Why do we dream?
2014-04-29, 02:27 PM,
Quote:We spend around a third of our lives sleeping. Considering how much time we spend doing it, you might think we'd know everything about it. But scientists are still searching for a complete explanation of why we sleep and dream. Subscribers to Sigmund Freud's views believed dreams were expressions of unfulfilled wishes – often sexual – while others wonder whether dreams are anything but the random firings of a sleeping brain. Animal studies and advances in brain imaging have led us to a more complex understanding that suggests dreaming could play a role in memory, learning and emotions. Rats, for example, have been shown to replay their waking experiences in dreams, apparently helping them to solve complex tasks such as navigating mazes.

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2014-04-29, 03:29 PM,
It's definitely something I can't come up with an explanation about. I can say that I've successfully figured out things that I've been trying to do the day before in my sleep - I also saw a video some time ago where a teen programmer mentioned he sometimes figures out the bugs to his C# code in his dreams (just a video of his life, not dreams). Clearly what we dream about a lot of the time comes from what we subconsciously see throughout our life (probably subliminal as well, haven't researched that bit) and what we're thinking about.
2014-04-29, 03:33 PM,
I'm pretty sure that dreams have a meaning, perhaps to predict the future? I recently had a dream that really happened, I can't say it was a fluke, because it happened three times in one week

[Image: Qhnn7lP.png]
2014-04-29, 03:45 PM,
I think the brain just sorts every memory out, kinda like de-fragmentation on a computer, and while it is doing that you see weird stuff that make no sense.

This is really awesome : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucid_dream
2014-04-29, 04:27 PM,
Obviously the brain needs it's rest time and such, off-topic - sometimes, I will dream things and then see them the next day.
2014-05-02, 04:08 AM,
I think there are 2 types of dreaming one from the devil ( always a bad one ) so its just a dream, the other type is a vision this one can be translated by psychology, its an insight of the future or of change and it really happen not 100% but a part of it :)
2014-05-02, 04:33 AM,
Why do we dream, but more importantly why can't we control our dreams? I have often wondered this.
Whenever I go to sleep, I often daydream about what I'd like to dream about and fall slowly asleep. I've been doing this for years, but heres the thing, I never dream about what I was day dreaming about. Its like something else takes over and I'm on auto pilot. For those 6 to 8 hours the body is on full auto pilot. Strange.
2014-05-02, 05:09 AM,
I think the Dreams are about things the third eye subconscious mind sees and thinks about alot we dont notice in are busy everyday lives
And it trys to tell you things in some of your dreams
Ive had some werid ass dreams and after doing things months later feel like ive done it before and thought about the dreams
2014-05-02, 05:12 AM,
There are many reasons that we dream. My personal belief is that your dreams represent things that will happen/happened. And recurring dreams is when you have not completed something in your life and that dream is telling you over and over again to finish what you started.
2014-05-03, 10:07 AM,
I don't know but lately i'm dreaming with youtube and CPA. i guess i need a little of rest hahahah

And i love dream, sometimes gives you a new perspective of the things.

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