Xmas Gift To CPA Elites (GSA Video Guide On Ranking YouTube Videos)
2013-12-12, 04:00 AM,
Hello Elites,

To celebrate the festive season and also to show some gratitude towards all my members on here, I am going to spend some time making an awesome video guide (will be water marked to heck) the guide will will show you the EXACT settings I use on the GSA and the complete process used.

GSA Video Tutorial Contents
-Spinning articles in less than 30 seconds
-Preparing GSA
-Setting up the project
-Education about the tier process
-Where to buy GOOD premium lists for better LPM and success

This guide would be something that I would normally sell, for you Elites it will be free and posted in public on this very forum to learn from.
Expect the guide in the next week or so (when I have time) and please post / leave a thanks below if you would like to see this. Smile

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2013-12-12, 04:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-12, 04:02 AM by ๖ۣۜMateusz.)
Wow, right now i could really use that spinning article, but all these share look amazing! Thanks for posting these to all forum members Hawk Eye, this is amazing. And yes, i would love to see all these guides!

Want GSA SER to start making POWERFUL links FAST? Like these results I'm getting below?

[Image: pYgbKa4.png]

Then Check out my GSA Verified Link List Here.
2013-12-12, 04:04 AM,
This is cool, im really looking forward to see this Hawk.
2013-12-12, 04:05 AM,
That is grate, thx Hawk , also don't forget the proxy settings which are verry important for the speed of the projects + how to make lists on autopilot I am shure alot of people would like to know.
PS I hope you don't recomment list from http://gsaranker.com/gsa-list/ , bought it 2 days ago, got no list and no reply...
Remove link if its not allowed
2013-12-12, 04:05 AM,
cant wait to see that :D ...

Liverpool F.C YNWA 1892 <3

2013-12-12, 04:11 AM,
Can't wait!
Thanks a lot!
2013-12-12, 04:11 AM,
This would be awesome Hawk. Looking forward on this guide.
2013-12-12, 04:14 AM,
Tiered method worked for me every time. Thanks for sharing detailed tips Hawk, can't wait to see it! Smile
2013-12-12, 04:16 AM,
Looking forward to this tutorials! Thanks so much for putting the effort to educate your forum members! We appreciate it.
2013-12-12, 04:21 AM,
So this will go into alot more detail than the one posted on the legend section?

[Image: CZqWQay.png?1?7286]

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