Use GSA and Scrapebox Efficiently - Tutorial #2
2013-12-05, 11:46 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-05, 11:46 PM by SteelHard.)
Hi guys, this is my second tutorial regarding GSA ,last tutorials was about GSA + WAC this time its GSA + Scrapebox.

This is a very simple yet effective method to get NICHE RELEVANT backlinks which are very very rare and one of the best backlinks you can ever get.

[hide]Open GSA and Scrapebox.

So you got your keyword and you want GSA to look for relevant niches but for that you need hundreds and thousands of related keywords right? Well, that's very easy to do with scrapebox.

On scrapebox click "Scrape" on the left and click "Keyword Scraper".
This is very basic and most of you know about it already but I just wanted to remind you that this feature exists.

to use this just insert 2-10 detailed keywords (related to your niche) and scrapebox will scrape thousands of related keywords for you.

After you choose the keywords , you got an option to choose the level on where scrapebox will scrape the keywords. (Lower level - 1 means it will only scrape from first pages which means very relevant keywords , the more levels from 1 to 4 means scrapebox will scrape A LOT more keywords but not as relevent. I usually use only 1-2 levels.)

After you pick the level simply click scrape and let it do its work.

After its complete it will look like this:

[Image: d892a78702e87c7fe92724ac450d0187.png]

Now you got the keywords, simply copy them and paste them to GSA Keywords , click "Tools" in GSA and press "Import" then choose "From Clipboard".

What this does is it automatically knows which keywords are which (will be seperated by the comma) unlike just copy and pasting directly into the keyword field which would create a HUGE single keyword (useless.)

[Image: fe7f1bb9006aefcbebe27e0cc557bff8.png]

[Image: 84ca48df77f24a3cf8ac61627d74cc19.png]

There you go , hundreds or thousands of relevant keywords.

Now lets say you wanted to build a simple link list with those keywords, you can also use scrapebox for this.

On GSA go to "Options" click "Advanced" and press "Tools" and choose "Search Online for URLs" and this will open:

[Image: 2cd2bf143a1e3fbc024f7f370df5f28c.png]

Now click "Add predefined Keywords". Now you have to choose what kind of sites you want to look for , I usually only choose "Blog comments" because article directories are for general terms and never about a single niche only while there are thousands of blogs related to single niches.

Select "Add all from Blog comments"

Now just copy all those footprints and open notepad and paste them there and save the txt file as "footprints."

[Image: 6d3364bfcca71d9630cb6c000f8dea3e.png]

Now on scrapebox press the "M" on the top left side under "Harvester" and go find the footprints.txt and load it.

Something like this will show on the box under it.

[Image: cd5a9ad9658ea3cac720eadb0427fdff.png]

Now all the keywords have been added to the footprints , now all you have to do is run scrapebox and it will start searching for relevant blogs.

After you've scraped a good amount of links , to add them to GSA just do this:

Copy all the links to clipboard (CTRL + C)

Open GSA and RIGHT click the campaign you want to add the links to.

Choose "Import Target URLs" and choose "From Clipboard"

And you're done!

[Image: 2bc2b780976327c5eef54cbfb8a75050.png]


I tried this but I had a very low verified rate, Why??

- This is for relevant backlinks which are very rare , specially on blackhat niches which don't get as many searches as most white hat niches do , however just the fact that you are getting a few relevant backlinks, they are worth hundreds or even thousands or regular trash backlinks.[/hide]

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
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2013-12-06, 12:54 AM,
Bookmarked! Thanks for this Great Tutorial @sumisiko.
2013-12-06, 12:56 AM,
Thanks for this new tutorial ! Very detailled.
2013-12-06, 01:36 AM,
(2013-12-06, 12:56 AM)TheFrenchMan Wrote: Thanks for this new tutorial ! Very detailled.

No problem enjoy it, I will make 1 more tutorial tomorrow!

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
2013-12-06, 02:02 AM,
Thanks bro for the tutorial. as I already said in your previous thread that Please make video tutorial, it will help us a lot.
2013-12-06, 02:11 AM,
Thanks again for this!

By the way I noticed you play Mount & Blade Warband.. I play it too and it's awesome!! The new Mount & Blade Bannerlord is under development atm!!
2013-12-06, 02:20 AM,
(2013-12-06, 02:11 AM)Heraclitus Wrote: Thanks again for this!

By the way I noticed you play Mount & Blade Warband.. I play it too and it's awesome!! The new Mount & Blade Bannerlord is under development atm!!

I'm playing right now lmao. Love this game , have been playing for over 2 years now... Waiting for the MB 2 , its gonna be amazing. (I usually only play prophesy of pendor mod now though)

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]
2013-12-06, 03:09 AM,
thank you for this useful tutorial :)

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2013-12-06, 04:02 AM,
This tutorial helps, thanks bro.

2013-12-06, 04:39 AM,
(2013-12-06, 04:02 AM)Required Wrote: This tutorial helps, thanks bro.

That was my intention :)

[Image: AQ8s8xP.png]

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