Website for all niches or for each niche
2017-07-03, 05:40 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-07-03, 05:41 PM by Xenobier.)
Hi guys. I have a question for you.
Let's say I have a gaming niche like free origins games.
What you think is better:
- make an website with all free origins games
- make an website for each free origins game
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2017-07-03, 06:23 PM,
Yeah, I have same question for gurus!

Is it better/easier to create one niche website or multi-niche website?
2017-07-03, 06:28 PM,
That depends... Are you doing WH or BH ? It's different.

Doing a website for all niches it's the best idea for both cases.
But if you do BH google can remove your website from the the search engine and it's over.
Doing a website for different niches it's much more expensive and it takes more time. If google removes one or two websites it's ok since you have the rest of them.
But the best idea is doing a multi niche website.
2017-07-03, 06:54 PM, (This post was last modified: 2017-07-03, 07:02 PM by DrKent.)
If I must to decide, I will choose single niche website all of the time. Just because once G derank your site all your hard work goes in vain. In G eyes there is no BH or WH incentive Cpa (he can't check are you for real give your users incentive), its content locking that he doesn't like much just because of incentive offers (which most of them are scam). So, sooner or later he will caught you up and will apply some kind of penalty. Its really up to you, at the other side there are some arguments that goes on multi niche site favor. Its maybe only me and it from my experience, so my vote goes to Single niche site +1. Cool
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Xenobier(2017-07-04 01:35 AM) 

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2017-07-03, 07:01 PM,
single niche site is better and easy to rank with multi niche sites its hard to get backlinks to all links and if multi niche site get penalized by good then aall site earning gone
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Xenobier(2017-07-04 01:35 AM) 
2017-07-04, 01:35 AM,
Ok guys. I will try to make an single niche website to see how it's gone.
Thank you for all answers and I still wait people to answer at this question.
2017-07-04, 02:37 AM,
Xenobier I have never tried to rank a websie BUT imo single niche is much easier to rank.

Single niche:

Easier to rank
You will have more websites online (if google take one website down, you are still up with others)

Can't scale website. If your niche will have 5k searches monthly you will just stay there.
If you create single niche and create a lot of websites for each niche, you will spend a lot of money to rank every domain, lets say you have 10 niches - 10 domains. You will have to send diversify packages, PBN's and so on to EVERY PAGE SEPERATELY.

I don't know if this is true or false but I just think so. :D I will try to start seo this month as well. Hopefully I will see some success.
2017-07-04, 02:51 AM, (This post was last modified: 2017-07-04, 02:53 AM by Xenobier.)
So far I had 2 website multi-niches and both are page 1, one of it is rank 1 on most of the keywords and the other one is rank 2.
The earnings aren't big as I expected so I tried to improved my method and I found a way.
Now I know if I will make modifications at content I will be unraked and I think is better to make other website and that's why I ask.
2017-07-04, 04:15 AM,
Don't make modifications to existing content. Just add new quality content and quality links. It should only increase your power.

Maybe you will loose some rank first days/week but that will probably be Google Dance and will set you back to top rank after while + you will have new content.

P.S This is not my own experience, just what I have read in the internet and assume it might be like that.
2017-07-04, 09:44 AM,
multiniche is good to get good ideas. but for rank and or get more convertions is better optimized page for niche
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Xenobier(2017-07-04 05:56 PM) 

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