids and spam the whole youtube with it, but it just end in ban or flag from others, so don't do it kids. Also NEVER use words such as "HACK, CHEAT etc" in your title, you will get removed really quickly. What I am doing is like "How to blablabla" "How to get ### for free" etc you gotta manipulate a keyword a bit instead of write "### Hack"

I started to post new content on the blog. I posted around 8 new posts! And I noticed that traffic kinda increased, also I did this social locker thing which will boost up traffic and SEO hopefully or scare some % of my leads. I found the method to rip off niches really quickly, so it will be interesting while I'll make up to 200 posts and rank them. Funny story is that I ripped the post from my competition and I out-ranked them into top 1 searches. So SEO guy vs no-SEO guy always wins.

Also I struggled with landing page for one of my niches, but I am kinda bad at this. I think I gotta rip off some LP and make it for my purpose. I'll probably just get 30 domains with cool keyword names, get LP's for them and just outrank the competition.

Still looking for some Adsense replacement. Unfortunely other networks doesn't pay that well.... I noticed that I am not actually banned on Adsense, but I cant monetize my website because it's against their TOS... But luckily for me they still have to pay-out me 110$ lol. So i'll get that money soon.

That would be all for today. Not many interesting earnings, because I am working to improve everything, get one trusted network, make content and come up with new ideas. I hope you all will have great and productive days. Cheers.
2016-02-11, 09:50 AM,
which PPI network are you using? How many installs do you have to get $2.6?
Good luck!
2016-02-11, 03:22 PM,
Now I trying PerInstallBucks because of 48h payments and I had like 6 installs.

Last 2 months I earned on perinstallcash but there with 21 installs I would make 3$ even though most of them were USA.I've made like 110$, but it was really slow process. Also I dont like their payment system where I have to wait 30 days for money.

On CInstaller I've made around 350$ but then it went through lots of blocks and I ended up with 0 leads.

My first network was NetCashRevenue and I've made here close to 400$, but earnings went low so I jumped into Cinstaller which got rekt later on, dunno how is situation now. I heard that these 2 are Amonetize resellers so I just guess they are having a bit of hard time.
I feel that perinstallbucks Have Offer Problems? too much. But at least they pay this 1.60$ for USA.

Thanks, I'll give my best.
2016-02-12, 07:14 PM,
update me your perinstallbucks stats I'm going to use it. Truemediatepartner rate is so low I got $2.05/21 installs/150~200 unique views. I hope to get $5-10 from the same traffic. I got like 3-5 US installs/day but TMP rate isn't fixed so sometimes I see $0.1/US installs lol
2016-02-12, 07:20 PM,
Best of luck mate, keep us update :)

[Image: adludum_banner3.jpg]
2016-02-12, 09:49 PM,
I went to InstallC-apital for little tests. But dude they pay like 0,02 $ for DE installs... XD

I noticed funny thing on PerInstallBucks that they were paying 1,60$ for US, but today on main-page they say that it's 1,40$ now... They Have Offer Problems? it everyday. But atleast they pay stable money for their leads, so you can give them a try.

But I am not staying on PerInstallBucks, because I see that they have some kind of problems with advertisers going on, also they are Amon-etize reseller, so I am kinda scared that they will die or Have Offer Problems? rates much more. Getting into some good network would be nice or smth, so I'll keep searching. For now I changed all links on my traffic to CPA and I've got some lead 0,93$ :') We'll see if at the end I can get bigger money for lead instead of couple cents on CPA, combining 3 leads I earned there 3$ XD

I uploaded like 5 videos oldschool style hacks related for some test on my ACC, but they got deleted witin hours, so I'll stick into making quality-content, then blasting it with GSA.
Now I am selling my gaming gear which I don't need anymore, so I'll get GSA license, so Scrapebox + GSA will be nice combination to get some SEO done.
I will keep updating content on my blog until I reach up to 200 posts, then I think I will clone this content into 5 other websites and just spin the content lol.
I am currently making Landing Page for some unique niche which has 34,000 searches per month, so it's not bad, but I am bad at making LP's.

That would be all for today, not much earnings as I am jumping from network to network for tests wasting my traffic. I'll keep you updated with traffic stats when I'll find this chosen one network.

Thanks for your support :D
2016-02-12, 10:13 PM,
Just test TMP and Cinstaller file. Now they zip their file with password so Google Chrome can't detect it. Very smart.
2016-02-12, 10:29 PM,
I know, but that's the case that my leads are running away because they don't know "WHAT'S THE PASSWORD" gezz.. and it ends up with no leads lol. I earned 350 $+ on CInstaller before this weird installer, but atfer they implemented it my leads went from 10$ a day to 0 or 1$ a day XD
2016-02-14, 07:43 PM, (This post was last modified: 2016-02-14, 07:44 PM by FasterThanLight.)
I know what mean,passwords scares those people away who usually doing all that installer crap

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