What makes us human?
2014-04-29, 02:26 PM,
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Quote:Just looking at your DNA won't tell you – the human genome is 99% identical to a chimpanzee's and, for that matter, 50% to a banana's. We do, however, have bigger brains than most animals – not the biggest, but packed with three times as many neurons as a gorilla (86bn to be exact). A lot of the things we once thought distinguishing about us – language, tool-use, recognising yourself in the mirror – are seen in other animals. Perhaps it's our culture – and its subsequent effect on our genes (and vice versa) – that makes the difference. Scientists think that cooking and our mastery of fire may have helped us gain big brains. But it's possible that our capacity for co-operation and skills trade is what really makes this

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2014-04-29, 05:23 PM,
No, i dont believe that. Yes animal may evolute cause by the environment but i can guarantee you human are never evolute by animal.
2014-04-29, 05:43 PM,
(2014-04-29, 05:27 PM)Josh Canoe Wrote: What makes us human? Well we f*ck shit up, that makes us human!

lol... sad but true
2014-04-29, 06:36 PM,
The starve for power, and selfishness.
2014-04-29, 06:37 PM,
the mistakes we make Smile

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2014-04-29, 09:04 PM,
Maybe our intelligence. But we will evolve too.
2014-04-29, 10:11 PM,
Simply, the fact that we are look/act different from other creatures. If you were a dog, acted like a dog, did everything a dog does and had a brain of a dog, that would make you a dog.

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2014-04-30, 05:21 AM,
Humanity is the biggest threat.

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2014-04-30, 06:05 AM,
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2014-05-04, 11:20 AM,
The want to see, do, and experience. The ability to feel for others, and the environment that surrounds us.

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