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YT being a pain in ass
2014-05-16, 11:47 PM,
Hey all,

So im trying to get my hands in ppd again, but recently youtube is acting really wierd. Whenever i upload a video there it gets flagged by youtube after like 20min. Ive already tried chaning ip, clearing cookies n shit, using fresh accounts and even white hat niches but they all just get removed even if i set them to unlisted -.-

Anyone knows why this sh*t might be happening?

All helps is appreciated :D
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2014-05-16, 11:50 PM,
It happens something similar to you, but I think that is your niche, it is a fact that youtube is doing very rude, hopefully someone else will pass something similar and share, to incidentally is also the elemental content of your videos are not pure copy paste
2014-05-16, 11:50 PM,
if it gets flagged it is becouse of competitors, but if u're including hack related words and u have a bh past profile YT will catch u almost everytime

2014-05-17, 12:29 AM,
it cant be competitors cuz it happens even when video is private/unlisted, so i guess it can be hack related keywords
2014-05-17, 12:37 AM,
(2014-05-17, 12:29 AM)ylts123r Wrote: it cant be competitors cuz it happens even when video is private/unlisted, so i guess it can be h@ck related keywords

Yeah! That creeps me the fuck out, how is someone flagging my unlisted video with 0 views, which I have never shared and just uploaded 5 minutes ago. It freaks me out man.
2014-05-17, 12:48 AM,
I hope it stays in that way ... otherwise it will be a problem! Without youtube as a source of traffic, there is the SEO, but not everyone can afford it. Now there is the penguin! Fu*k! Good luck to all you guys!

Try to use PVA accounts, send some backlinks. My videos stay online 1/2 weeks, sometimes also 1/2 months, in first page on top 3! I use PVA accounts, I send backlink with GSA and change always the IP to login in each my account. Don't boost your videos with u2bviews/enhanceviews/hitleap/vagex views.
2014-05-17, 01:31 AM,
the funny thing is that i dont even boost my videos and they are still gone very damn fast xD
2014-05-18, 03:35 PM,
have you used the same ip when you uploaded the videos?
2014-05-19, 03:36 AM,
All about SEO now, forget about YT...I can't even sign into YT behind a proxy, keeps saying sort your cookies out. Never had that problem before. Learn SEO, and master it.
2014-05-19, 04:23 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-19, 04:23 AM by DeepN'Delicious.)
I still use YouTube for some of my niches like the one in my signature, but with time I turned to SEO.

Stay Well, Stay Happy, Peace!

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