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2013-12-09, 11:35 AM,
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am reporting the following domain using your hosting services - mywebsite.com

This domain is hosting abusive content which is scamming people. The scamming is occurring as the content offered on the website is fake and therefore being deceptive and misleading innocent internet users into completing offers which sometimes include mobile subscriptions which cost the end user so therefore the end user is essentially paying out money to get nothing in return except generate illicit revenue for the webmaster.

This domain is also recognised on the There is to be no discussion regarding this website on CPA Elites any more.  Blacklist which can be found here - http://www.There is to be no discussion regarding this website on CPA Elites any more. .com/apps/search?q=mysite.com

There is to be no discussion regarding this website on CPA Elites any more. .com is a website dedicated to taking down abusive internet content and our prime focus is misleading domains like the one we're reporting today. Our blacklist is integrated by MyWOT.com (Web of Trust) and URLVoid.com who have both understood the severity of these kinds of domains.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and if you require more details please feel free to email me back.

Kindest Regards,
So, what do you guys think ? I replied to the email from my hosting company, telling them that users don't have to pay ( i'm focusing on usa lol ) and, that they are receiving the VB hacks,cheats,etc. or an pdf with instructions
Niche : hacks , cheats, etc.

PS : I did not found any category for this post, please, a moderator , move it if you think is misplaced.
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2013-12-09, 01:37 PM,
Few days back i also posted about "There is to be no discussion regarding this website on CPA Elites any more. " website and most of the sites reported there gets taken down. I believe that if you are looking for long term income then move to legit niches. With hacks and cheats site you will keep getting such issues.

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2013-12-09, 07:25 PM,
What Hosting company are you with? I need to make sure I'm not with them haha
2013-12-09, 07:32 PM,
(2013-12-09, 06:50 PM)Copy Cat Wrote: This really depends on what hosting company you have I guess and whether or not they honor requests like this as "abusive" or just forward it to you and "believe" that you will edit your website to please the reporter but in reality many just ignore abuse reports this this including myself.

I was with Weebly before and an abuse report got all my websites removed on there and the same for Blogger but now I am with Host Winds who I messaged before I bought hosting from them about their policy on fake niches and what they do with abuse reports and they simply said that they allow fake niches as long as you use a Terms of Service or Terms and Conditions that covers the website in allowing the end user to know that the content is indeed fake. They also told me that Host Winds will forward abuse reports to the account owner in the result of an abuse report being sent to them which I am thankful to not have received, touch wood. I also enquired about DMCA reports and they told me they will temporarily take down your website and allow you time to remove the suspected copyrighted content and then you can put the website live again once it's been removed. In conclusion (sorry for the life story lol) it depends on how lenient your hosting service is.

Thanks am also using Hostwinds but didn't know about this

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