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(WHITEHAT) Unsaturated niche with potential
2014-01-01, 04:18 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-01-01, 04:19 PM by Bavo.)
Hey guys

I've decided to share this whitehat niche since I haven't been able to optimize this myself. I am sure that you're able to earn some money using this niche if you know how to set it up and optimize it correctly.

There also is zero competition, I haven't came across any video doing this.

[hide]A lot of people play instruments and are looking for tutorials or certain music sheets of popular songs.

What you need to do is target a very popular song, you can find these in the typical i.e. 'top 40' lists (just google them).

Here are some of them:

When you have targeted a song you need to upload a video of someone or you playing the song on i.e. the guitar or piano (you can download others video to do this fast, be sure to pick someone who got skills).

You need to rank your video with keywords like 'how to play', 'piano sheets', 'guitar tabs', 'tutorial', ..

Now you need to add a link to a survey where they can get the content (piano sheets, guitar tabs,...)

You can make this whitehat by locking a link that actually provides that content (it's easy so find them. Sometimes you will only find a small part of the song, but that doesn't matter. Including just a part of the sheet will still make it whitehat).


I haven't been able to optimize this myself and only got 7 clicks/song daily.

I am sure if you set this up in a good way that you will be able to earn some money. It is also easy to scale this up, just create more videos, you don't really need to put much effort in a unique LP for each video.

For people who are new to CPA/PPD: I don't think this will work for you (but you can try if you want) since I think it really requires SEO knowledge.

I am sorry if this is already shared somewhere, but I don't think it is.

2014-01-01, 04:32 PM,
Hmm it has a good idea behind it but seems hard to actually get leads. Thanks for the share!
2014-01-01, 04:37 PM,
(2014-01-01, 04:32 PM)Amped- Wrote: Hmm it has a good idea behind it but seems hard to actually get leads. Thanks for the share!

I agree, I have only got a few. But I think that's because of my lack of SEO skills. I also didn't make a LP, adding a LP will probably increase the leads by a lot.

I'm quite sure it's possible to earn money using this niche though, it only requires enough experience and knowledge.
2014-01-01, 04:42 PM,
I as well need to get some practice in with LP's :\
2014-01-01, 05:14 PM,
It's good white hat niche, I saw someone few years ago make about 200 per day using this niche. But honestly, it's hard to rank
2014-01-04, 12:40 AM,
I don't think it's a good niche to pursue, personally. It's very difficult to compete with the main free tab databases around. If you get to the point where you're on page 1 with 911tabs and tabsuniverse, a standard ad delivery network would be more profitable at that point.

Incentive offers convert better when the "prize" is something that the individuals can't freely or easily access with a quick Google search.
2014-01-04, 12:45 AM,
it could work ranking your video and choosing the correct cpa offer....

thanks for sharing mate
2014-01-04, 03:17 PM,
See what the competition on YT.
At this unless you can not earn
Unless there are any mnije popular keywordy
2014-01-07, 03:25 PM,
Good idea, but I agree with what is being said here, tabs are free to get using simple Google search.

Maybe the way to go would be to give a very good incentive for them besides a tab for the song. Maybe like besides getting just a guitar tab, they will get access to premium collection (otherwise "payed" and of great value) of step by step tutorial videos for riffs, licks, scales, most popular solos, special training that is not available anywhere else and maybe some PDF eBook that is very appealing to guitar players etc.
Maybe there are offers for guitar giveaways or something along those lines... :)
2014-01-07, 03:37 PM,
I agree, still a good idea and thanks for sharing with us!

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