Whole website content was stolen! Where to complain?
2014-07-09, 12:41 PM,
One guy copied everything from my site, desing, buttons, but most of all whole text! Even he copied my comments lol!
The worst of all is that guy is not doing PPD, he made real hacking program and he is hacking paypal from victims who download his free software.
Now he is writing on youtube and everywhere something like "don't go on his (mine) site it's a survey and waste of time, download on my site for free.
At first he was using some free hosting but then i manage to sue him so they shutted down his site. Now he is using his own computer for hosting!
I had from the begining free DMCA badge but when i reported him they told me that i need to pay 199$ for takedown and if i want 1 free takedown i need to have DMCA pro at least 30 days. So i bought DMCA pro 15 days ago and i hope they will do for me that 1 free takedown in next 15 days.
But what else should i do? Where can i sue him else?
And i have one more question, he have one free domain.is-by.us who's that domain? I can't find the company who provide that domain.
Does anyone knows where he could get that free domain is-by.us ?
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2014-07-09, 01:31 PM,
You are wasting your time with this useless war.

Just outrank him and make more money than he does.
2014-07-09, 01:35 PM,
Who cares dude, you are over-thinking this over nothing, just move along and let him go.
2014-07-09, 01:40 PM,
(2014-07-09, 01:35 PM)Night_Wolf Wrote: Who cares dude, you are over-thinking this over nothing, just move along and let him go.

Words are a bit harsh but I tend to agree, it's pointless fighting with people because you will always lose. Listen to what they have told you.
2014-07-09, 01:47 PM,
I guess guys you are right i ranked my site on the 1st page and i am making money everything is perfect right now, but that guy will always try to spam me and that is so annoying to me. This is who i am i can't ignore things that is my problem. Anyway if i report thim to his ISP provider (i alredy got that info) will they do something about? If i say that he is hosting some illegal website and something like that?
2014-07-09, 02:09 PM,
Yeah it maybe sounded harsh, but is a reality. I got my videos and website content copied to the letter many times and I really don't have time to waste fighting an impossible battle to try to take down some random dudes site, especially if you are ranked 1st, who cares. Don't over-think such minuscule things and bash your head around them, I assure you that you'll go through 100000x more unfair things in life than some dude copy/pasting your article and taking a pic from your site, this is actually laughable.
2014-07-09, 02:16 PM,
But its not just copy paste now he will spaming on dailymotion, youtube, everywhere that my site is a scum and his is real. This guy is doing everything that is possible to do just to destroy me and he said that he will keep doing everything until my extinsion. This is happening almost 6 months and he won't stop
2014-07-09, 02:45 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-07-09, 02:46 PM by alexparris.)
so fighting on niche paypal h@ck? i stoped fb,gmail,pp h@ck niches long time ago :)
2014-07-09, 02:49 PM,
He will be using PPI lol. Don't hate just rank yours website on high rank .


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2014-07-09, 02:51 PM,
It's not about niche paypal hack. He is not doing PPD, CPA or anything like that we do, he is some kinda a hacker who created real hacking program to get information passwords, email for paypal, creditcards. He don't have survey on his site, people are free to download his software and when someone download and run that, he got victims information.
That is the problem he is not competitor of this job he is just some horny hacker. And now he says for my website " do not download on his site, that is survey waste of time and money, download on my site for free ".

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