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Wich programming language to learn
2015-01-06, 05:37 PM,
Ok, so I started going on Informatic college. Informatics technologies. We started learning C language. I want to learn language that I will actually have use of it. So my question is should i go for JAVA, Python or PHP
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2015-01-06, 05:43 PM,
One language per time: finish C, after go for something like Javascript (cool and simple, after a big language like C you need something usable).
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alexparris(2015-01-15 09:38 AM) 
2015-01-06, 05:57 PM,
C is very comprehensive, we are doing arrays and pointers atm. But I know there is no real use of C nowdays. With c they are learning us basic programming logic and syntax. But in free time I would like to learn another language at the same time I learn c
2015-01-06, 06:18 PM,
All the language you have given are having different applications and it depends on your choice and desire. If you want web development then php. If you are looking for more complex and extensive app development then java is good. I would go for java. But it's your choice.
2015-01-06, 06:28 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-01-06, 06:30 PM by Heraclitus.)
I met a guy the other day, he has work for some of Google's project, the BBC etc so he knows his stuff. He said Java is not used anywhere nowadays, only big corporations use it because they are locked in it. I asked him, "if the languages I learn atm are useless (java ...) what should I learn?" he said I should learn python and if I wanted I should learn swift which is for iOS app development, he said if I learned swift good I could probably get a job in less than 1 month in my city. It's sad how even universities can't keep up with the real world job environment. In the uni or the college you're in you will learn the basic structure of most languages, once you learn 1 language it becomes easier to learn another. If you learn C, then Java should be pretty easy to learn. I hope I was helpful mate, keep up trying end never give up!

Quick edit: Python is an excellent choice but I recommend you learn C first and after that learn python, it's be easier this way. If you want to learn php that's an excellent choice too! Facebook and many other modern websites are written in it.
2015-01-06, 06:30 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-01-06, 06:31 PM by victor.)
Depending on your interest.

Software Based
- Java
- C++
- C#
- VB.Net

Web Based
- JS
2015-01-06, 07:13 PM,
Go with Python. Eventually if you choose the path to become a programmer (hobby programmer or professional) you'll have to tackle with both Java and PHP. Python has extraordinary community and support from companies, like Google.

Java is de facto standard for enterprise. If you go down this path, you'll basically will be juggling frameworks and libraries and wiring things together. No so much fun or programming here. OOP mostly and its boring. Although Java 8 has functional programming lambdas, clojures and other cool features in it. Scala may be a great and interesting turn from here.

PHP will be fine. Facebook is in PHP, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and lots and lots of other scripts which combined take their place as biggest part of internet nowadays. People may claim php is bad structure and or bad language. That all is speculation on bad legacy and wrong design decisions made years ago when it started. Now things got more straightforward and with frameworks like Symphony2 you'll be fine.

In any case, you'll have to face and learn lots of languages along the way, so just go with Python. Its concise and easy to understand, everyone uses it and it has lost of open source projects you can use and base your code on. I'd choose this one over Java and PHP if you want to code and do stuff for internet marketing for example.
2015-01-06, 08:12 PM,
(2015-01-06, 05:37 PM)djaskol Wrote: We started learning C language. I want to learn language that I will actually have use of it.

I would continue with C and then "upgrade" to C++, because you can use it everywhere, platform independent. So I did many years ago.

Python and PHP are scripting languages, no real programming languages, regarding their definitions. I would go with PHP, since the PHP syntax was inspired by C/C++ and PHP is used for real huge projects like Facebook. PHP has a large community, is scalable and very stable.

This place is intentionally left blank.
2015-01-06, 08:32 PM,
I suggest you stick with C. You can branch off to a strict super set like Objective C which is used for development on Apple Computers, or you can branch off with C++, which is used by popular companies like Adobe, Google, Twitter.

Most of these companies do use C programming on there back end, I've had the opportunity to meet with a developer from Twitter, and he said that c is used for priority queues etc.

So yes, C is still very much alive, don't be fooled.

Also, a point that no one is as yet address, to get a job as a professional programmer, it doesn't matter what programming language you know. It is your ability to solve problems. Knowing the syntax of a language does not mean you know how to program.

Some interview questions have nothing to do with real life problems, they just want to see how well you think.
2015-01-14, 10:16 PM,
you know i suggest to ya to finish first C Then go to C++ because there's the basic of all of other programming languages so DON'T SKIP THEM!! so after that i guaranteed to ya that you'll find all of other languages more useful cause they're from C/C++ example JAVA it's from C++, PHP From C++, Python From C++, Ruby, Perl, C# ... So all of theme they'll become very useful to ya to learn.

So Finish the C/C++ By yourself don't wait the College or someone because you will waste a lot of time now everything is simple just go and download paid books with pdf extension Hehe you'll find them on Torrent, Or just on google by itself :p in learning the C there's a good one 'Learn C In 21 Days' it's a good one then Learn C in this website it's more useful 'learncpp.com' after if you want to learn Php go to 'w3schools.com' you find the best courses for free on web development !

So Last Thing Wish Ya A Good Time And Good Luck ;)!

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