What Do You Think About this Youtube Views Script?
2013-11-08, 03:57 AM,
I've used a few javascript public releases out there but views are so slow nowadays and just recently got my videos deleted. I presume that the method was already patched. I've tried to hire someone on freelancer to provide me with a custom youtube views script but all they have given me were the old trick and lame views exchange programs like vagex that can be used for free. Then just yesterday I saw a site http://ytviewsincreaser.com but I don't know of anyone that has tried them or if they even work. I can't find reviews so i would like to get some feedback from anyone that have actually tried it. Thanks.
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rubelpangsa(2014-10-02 08:40 PM) holako(2014-03-20 11:19 PM) 
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2013-11-08, 03:58 AM,
Hold on, let me prove all of these statements wrong. Give me a minute.
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RichKhan(2013-11-08 04:25 AM) 
2013-11-08, 04:01 AM,
This website was promoted in a facebook group related to cpa/ppd, if this was a 'private' script he wouldn't sell it for 147$, he would sell it for WAYYYYYYYYY more than that.

2013-11-08, 04:02 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-28, 06:17 AM by Diablo.)
"10,000 to 50,000 new views daily.. or MORE!"

You need traffic and a host (free hosts are what view providers use anyway these days). Tons of it. I have sent over 4.8 million visits to my blog in 1 day and I managed to generate a few hundred k. So, yeah. It spams requests to s.youtube.com with randomized strings. Yeah, your video is completely safe by receiving tons of watch time requests 500x the normal rate.

"The youtube views comes from different countries. The views will quickly boost your video to the top search results FAST in youtube and google rankings. Geo target or country specific views can be done."

Depends on the country of the visitors you get. Change it to =US won't make it a USA view.

"FAST Multi-Threaded Mass View Increaser - With the Multi-Threaded features of the script you can increase the views of different videos at the same time!"

Yeah. Paste the video ID and change the len in the script and add it on to the end of the old one.

"High Retention Views - Youtube is currently ranking video’s based on video’s audience retention rate, the longer the video has been viewed by a viewer, the higher your video will be ranked."

Lol, setting len and sending requests to s.youtube with that parameter will definitely rank you higher.x

"Our custom youtube views increaser script can make views coming from social network sites like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and any site you prefer."

Yeah, adding this to the script is definitely a professional spoofing method. "http%3A%2F%2Fxxxhub.com"

Alright, enough for the night.
Somebody can take it from there.
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alexparris(2013-11-28 01:30 AM) doodoo(2013-11-08 04:11 AM) 
2013-11-08, 04:30 AM,
I just want to make sure that this is not the same script floating around. I have sent a message to the owner. Let's see. By the way, thanks for your inputs. It helps me decide.
2013-11-27, 11:36 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-28, 06:14 AM by Diablo.)
(2013-11-27, 11:34 PM)Geroe Wrote: Removed by Staff
Where you are buying 200k traffic for 3$?
I would be glad if you could pm me that site.

2013-11-27, 11:49 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-28, 06:14 AM by Diablo.)
(2013-11-27, 11:36 PM)f0rest Wrote:
(2013-11-27, 11:34 PM)Geroe Wrote: Removed by Staff
Where you are buying 200k traffic for 3$?
I would be glad if you could pm me that site.

You are buying credits on ebesucher.com on their Buy/sell forum.people are selling credits very cheaply :D and than you are sending hits to your website where script is working and generatins hits to views also you can custom you retention rate.
2013-11-28, 05:51 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-28, 06:15 AM by Diablo.)
(2013-11-27, 11:34 PM)Geroe Wrote: Removed by Staff

You don't have the right to resell my script. I know who you are and I won't send you any updates anymore!

The script you have is the older version. It doesn't have the correct arguments that would just risk videos of being caught. I have just rewritten my views script best suitable with the latest algorithms.

To all people who read this; don't buy from this scumbag. He won't be able to support my views script with updates. The script that he's selling is already patched!
2013-12-04, 02:20 AM,
So this script is scam?
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klaatu97(2013-12-04 02:48 AM) 
2013-12-04, 02:49 AM,
(2013-12-04, 02:20 AM)PushRankViews Wrote: So this script is scam?
Maybe not, but probably you won't receive HQ views. Better to stay away, the method for views will never be public. Only patched method.

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