What Browser Extensions/Add-ons do you use?
2014-02-08, 04:58 AM,
Hey guys, I was just wondering what extensions or add-ons you currently use with your preferred browser.

I enjoy seeing what kind of useful tools other people are using, because I love usability when it comes to my browsing experience. I'll add your guy's inputs to this post if I find that other people like the ideas, that way we can all feed off of each other.

Adblock: Blocks ads, what else? I suggest you use this over Adblock Plus or any other Adblocking extension. Adblock Plus whitelists a lot of advertising websites, which is not good in my book!

Adblock+ Element Hiding Helper: Allows you to block certain web elements. This is useful if you need to block certain aspects of a web page. It's really useful if you're doing some web design.

Clickable Links: It will turn non-clickable links into clickable text. If someone doesn't include http:// in a Youtube video, it will allow you to still click and go to the website in question. It's very useful, trust me!

AutoFill: You can auto fill any web form you want for registration. I personally use it to check mark radio buttons/check boxes by default after the page has loaded. I'll be making a tutorial on that in a second, and I'll link it there after I've finished the thread. :p

Colorzilla: This extension allows you to select web elements and grab their color. It's essentially like an eye dropper, you know, the one you find inside Photoshop. It's a web design MUST!

Quick Note: This extension allows you to write down quick, or even long notes for you to be able to remember for the future. It's great for me if I need to copy and paste things for future references.

Youtube Title Adder: Will add the title of the Youtube video with a little Youtube icon when someone just posts a link of a Youtube video. That way, you can find out whether or not you're getting Rick Rolled!

Edit: I also forgot about Waterfox. This is really the only other add-on I use for it, other than the ones I've stated.

iMacros: Allows you to automate process within your web browser. Essentially you can create "bots" to do anything. Parse text, Export to .TXT file, import from .TXT file, Click on web elements such as buttons, etc.

Tampermonkey: Tampermonkey is a Userscript displayer (for lack of better words) in which will allow you to change many things about a web page.

Here are some useful Userscripts I use:
  • Ads Skipper: Allows you to automatically skip Ad websites such as Adfly or any of those PPC websites. It can also instantly download Mediafire links, which is fantastic!
  • CPA Elites Forum Citer: Will allow you to cite any thread or forum section with ease. No more posting simple URLs to a thread!
  • CPA Elites Link To Post PM: Will allow you to have a pre-defined PM linking BACK to the post you pressed the PM button from. This will allow the user you're PMing to know what you're referring to.

I use about 7 other Userscripts, but I'd rather not link them - they might seem like advertising. D:
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samandy(2014-03-24 08:28 AM) 

[SHARE] CPA Elites Forum Citer Script! Look Inside! [Forum Tool]
[SHARE] CPA Elites Link To Post PM Script! Look Inside! [Forum Tool]
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2014-02-08, 05:02 AM,
My preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox and I only use AdBlock Plus and DownloadHelper (download streaming videos with just one click).
2014-02-08, 05:30 AM,
Apart from the few you already mentioned I use those with Firefox:

Web Rank SEO toolbar
SEO Quake
Web Developer toolbar
2014-02-08, 07:50 AM,
For Chrome: Adblock Plus (Is a MUST), Wunderlist,Checker Plus for Gmail and User-Agent Switcher.
2014-02-11, 03:43 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-11, 03:43 AM by TheVBScripter.)
For Chrome:
Turn Off the Lights

Download link:

What it does:
Why I like this add-on so much:
- helps me focus at the video I'm watching
- you can add a glow frame at the video
- you can adjust the brightness of the "black" screen
- you can adjust almost everything
- 1 simple click can turn it on/off <--- edited this part
- it's FREE Grin
2014-02-11, 05:14 AM,
mozilla firefox
page rank for mozilla
Adblock plus
2014-02-11, 05:18 AM,
I use only these -
Web developer (Firefox)

2014-02-11, 05:50 AM,
Mainly right now, only Imacros, before I use to be crazy with add-ons and had like 10-20 running but gone are those days, I don't really need them anymore.

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2014-02-11, 12:05 PM,
Adblock, Turn Off The Lights, & IDM Integration.
2014-02-11, 12:26 PM,
On my Firefox I have quite a few.
The main one I can't live without is the English Spell Checker.

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