2013-11-25, 04:30 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-25, 04:31 AM by Remco.)
So there is someone going around with the name Vivian Summer.
Do not add her on skype, she will either send you an infected file or she asks you to test her java applet. Do not do this, or she will be able to control your computer with a remote administration tool.

Ive heard of 5 others that she tried it to them also.

This is a skype conversation ive had with her.
Sadly it is in dutch.

[20:14:36] *** •◘Remco/Bravirem◘• heeft contactdetails gedeeld met Vivian Summer. ***
[20:14:37] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: hey
[20:14:47] Vivian Summer: Hey
[20:14:48] Vivian Summer: ook nl
[20:14:49] Vivian Summer: ?
[20:15:16] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: yyh
[20:15:29] Vivian Summer: aight ;)
[20:15:55] Vivian Summer: dusseh
[20:16:04] Vivian Summer: ik zag je skype op CPAElites
[20:16:10] Vivian Summer: en wou vragen of me LP werkte
[20:16:18] Vivian Summer: kan je mss ff testen?
[20:17:03] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: lp?
[20:17:08] Vivian Summer: landing page
[20:17:11] Vivian Summer: ik heb met javascript
[20:17:15] Vivian Summer: een script gemaakt
[20:18:29] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: oke
[20:18:33] Vivian Summer: aight thanks man
[20:18:37] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: 5 min
[20:18:40] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: stuur alvast maar
[20:18:49] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: wat is je user op cpaelites?
[20:19:00] Vivian Summer:
[20:21:18] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: link van lp?
[20:21:21] Vivian Summer:
[20:21:32] Vivian Summer: Er zou een random code moeten komen
[20:21:36] Vivian Summer: Met referral
[20:22:01] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: <iframe id="tree" name="tree" src="" frameborder="0" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="auto"></iframe>
[20:22:03] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: rare code..
[20:22:21] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: nty
[20:22:22] •◘Remco/Bravirem◘•: reported

It is in dutch.
He asked me to check his java script on his site, it was a java drive by which opens a RAT/keylogger once ran.
I said reported just to see if he would delete me and yes, he deleted me because I found out it was a virus.

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Grapes(2013-11-25 09:52 AM) Echo(2013-11-25 06:09 AM) editify(2013-11-25 04:40 AM) doodoo(2013-11-25 04:39 AM) tom12e(2013-11-25 04:35 AM) 
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2013-11-25, 04:34 AM,
Thanks for the heads up :)
2013-11-25, 04:41 AM,
Haha he tried it at me too Just got his ip and location details.. and he deleted me lol.
2013-11-25, 04:42 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-25, 01:39 PM by HawkEye.)
What's the IP of this bob I'll (Hacking term not allowed) this skid..
2013-11-25, 04:44 AM,
Yup same with me

[11:40:15 AM] Vivian Summer: CPAElites
[11:42:38 AM] *** HondaNSX has shared contact details with Vivian Summer. ***
[11:42:47 AM] Vivian Summer: Hey mate
[11:42:49 AM] HondaNSX: Hello
[11:42:53 AM] Vivian Summer: Hows it going?\
[11:43:07 AM] HondaNSX: Good you?
[11:43:12 AM] Vivian Summer: Fine
[11:43:15 AM] Vivian Summer: Thanks
[11:43:19 AM] Vivian Summer: So ehm
[11:43:23 AM] HondaNSX: ?
[11:43:27 AM] Vivian Summer: I was browsing CPAElites
[11:43:36 AM] Vivian Summer: And saw your Skype, you seem realy HQ
[11:43:47 AM] Vivian Summer: I need someone I can trust with my niche, to test my landing page
[11:43:52 AM] Vivian Summer: Just built a java applet
[11:43:57 AM] Vivian Summer: Would you test it for me?
[11:44:10 AM] HondaNSX: Hum Java Applet its not a drive by is it?
[11:44:22 AM] Vivian Summer: What's that?

Acting stupid once I mentioned Java DB. Like come on who doesn't know. -_- Once I find out who it is I will find you and I will dose you...
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Remco(2013-11-25 04:48 AM) 
2013-11-25, 04:48 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-25, 01:41 PM by DutchPride.)
(2013-11-25, 04:34 AM)Diablo Wrote: Thanks for the heads up :)

Hey there,

I have found his ip adress which is publicing personal stuff is not allowed.
Maybe you can check if he has a cpaelites account on that IP and ban him.

If you have any questions concerning this, i'm here to help.
2013-11-25, 05:01 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-25, 05:01 AM by Calisthenics.)
Thanks for the heads up! Never accept/open anything, especially anything Java related from unknown persons on Skype!
2013-11-25, 05:03 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-25, 02:27 PM by Diablo.)
(2013-11-25, 04:48 AM)Bravirem Wrote:
(2013-11-25, 04:34 AM)Diablo Wrote: Thanks for the heads up :)

Hey there,

I have found his ip adress which is Removed
Maybe you can check if he has a cpaelites account on that IP and ban him.

If you have any questions concerning this, i'm here to help.

Thank you, i will check it out.
2013-11-25, 05:57 AM,
over skype u can easily take someones ip lol
2013-11-25, 06:08 AM,
Took him down for you :)

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