What is a Windows VPS And How It Can Help You Make Money Online (Chapter 1)
2016-08-31, 08:17 PM,


I’ve decided it is time to share more information regarding Windows VPS and other hosting features that can actually help you make money online easier and sooner than you expect.

I will post more chapters, my expectation being to post at least 10 chapters over the next weeks or months.

Over the years I’ve seen many people who don’t know exactly what a Windows VPS is and how it can change the way you see online marketing.

Some of you already know what I am about to share today, while others don’t know too much about this subject.

What is a Windows VPS?
VPS comes from Virtual Private Server, therefore a Windows VPS is a virtual private server that runs an operating system from Microsoft. Depending on the hosting provider, you can choose between different operating systems from Microsoft such as: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 or others.

A Windows VPS is basically a remote virtual computer, installed on a location around the world, depending on the provider. You get access to a Windows VPS very easily by using Remote Desktop Connection, and after you connect to it, your whole PC experience moves to the Virtual Desktop.

How can I use a Windows VPS? What do I need it for?
A Windows VPS can be used for hosting just like a Linux VPS but it can also be used just like you’d use a normal PC or laptop.

Most of the people use Linux instead of Windows when it comes to hosting websites because Windows uses more resources (hardware, graphics) than Linux. It is more stable to use Linux for hosting websites and it is also more secure.

Most of the Windows VPS providers you find online, have the main purpose of giving you the chance to basically have a Virtual Computer hosted somewhere online.

Can I use a Windows VPS as a Virtual / Remote Computer?
A Windows VPS, as said above, can have an operating system just like the one you have at home (if you are a Windows user). When you connect to a Windows VPS, you basically have the same experience as if you were connecting through Teamviewer – I am sure many of you used TeamViewer at least once.

Imagine you have a PC located in Toronto, that you can access it any time. All you need is an IP, username and password. These are provided by the hosting provider.

It doesn’t matter what time is, or where are you at that moment, you can still connect to your Remote Desktop 24/7 and see all the softwares you left there still running. A VPS should never be down and must always be online.

Why most of the people choose a Windows VPS?
• To run their favourite softwares that requires a PC running 24/7. You can’t always let your home PC run 24/7, that is a waste of energy and the PC will damage much sooner. With a Windows VPS you can let everything run without having to worry shutting down your PC.

• To work on their texts or files, without having to think they can lose their work

• Can check their VPS from any place, any time. If you are drinking a coffee on Starbucks, you can always check the VPS on your smarthphone and see if everything is okay

The internet connection of a Windows VPS is much faster than a regular internet connection around the world. If you have a weak connection, being connect to your VPS will change the speed of the internet to a much higher one

• The VPS is doesn’t have anything do to with your PC. You can shut down your personal PC at any time, the VPS will still be online waiting for you to connect to it.

How can I access my Windows VPS?

This is the coolest things regarding a Windows VPS – it can be accessed from probably any smart device on the market.

If you are a Windows user and you want to connect to your VPS, all you is Remote Desktop Connection. This little app is available on any Windows versions by default. So if you search for it on your PC right now, you should have it there already.

You can also connect from MAC, Android, iOS, Google Chrome – basically any device.

I have a MAC, can I still use a Windows VPS as a Virtual Computer?

You have a MAC but you have many softwares that only run on Windows? Having a MAC is not a problem, you can still have your own Virtual Desktop with Windows installed.

Microsoft has an official software called “Remote Desktop Connect Client for MAC” that you can download it from here: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download...x?id=18140

When you have a purchased Windows VPS, you just need to open Remote Desktop Connection on your MAC, and you will connect on your Windows VPS instantly.

How can I make money with a Windows VPS?
I will dedicated a whole chapter to this topic, but I will make an introduction on how to make money online with the help of a Windows VPS.

Most online marketers today use internet marketing softwares to make their work easier and more productive. Internet marketing is not just about doing blog comments or doing low quality backlinks. That no longer works as it used to do in the past.

Now you have to come with more complex strategies and tactics, and short term is no longer accepted.

How can a Windows VPS help you make more money online?
The best two words to describe a Windows VPS when it comes to online marketing is “scale” and “automation”. Imagine doing what you are doing right now, but 10x or 20x better and more automated.

Example 1: Let’s say you are using online softwares to manage more social media accounts. Right now, you run those softwares while you are the PC, or when your internet connection is not going offline. If you were using a Windows VPS, you could let those softwares work on your social media accounts 24 hours everyday.

Example 2: Are you uploading videos to Youtube with automated software or manually? Well, with a Windows VPS, you can do the same activities in 2 hours instead of 7 hours. The internet connection on a VPS is way much better than an average connection, therefore your softwares can upload the video much faster.

Example 3: If you are searching online for quality backlinks you probably now that activity is very time consuming. Nowdays, all links are spammed and low quality, and the high quality ones need to be searched deep. Using a Windows VPS, you can let the software search for quality backlinks every day, even while you are on a beach or watching a movie.

The main idea you have to keep in mind is this: In order to make more money, it is not you who has to work more, it is the VPS that will work for you. You just give it the tasks, and the VPS will do its job by running 24/7.

Benefits of a Windows VPS
Very easy to access it. No technical skills needed. You just need the IP, user and password from your VPS provider. From there, you can remote connect to it in a matter of seconds.

• A Windows VPS runs 24/24 hours, meaning that will always be online no matter what. This is very important because it works even while you are sleeping. You can connect to it anytime you want, it is always online and running.

• Connect to it from any device you want: Windows PC, MAC, iOS, Android and even Google Chrome. If there is any issue, you can solve it from anywhere, no need to go home for that.

Get a much better internet connection. With a Windows VPS, you can easily get speed of 600-900 MBps on download and 500-900 MBps on upload. That connection is much better than any average connection around the globe. The faster your softwares finish tasks, the more money you make.

You don’t overload your personal computer. The online softwares you run usually uses resources that makes your PC laggy

If you have a daily job, you can access your “online job” projects from the office. This is a problem many people are facing. They do have a daily job they want to quit, but they can’t work at the same time on their online project. With a Windows VPS, you can access your online marketing files or softwares from your daily job office.

Stop wasting valuable time and start doing the important things. Are you exhausted of your PC always crashing or your internet connection going offline? Are you tired to let your PC run more hours than a normal usage just to let it finish the tasks?

Keep in mind that all the activities you do on a Windows VPS should be legal, just like you’d do them on your personal PC. Hacking or attacking other websites is not allowed on most of the hosting providers, and I would not recommend doing anything illegal.

Try to find a long term strategy to make your online activities valuable not just a quick spam that won’t take you nowhere.

This is the first chapter. It is just a introduction, more in depth information coming on the next chapthers. It is far from perfect and pardon me for any typing mistake.

By now you should know what a Windows VPS is and the general purpose of it.

The next chapther will be released the coming week.

If you have any questions or you’d like to add more information to this thread, just post below and I’ll be happy to answer.

I hope this is helpful for some of you who are interested to know more on this.
Have a great day guys!
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2016-09-01, 02:15 AM,
Well Done mate well crafted beautifully written post about VPS....Now i am patiently waiting for Next Chapter :)

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2016-09-05, 02:21 AM,
(2016-09-01, 02:15 AM)rajapk12 Wrote: Well Done mate well crafted beautifully written post about VPS....Now i am patiently waiting for Next Chapter :)

Thank you mate :) Next chapter will come soon.

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