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What should i do? [Demotivated]
2013-08-28, 06:36 PM,
I was accepted into fileice long time ago on Fileice and i didn't do anything with it, from last month i tried PPD.

I bought eBooks,read lot's of tuts, free eBooks before i started with PPD.

I had one niche running which got flagged 4 days ago, i made 30$ from it.
But i invested 20$ on it for HR views,likes,backlinks but it didn't move from second page.(couldn't get ranked in the first page)

(Only 10$ from that niche)

I started second niche few days ago and made me like 5$ till now
But i invested 8$ in total but yet same problem i can't get ranked..
All top videos on this niche are uploaded 4/5 months ago and with lot's of dislikes.

I read every eBook about how to rank on YouTube but nothing.
Some people pm'd me saying they would help me to rank on YouTube but once i sent them my video they never ever replied me, totally ignored.

Also i should have tried other sites than FileIce because i can only cash out
at 50$ but i'm stuck at 41$
[Image: jbyq89nNvlCHrU.png]

My goal was to reach 50$ so i can buy GTA V
But i'm earning like 0.25$ per day

08/26/13 01:03 $0.40

08/27/13 02:09 $0.25

08/27/13 02:11 $0.25

Now Every time i find a niche and i search on YouTube there are already lot's of videos which i'm sure i can't get ranked because i couldn't get ranked with 2 videos when i bought enough HR views,likes,comments..
My desc,tittle,tags were all fine.

I have a multi-niche site but i'm not even bothered to add something new because i'm tired of this shit -_-
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2013-08-28, 06:41 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 06:46 PM by Tom.)
How much niches did you have?
How much niches did you create per day?
Whats about the quality, is every video HD?
And what is about the multi niche site, is this a real Domain or blogspot?
In my opinion a multiniche site work only with a real Domain. You have to make the costumers feel like this website is from a Hacking Team.
(with my old mass niche site i was having a conversion about 7-10%)

The real way is to make mass niches! You will earn about 2-5€/Month per niche, if you got lucky you can earn about 30-100$/Month per niche. The ranking will come with time. Bok1ca shared here a youtube ranking video just watch this, it will help you.

Please answer the questions so i can try to help you.

Regards Tom.
2013-08-28, 06:49 PM,
Don't quit... Don't go by books. Start to a smaller niche,and try rank it. If you do getto rank it, see what you did, note down. And try with larger niche. If it doesn't rank do some web 2 backlinks. Coment on other niche forums,etc.
Again see what it works,keep it and reapply it.
Never give up. I will not, so you shouldn't till yoi reach your goal.
2013-08-28, 06:52 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-28, 06:53 PM by Tom.)
(2013-08-28, 06:49 PM)just4funhd Wrote: Don't quit... Don't go by books. Start to a smaller niche,and try rank it. If you do getto rank it, see what you did, note down. And try with larger niche. If it doesn't rank do some web 2 backlinks. Coment on other niche forums,etc.
Again see what it works,keep it and reapply it.
Never give up. I will not, so you shouldn't till yoi reach your goal.

Yes, and about Backlinks: Use SBBomber :
2013-08-28, 06:59 PM,
Dont feel demotivated, shit happens sometimes, what you should do is learn from your mistakes correct them, then hit the game even more harder, Goodluck.
2013-08-28, 07:11 PM,
Try not to be offended by what I'm about to say, hopefully it will help more than hinder:

The thing about people on the internet, is they think it's some kind of 'get rich quick' scheme. It will never be easy. It may be simple, but NOT easy. It sounds like to me that you are doing way more reading/buying then actually acting.

Quote:"Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going to spend your whole life in the grandstand just watching what goes on, in my opinion you're wasting your life."

This quote can easily be tied to Internet Marketing. If you sit by, read every single guide possible, and try and absorb as much as possible, you will never succeed. The key to this industry is staying ahead of the next guy, making your own methods and staying ahead of everyone else. By the time you're reading some washed up guide on YouTube marketing, that same guy has already found a new, better method, and is 10 steps ahead of you.

You need to stop complaining, and get to work. You earned $10. That is WAY more than most people on this site have earned, you know why? They're sitting there reading every topic on Internet Marketing.

Focus on what you're doing right. You can rank fairly well to gross $30. To earn that much you need to triple your efforts. Put 5 more niches out a day and crunch your day working hard.

It won't come easy, keep working.
2013-08-28, 07:44 PM,
you should tell us how many niches u setup?
in ur thread u mentioned 2 niches
but how much u worked and u really tried what ebooks said.
read this thread

Also tell me what ebooks tell us exact thing what to do to rank videos or not? no-one
All the ebooks shows us a way we can use to rank
some ebooks are great and some are complete waste.

You should read bok1ca tutorials as its still working and more importantly do unique stuffs and not copying others titles/tags etc
U ddin't fail but u have found,sucessfully found that what u r doing is not gonna work for you then now just ignore it.
Learn more things and also tryout different things :)

Demotivation can cause u 2 things
1)Come back stronger
2)Completely Quit!

Remember if you quit then its forever and you can't escape that.

As metnioned read the thread i linked and reply there what u think after reading it.
2013-08-28, 08:52 PM,
You can ask Fileice to cash out early if you don't have enough to meet the minimum threshold. $10 a day is easy man, 1 hour/day worth of work could get you to that level. Just keep experimenting and see what works best for you.
2013-08-28, 09:04 PM,
If you feel demotivated here is the most motivating thread in the whole CPAElites Forum!

Read everysingle page you will accumulate knowledge and motivation!

[Image: H6JU6ed.png?1]
2013-08-29, 01:55 PM,
I have quite alot of free time and i look into every tut's and also Yes i have only two niches but the problem is i can't rank them no matter what that's my problem because i invested more money than i'm actually earning on there videos.

I bought HR views from different sources : Fiverr,Viralsocials & from someone here on Cpaelites few days ago but same shit my videos won't rank and even when all other top videos have like only 1k views.

@Thanks all you guys for long informative replies , i appreciate it

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