Wassup CPA Elites - Another Rookie to the Forum
2014-05-25, 10:38 PM,
Salutations. I got wind of this forum after seeing mention of it someplace else, and it's just what the doctor ordered! I plan to be a contributing member here and at some point (hopefully soon) become a poster that adds value to the community.

My Short Story
You see, I have wanted to jump into the CPA game for quite some time. I have had my share of misadventures in the world of IM...like all of us, right? But this medium has appealed to me right from the start. Sure, I would grab a guide here or there, but never took the leap into action. I dunno, I s'pose it was cold feet. Actually, it was something more.

You're free to call it hand holding but in fact it was a support system. My feeling was that I'd be more comfortable having folks to bounce my ideas off of and correct me when I screw up (whether I know it or not). Yes, I will do my due diligence and YES, I am ready to take action on my own. But what I had been searching for was a guide through the wilderness. Kind of like a point in the right direction. So here I am.

Be Patient With Me
Now that you know the why, let me tell you the what (as in 'what's my deal?'). Let's be honest: the motivation for getting into CPA is the money. Of course there are other reasons, 'I want to build my own sustainable income' blah blah blah. And yeah, that's true. But it all boils down to the money. I wanna get paid.

In doing so, it is obvious that learning the skills, applying them, testing, refining the approach and so forth, takes time. That's no problem - I just want to get it. I won't even go through the whole 'I wanna make x by x time' sorta thing. What is paramount is that I learn and understand how to apply the skills profitably. Because that truly is the bottom line in my book.

Whew, what a mouthful! If you bothered to read my rambling, incoherent garbage I thank you. Furthermore, I offer this disclaimer: I have visited several forums in the past but never felt comfortable actually posting. My bag had always been lurking. This time, I'm gonna post. My posts will probably suck but I'm posting. My intent is to have something to share as well as be one among those that add value.

[big sigh] Here goes nothin'.
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2014-05-25, 11:37 PM,
Hello, welcome to the community!
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Otis(2014-05-26 03:44 PM) 
2014-05-26, 11:49 AM,
hello, welcome to CPAelites. :D
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Otis(2014-05-26 03:44 PM) 
2014-05-26, 09:43 PM,
Good to see you my friend, wish you good luck :)
2014-05-26, 09:51 PM,
WIsh you luck, I know you'll succeed.
2014-05-28, 07:18 AM,
Thank You gentlemen. I appreciate the well wishes from one & all!
2014-05-28, 07:20 AM,
I think the next place for you to go is the journey section. It really helps to keep up the motivation.
2014-05-28, 07:24 AM,
Thank you, because I've been kinda aimlessly wandering around the forum. Yes, I have picked up a thing or two but my focus is to build out my knowledge & skills in order to profit. Ya know?
2014-05-28, 07:58 AM,
It is great to see a new user wants to contribute to the community, you will learn a lot mate :)

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