Vagex getting videos banned?
2014-05-21, 10:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-21, 10:49 PM by barry293.)

I was wondering if anyone else was having the same experience as me. For the past 2-3 weeks the quality of the Vagex views seems to be low.

I use Vagex a lot of my videos, I dripfeed 1000 credits each day and usually mix it in with some other services. About half of my videos have been banned recently. Mostly videos that I use Vagex on.

I recognise this might be due to other factors, but the reason I am asking specifically about Vagex is:
  • They recently opened up registrations again, causing new people to join who might abuse the system in some way.
  • According to news section on their website, they have been making changes to the software. Perhaps a bug has been implemented that allows YouTube to see where the views are coming from?
  • I tested the views on 4 videos. No other services were used, just Vagex. All videos were not in violation of any YouTube TOS. One was brand new with no views, another 2 were new with a few natural views and the other was over a year old with plenty of natural views, likes and comments. 2 were banned, the brand new one (no surprise there) but also the one that was over a year old with plenty of natural views, likes etc!

Can anyone else weigh in here? I'm worried about using Vagex on my other videos.

Just to be clear. It's certainly a possibility it's just a coincidence. But the little test I did makes me worried. Especially if a video with a lot of authority can be taken down with Vagex views, low authority videos don't stand a chance.

Any input is appreciate, thanks.


For clarification, here is the amount of credits/settings I used on the test videos:

Day 1: 1000 credits - likes, subscribers and favorites enabled - no ban
Day 3 (or 4, can't remember): 2500 credits - likes, subscribers and favorites enabled - The 2 videos I mentioned banned on this day
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2014-05-21, 11:06 PM,
Vagex gives to get the credits?
2014-05-22, 04:43 AM,
(2014-05-21, 11:06 PM)driza Wrote: Vagex gives to get the credits?

You get views by viewing other peoples videos. It's an exchange system. But please keep it on topic.
2014-05-22, 05:58 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-22, 06:00 AM by alexparris.)
(2014-05-21, 11:06 PM)driza Wrote: Vagex gives to get the credits?

you are not using forum well
asking very noob questions from your last 10 posts
btw :
install firefox
add the addon - Your User Account ID: #
2014-05-22, 02:04 PM,

Did you use any type of tags like [h@ck, cr@ck, keyg3n]?
If yes.. That could've been the case, I don't think that vagex is trying to ban their costumers videos, that'd make no sense. But if your video has illegal tags, it could be that you got flagged or youtube found out.
2014-05-22, 02:43 PM,
Vagex has been getting youtube videos banned for 1 year+ why you lot still keep using it baffles me.
2014-05-22, 02:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-05-22, 02:48 PM by DutchPride.)
Probally because of video watchers and low quality views.
Allot of people use their software bot to look at niches, Then they might flag them.

Any questions related to CPA belong here.
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