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What are your skills / studies?
2014-01-07, 08:11 PM,
Hey Guys:

So i was searching and I haven't found a similar thread.
Some people think that to start on CPA you need mad skills, and some people has a Computer Sciense degree or Web design studies but other people don't have any degree so:

-What about you? What are your skills or studies?

-Where you learnt those skills? ( college, self taught, ... )

-How you use that skills? ( don't reveal your niche, just, i.e: I create websites )

For me:

-I'm studying engineering but it's not related with computers.
But my skills are: I'm constant, i never give up and i learn fast. I know some web development and coding, but not in a pro level.

-I learnt those skills on the internet.

-For now, I'm not using anything as i first have to finish my finals, however on February I'm goign to start on the bussiness.

Have a nice day :)
2014-01-07, 08:14 PM,
I'm studying electrical engineering, but i never though of using that knowledge in CPA. I might try something out in future.
2014-01-07, 08:16 PM,
I honestly cant remember one usefull thing which I learned in school.
Evrything I know I tought myself alone with nobodyes help, I also speak 5 languages which I learned from tv
2014-01-07, 08:20 PM,
(2014-01-07, 08:16 PM)pepeneo Wrote: I honestly cant remember one usefull thing which I learned in school.
Evrything I know I tought myself alone with nobodyes help, I also speak 5 languages which I learned from tv

I think all you learn in school is interesting, is not usefull at all, because you don't learn to code or something. But what about general culture? Or when you watch tv and you know about what they are talking about...
I think that knowledge is always usefull :)
2014-01-07, 08:25 PM,
General culture I learned from national geographic, discovery, history chanel etc...
The history which I was tought in school has nothing to do with reality...
2014-01-07, 08:29 PM,
I'm not in college.

I learned stuff online.

I use my skills to make money and to make something out of myself.
2014-01-07, 09:34 PM,
I have no programming skills. Anyway, you don't have to be programmer or something like that to earn from IM. Talking about studies, I'm student of Economics and Finance (University). I would really want to know what are other members studying :)
2014-01-07, 09:37 PM,
I have a knack of making shit work, I've found out all the dumb little methods out there (that can make a killing) and I never seem to leverage them enough to make really GOOD money....
2014-01-07, 10:56 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-07, 10:57 PM by h4ck3d.scumbag.)
I finished high school, got my degree and worked as bartender in restaurants/nightclubs for the last 2 years.

My online skills I preffer to stay hidden ... I don't like people to know about my skills in this area.
2014-01-07, 11:07 PM,
I am doing computer engineering and part time Jr Web designer in a company, plus I have other sources of income and like to learn and do everything. My biggest problem : "I try to do all at once."

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