What do you do when you are alone and Sad? What things make you happy?
2017-04-26, 04:27 PM,
When i feel alone i play multiplayer games, watch funny videos on youtube and also listen music. I always ask my friends (they also do the same) to go out and have fun!

Recently my gf broke up with me and i am feeling very bad now and even i was thinking to commit suicide.

I am finding things which can make me happy, but didn't found any so far. So like what do you do when you are alone and sad? What did you do after a break up? Things you did to be happy again?
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2017-04-26, 04:33 PM,
First of all don't even think about commit suicide. You could ask your friends again to have fun together. Watch movies, involve in sports (if you do it) , Create goals and follow it. Listening music could help and also do watch out motivational videos on youtube.
2017-04-26, 04:35 PM,
I hope you can cope with an honest answer on this one:

Quote:Recently my gf broke up with me and i am feeling very bad now and even i was thinking to commit suicide.

If you really thought about suicide you have to change something in your life generally. Most people that tell me something like this have done one big fault while they are in a relationship. The fault was to give up their entire (or at least biggest part) "normal" life. They quit with doing their favorite sports or they haven't got time for their other friends anymore.

And when she is breaking up they are almost alone. No structure in the day, no activitied. And that is going to fuck your mind. Seriously, get your life a structure and if a girl is going to ruin it, stop her. Say her you need to do some other things in life too than being with her 24/7.

Not that it only brings some positive impact on your entire life, no it even makes you more interesting for the most girls. You are an interesting man with hobbies and stuff to do. Not a kind of couchpotato waiting at home for her when she comes back late from work or something.

Take it as an advice, and also appreciate your friends. These are the guys you can hit up, even after you haven't seen them for months, if something bad happens in your life.

It feels a little bit like I turn CPA Elites into some kind of pickup forum right now, haha. Grin

Take care buddy!
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-28 05:42 PM) 
2017-04-26, 06:54 PM,
Quote:i was thinking to commit suicide

This is not the answer. You are most likely young and trust me when I tell you this... the pain goes away after a breakup although right now it seems it won't, but trust me it does. Don't think dark just wake up tomorrow on a new day and start again. Life is beautiful don't let life's lessons get in the way of being happy, we are all tested daily.
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LB'Decoy(2017-04-28 05:42 PM) 
2017-04-26, 07:39 PM,
(2017-04-26, 04:27 PM)mogansi Wrote: Recently my gf broke up with me and i am feeling very bad now and even i was thinking to commit suicide.

Well that's not the way to go.

If she doesn't care about u anymore then how could u even think about commiting suicide for her.
I've had breakups too but I never let anything like that get upon me.
Don't let her get upon u man! instead get out of ur house, spend time with your friends and family, party, play sports, go out on picnics and stuff and stay busy. Don't let ur brain get time to think about her.

Stay busy and everything will be back to normal as it was before.
2017-04-26, 07:41 PM,
Nonononono man no. Hey, its okay to feel what you're feeling right now. But thinking about suiciding is not okay. Life is beautiful. You were born for a reason, but the reason is definitely not to suffer.

So here's a quote that might make you feel better.

“When one door closes, another opens. But we often look so regretfully upon the closed door that we don’t see the one that has opened for us.” – Alexander Graham Bell

And here's 2 videos that might help you

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LB'Decoy(2017-04-28 05:42 PM) 

Do you know why are there no Lamborghini ads on TV?

Because the people who can afford a Lamborghini are not sitting around, watching TV all day.

“Either you run the day, or the day runs you.”
2017-04-27, 10:41 AM,
You can consult with a psychologist if you want, they will surely help out to get out with this sadness.
2017-04-28, 01:04 PM,
One girl will go and one will come, don't feel sad about it man!
2017-04-29, 03:52 AM,
Don't ever feel like this buddy, just because of a girl. Be happy mate
2017-05-03, 11:44 AM,
Try watching motivational videos, listen to motivation songs. You will surely get out of lonelyness

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