WINNER ANNOUNCED! Free VIP Elites Upgrade (Giveaway)
2015-02-26, 04:14 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-03-12, 04:22 PM by DeathGun.)
We have a winner!

Post # 21
User: pabloc98
URL Profile:

How the raffle was done?

I used random integer and post # 18 was the number that showed

but unfortunately that post was from "SuperHero" which is clearly not in need of the upgrade so i generate another integer and post number #27 showed but unfortunately again (haha) that post was from "DutchPride"

So i decided to randomly generate a number again and post #21 emerges which came from "pabloc98"!

Congrats to the winner and this will be my last giveaway due to the owner of this forum not wanting the giveaway to last long. thanks for supporting and participating!

NOTE: I have already bought the upgrade for the member. Im still waiting for Hawk to see the payment and upgrade the member.
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Superhero99(2015-03-13 11:14 AM) WarAffiliate(2015-03-11 12:47 AM) SuperSimple(2015-03-11 12:43 AM) carriage(2015-03-10 06:55 PM) Raman saab(2015-03-10 02:52 PM) VladSEO(2015-03-08 07:55 AM) Johnny Walker(2015-03-08 05:14 AM) webmail87(2015-03-07 01:54 PM) vladinsky18(2015-03-07 05:41 AM) fakeforever(2015-03-07 03:10 AM) Sebbecash(2015-03-06 01:21 PM) bullshitman(2015-03-06 11:08 AM) Dracarys(2015-03-04 01:19 PM) rajapk12(2015-03-04 01:03 PM) today1991(2015-03-04 12:43 PM) Lrs1995(2015-03-04 02:43 AM) sid027sp(2015-03-04 01:51 AM) jeff1995(2015-03-03 03:22 AM) lother(2015-03-03 02:56 AM) Frank2012(2015-03-02 11:27 PM) GranitB(2015-03-02 11:04 PM) Error404(2015-03-02 10:30 PM) pkaluza77(2015-03-02 10:18 PM) Dawids13(2015-03-02 09:03 PM) bagal8283(2015-03-02 10:42 AM) xchanmolx(2015-03-02 06:37 AM) sygamers(2015-03-01 08:27 PM) DocketUploadAM(2015-02-28 11:13 PM) Aɪʀʙᴏʀɴᴇ ⭐️(2015-02-28 10:57 PM) Fire(2015-02-28 10:31 PM) dhankitsu(2015-02-28 10:25 PM) lazarz155(2015-02-28 07:32 PM) SeoMike(2015-02-28 07:24 PM) melissa(2015-02-28 06:47 PM) DarkFist(2015-02-28 06:35 PM) NorthC(2015-02-28 05:07 PM) bob4all(2015-02-28 03:21 PM) sakil99(2015-02-28 02:41 PM) alishasweethrt(2015-02-28 02:15 PM) miamor(2015-02-28 01:19 PM) vino(2015-02-28 12:41 PM) matthewpork(2015-02-28 12:16 PM) GetMyMoney(2015-02-28 11:47 AM) dimaztrafindo(2015-02-28 09:49 AM) planbchoysb(2015-02-28 09:37 AM) bastoaka(2015-02-27 05:49 AM) TylerDurden(2015-02-27 04:05 AM) ultimaniac(2015-02-27 02:26 AM) algouni(2015-02-27 02:22 AM) ShakyDairis(2015-02-26 10:01 PM) p4p4c0n(2015-02-26 09:53 PM) JenniN(2015-02-26 09:46 PM) MasterZeph(2015-02-26 09:35 PM) EnChanter(2015-02-26 09:28 PM) Maxy(2015-02-26 09:23 PM) cyanide2000(2015-02-26 09:20 PM) Univa(2015-02-26 09:13 PM) lipovpetr(2015-02-26 09:03 PM) Publisher1040(2015-02-26 08:23 PM) cpaearner(2015-02-26 08:21 PM) zwyxel(2015-02-26 07:50 PM) NyanCat(2015-02-26 07:25 PM) neverstop(2015-02-26 07:17 PM) Core(2015-02-26 05:29 PM) regzastyle(2015-02-26 05:16 PM) immart247(2015-02-26 05:12 PM) SxPB(2015-02-26 04:33 PM) RedEye(2015-02-26 04:15 PM) 

[Image: IV7ZCO8.gif]
HawkEye is a satisfied customer! Click to BUY now!
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2015-02-26, 04:31 PM,
That's a great giveaway. Good look to everyone!

This place is intentionally left blank.
2015-02-26, 04:34 PM,
Good luck to everyone! Will buy VIP soon,because I want to buy it by myself :P So I won't participate.
2015-02-26, 04:37 PM,
I want this update becouse, i'm noob with cpa/ppd and i want to study a lot. I work hard but 0 results, in the vip section it's a lot of tutorials and i want to read and learn.
Why i love CPAelites ?
I love CPAelites becouse here it's a lot of people very good, here it's share a lot of bot's software premium for free, eboks premium for free etc.

And i don't win anything in my life ! =) Just P.S.

Sorry for my english, isn't my basic language.
2015-02-26, 04:37 PM,
Cool giveaway. Goodluck to the participants

[Image: FlHlGm5.png]
2015-02-26, 04:58 PM,
2. i need the upgrade because i need to learn more and practice more.
since the free room don't have what VIP room have, but i really enjoy it
3. CPAElites is different than the other forum, they really have a members that focus on CPA/PPD, unlike the other forum, theY mixed all of the internet business in 1 box. that's why i loved to enjoy on this forum.
2015-02-26, 05:21 PM,
CPAElites is the first forum I really enjoy checking and reading content everyday. I first knew about the forum on TBN. At that time I was seeking for the way to make money online (yeah I even didn't know what is CPA and PPD)
I never get much useful information like I get on CPAElites. People like sharing and very respect to other. This forum help me earn legit money and join into CPA industry where I met and talked to a lot of high earners (I never thought I can talk to $6000 or even $10000 a day people)
Thanks Hawk for creating the forum and thanks DeathGun for organizing this giveaway.
2015-02-26, 05:24 PM,
2. When im googling about how to make money online i found this website, and im bit suprised about content quality in this forum, lot of knowledge and freeware here. and there also ppd owner/manager that also participating ..
and you know this is the first time i join an international forum.
2015-02-26, 05:32 PM,
Amazing giveaway, good luck to everyone!

Why do I love CPAElites? Is the best Internet Marketing forum that I've joined to date, I tried others but CPAElites community doesn't let you down, you have everything here, even the little things.
2015-02-26, 07:19 PM,
Wow Great Giveaway.
It will be great to have VIP and share some premium guides.
I wish I could buy it myself but Indian paypal have auto withdrawal option for my balance and I dont have any working card to connect to paypal. Indian rules suck*.
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jeredoc(2015-02-28 04:39 PM) 

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