2014-02-26, 09:37 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-27, 10:01 AM by Required.)

Now that I've gotten your full attention, I would like to explain.

Their are over 95% of people on this world doing COMMON things JUST like the other 95%. Every one of those 95% want to be like the other.. dress like the other... or in this case, earn like the other. Please read on...

Your thinking, "What, I am NOT like everyone else". So you've read a lot and made a couple hundreds, maybe even thousands... great. That's good if you'd like to be AVERAGE like that 95% I have been talking aboutShock. Did you know that the 5% of billionairs or in this case, the 5% of people earning MILLIONS off CPA use the same methods as you but TWIST it?

Twisting something is an extreme process because once you twist something it may not always work. Rich people understand this, and empower themselves by failing to keep trying. So I am here to tell you that in order to earn BIG you need to go off with one method and MAKE IT WORK. Find out the simple changes in certain methods that make it better or more powerfull. Haven't you noticed the person who created the method has made the most money off of it? This is because they discovered an amazing UNSATURATED method taking what they've learned and putting their own unique twist on it.

The next tutorial, method, guide, etc you learn, put a twist on it. Create your own unique never before used process by trying it. Even if you fail, all you could do is fix what went wrong. Every time your OWN method will get better and better the more you work on it. Eventually you'll have insane traffic just because you've found a better way to market your video, a better social site to use, or even a better tool then whatever method your reading has taught you. You are going to learn a vast amount of amazing things on CPAElites the more you read. Keep reading, keep learning, and keep trying!

"People stay poor because the poor act like everyone else."
- Required
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2014-02-26, 09:41 AM,
Quote: Rich people understand this, and empower themselves by failing to keep trying
That's right - read my signature. You can't succeed without failing first. The people who earn milions through CPA mostly use paid traffic though. :)
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PixelBlocker(2014-04-07 03:46 AM) Alienware(2014-02-27 02:17 PM) Super Mario(2014-02-26 06:43 PM) Required(2014-02-26 09:42 AM) 
2014-02-26, 09:44 AM,
Preach Brother Preach - lol
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The Saint(2014-02-26 07:03 PM) TheVBScripter(2014-02-26 04:29 PM) Required(2014-02-26 09:44 AM) 
2014-02-26, 09:46 AM,
(2014-02-26, 09:44 AM)SwiffJustus Wrote: Preach Brother Preach - lol

Had to get the leechers to read the post as well! Many people cannot grasp this concept unless told to Grin.

2014-02-26, 12:37 PM,
Well put. That's what makes a difference between earning average and earning a lot.
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Required(2014-02-27 12:35 AM) 
2014-02-26, 01:33 PM,
I love you man!!! Speak the truth.
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Required(2014-02-27 12:35 AM) 
2014-02-26, 04:22 PM,
Indeed!! Worth reading.
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Required(2014-02-27 12:35 AM) 
2014-02-26, 04:35 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-02-26, 04:36 PM by TheVBScripter.)
[Image: 9dfbaf67e4cd10faa12d231d2f804d2f.png]

Sorry, just had to made this Evil (will remove it if it's offensive)
Anyway, you're 100% right.

I don't earn well and it's because of what you said.
I'm trying some new methods and I already see some result :)
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Omastar(2014-02-27 02:23 AM) Required(2014-02-26 10:31 PM) 
2014-02-26, 04:44 PM,
You're absolutely right! But other than that, the competition has become bigger, a lot of people know about CPA/PPD. And Google has become more restrict, can't rank a website anymore without HQ backlinks.Also the unlist youtube method sucks for long term earnings.
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Required(2014-02-27 12:35 AM) 
2014-02-26, 04:47 PM,
Thank you :) this really helps me :)
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Required(2014-02-27 12:35 AM) 

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