WIPO Domain Disputes
2015-07-21, 11:03 AM,
i have black hat site wich domain is old about 2 years. One month ago one company is sued me that i am using one word in my domain name that is their trademark and they sent complain to WIPO.
Now i got e-mail from Domain.Disputes@wipo.int and they said that i have 20 days for the response and they are saying something about USD 2,000 for administrative panel.
Anyway trademark company is complain only on one word on my domain name. Does anyone have similar case like this?
How can i defend my domain? Because i am making a lot of money on this site and i want to do whatever it takes to keep my domain.
I hope someone could give me some useful information. Thanks!
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2015-07-21, 12:57 PM,
Is it something very unethical niche?

As a last resort, since you have 20 days till you can respond or give up, I'd immediately buy a new "branded" domain without direct use of the trademark word. Then I would 301 redirect your current domain/site to new domain, keeping same URL structure.

If all goes well, in 15-20 days, the juice of your current site should pass on the new website and sooner or later it should start getting same ranks.

Lawsuit and similar stuff is very painful. They can take you to great heights and sue you well. Knowing that you are wrong in this case, it won't be worth fighting back and forth. I'd go the 301 route that I mentioned above if I was in your shoes.
2015-07-21, 02:16 PM,
I suggest you to talk to a lawyer, it is illegal to register trademarked domains, altho most trademark holders dont realy care some do come after you.
If they gonna sue you , just keep the domain and drag out the cort as long as possible.
301 ing the domain wount do anything, the domain is still under ur name, you just need to decide what is more profitable for u.
If u live in a non us ass kiss country just move ur hosting to some offshore company and fuk em
2015-07-21, 08:34 PM,
Thank you for repley. First of all my niche is multi niche site i have 5 niches ranked on 1st place on google that is why my site is making me a lot of money. In the begining this was been a single niche site wich is the name of the domain, after a while i added 4 more niches (4 pages) to that site and i ranked.
Second they already sent complain 3 months ago to DMCA and i had hostwinds hosting and i had to move to an offshore hosting. After that i move my site to a new offshore hosting and my site continue to work and making money, there was no problem with that. Also i am living in europe, not in usa.
So if i understand well 301 redirect i can use only to help my new domain to get rank? Can that screw up my old domain rank if after 20 days nothing happen with my old domain?
2015-07-21, 10:47 PM,
That'd be my advice yes. 301 immediately if you want to survive. The main interest of doing so would be that say tomorrow they get really strict and come after you, either having you surrender the domain to them or drag you to court, what would you do then?

Then you lose everything including all the rankings on the domain you had.

So while you have time and while they really test your nerves to the fullest, you get a branded site/domain and add same articles there and 301 old domain to new domain. Make sure to keep URL/permalinks structure exactly same as old one.

Given 20-30 days, the new domain should achieve most if not all of the ranking benefits as you had on old domain.

Plus, like you said that you are diverting towards multi-niche site and you originally bought that domain only for a single niche. It also looks unprofessional to have one niche keyword in domain when you are promoting other niches, you get my point I guess.

Lawsuits and legal threats should not be taken lightly, especially if company is somewhat famous. You read about all those funky wins and loses in court daily in newspaper, don't you? And it's not just about losing domain, in many cases they also put a hefty penalty for their brand's defamed image and other reasons, those can add up pretty well.

Just my two cents coming from seeing few cases like these, take it or leave it. :-)
2015-07-21, 11:04 PM,
Okay i just have one more question. My homepage = my main niche. So my domain name is permalinks for the main niche. How would be my permalinks on new domain for that main niche if i didnt had permalink for that?
I will try to give an example:
my site is for example. freepsncodes,com
And that main page is ranked on 1st place on google with keywords psn code generator, psn free codes
And other niches are like freepsncodes,com/clash-of-clans-cheats, psncodes,com/minecraft-generator
And for an example i create new domain. freecodes,com
So for the second and third niches my permalinks would be freecodes,com/clash-of-clans-cheats, freecodes,com/minecraft-generator
But what would be for my main niche on homepage? How would i do permalinks for that?
2015-07-21, 11:15 PM,
Yeah, things will get a bit tricky for that. But there's still solution.

If you use WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin, inside each individual page/post, in "Advance" or some other tab, there is an option to "301" (permanently) redirect that post to a "particular URL".

First on the new domain, I would make a blog post (like any normal post) for the topic that you were ranking on main page on old domain. So the structure would be something like:


Your case is very unique so what I would do is redirect through htaccess first "olddomain.com" (just the root domain) to newdomain.com/niche-post/

Then next, like I outlined in paragraph #2, Yoast gives option to individually 301 redirect each post to a URL of your choice. So for the remaining 3 niches, I would enter URL to be redirected for those individual posts as:


and so on.

Hope this makes sense?

That way what you will do is transfer the authority of root domain for the niche you were ranking to an inner (normal) post URL on new domain. And for rest of the post, it will function normally, just redirecting old post to new domain's post.
2015-07-21, 11:31 PM,
Yes it makes sesne. So for the homepage on new domain content is not important, it is important content on url newdomain.com/niche1-post = olddomain.com ?
And yes i am using yoast plugin for seo. Do i need to edit htaccess or i can use only advanced settings for reditect 301 on wp yoast plugin? Or i need to do both?
And what about sitemaps for the new domain, do i need to create that again? Do i need to index new domain on google first or this redirecting 301 will do that everything by itself?

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