Ultimate CPA guide - Everything a newbie found out about CPA - Part 1
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Hello fellow elites! I am one of the new guys that just joined this forum and I want to share something with all of you.

You see, if you want to work on the internet you need to have a lot of information. The more educated you are in IM the better your chances are to make an online income. I learned that the hard way when I was into graphic designing. I also learned how to successfully find quality information that will help you move forward in the IM world and I must say, this forum has tons of info. The thing is, I never actually found anything on here that is meant to teach the basics of CPA to complete newbies.

That is when I discovered a really interesting WSO. The title didn't contain any CPA terms and I mainly read it in hope of finding a money making online method.

Guess what?

I found CPA.

This will be a series of posts on my discoveries in CPA marketing. Enjoy the journey!

Link for part two: http://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Ultimate...CPA-Part-2

Link for part three: http://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Ultimate...CPA-Part-3

Link for part four: http://www.cpaelites.com/Thread-Ultimate...CPA-Part-4

Without further ado, let's get to the tutorial!

"The key to succeeding in online marketing is having a passive income system and enjoying the work. " - Remember this!

Business Systems

So, how do we choose such a business system? First, we must analyze
different types of business systems. Obviously, there are many different
types of business systems, but for our example we’ll analyze three.

A. Clients

Taking on clients is something many marketers do; however, this is one of the worst things you can do if your goal is to have a passive income
system. For example, you may build websites or manage the SEO for
clients. First, it’s not passive. To have clients is to always be available at
ungodly hours to take emails, calls, and instant messages. Second,
humans are unpredictable; having to deal with humans on an irregular
basis can be stressful, and this violates our rule of enjoyable work. Finally, it’s not scalable. You as a person can only take on so many clients before you have no more time to manage all of them. Avoid taking on clients.

B. Software

Software has its upsides of being intangible so that you don’t have to deal with physical product fulfillment. The downside is having to continuously update patches to fix software bugs and supporting buyers who are clueless about software technology. No fun. Still, the software route beats the client route because at least with software, it has unlimited scalability potential. Microsoft’s Windows software is the best example of this type of business. However, we’re not aiming to own the majority of market share in the personal computer market. We’re aiming to profit on an individual level, and this brings us to our next business system.

C. Content

Content is one of the best business systems one can monetize and
implement. It is scalable, intangible (via internet), controllable, and passive. The scalability of content is massive and unreal. If you can sell content to one person, you can sell to a million simply by increasing your marketing dollars. You can sell internationally through foreign languages. The delivery cost is near to none if you sell over the internet. It’s 100% under your control because you control the content-creation process and the marketing process. Finally, once everything is set up, it’s completely passive. The only active thing you’ll have to do is log into your bank account and count the money.

A Holographic View

The most important thing of building a successful business is to understand where your business is going as a whole, and then you fill in the details later. Most people do it the other way around, and unfortunately they don’t reach success. You must first build a picture in your mind of what the end product will look like, and I will teach you specifically how to do this with the system. When you view business like you view a hologram, you’re able to turn the system by its sides and view it from different angles and perspectives but keep the business as a whole in tact. This is crucial to success because many businesses get too caught up with the details and lose sight of the big picture. Finally, you’re better able to handle the many uncertainties and changing dynamics of business with a holographic view as opposed to a small, detailed view.

So, here’s a holographic view :

There are three components to the Money Hurricane system. Keep them in mind, and you’ll never lose sight of the money:

1.Content that people need.

The type of content is what will make or break the system. You must produce content that people need. When you fulfill others’ needs, they will fulfill your money wants. Everyone ends up happy. For example, suppose you are an expert at carpentry and design. You can create a tutorial on a specific need related to carpentry and design to teach others. The more people need this type of content, the more you profit. Let’s use another example - video games. Suppose you enjoy playing Call of Duty (the most played shooter game) and SSX (a dying snowboard game franchise), and you create tutorials for the both of these games. Which one is going to end up making you more money? Obviously, Call of Duty will because hundreds of thousands of people play it whereas only hundreds or less play SSX. Perhaps you want to target people who have depression, and you buy banners on depression-related websites. You can make a killing, but please offer real value. Taking advantage of depressed people is low. We will monetize content using content locking, which I will explain later.

2.A landing page.

You can create a scientific document detailing how to cure cancer, but if you don’t have a landing page to showcase this document, then nobody will be able to access it. Also, you must have a landing page that utilizes good copywriting. The worst landing page in the world will not sell even if the product is the best thing in the world, but the best landing page in the world can sell even complete cowcrap (I advise against this. If you deliver crap to your customers, don’t be surprised if they throw cowcrap back at you with complaints).


The best landing page in the world selling a legit ebook detailing the scientific method of curing cancer won’t sell if nobody sees it. After
we provide value via the content and the landing page, traffic is the key
to sealing the deal and unlocking the money vault. This part is easy. After value, marketing is simple a numbers game. I will teach you how to write content that people need, how to create a converting landing page that will convert leads into paying customers, and how to get traffic. Finally, I will teach you how to do all of these things quickly and for free.
This system will last for as long as people need content (and contentlocking networks are around), landing pages exist, and there is still internet traffic. This only reason why this system would cease to work is if contentlocking networks ever stop existing, and that would be many years before that ever happens.

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2014-10-02, 06:35 PM,
Nice one,but I think that you posted that thread in wrong section.
This thread have to be on section "Tutorial & Shares"
2014-10-02, 06:44 PM,
(2014-10-02, 06:35 PM)alex12 Wrote: Nice one,but I think that you posted that thread in wrong section.
This thread have to be on section "Tutorial & Shares"

I don't know what happened. It was on the right place... When I posted it a message popped out saying 'you can see your thread in three days' and I could find it in my thread section... Is any moderator can explain what happened and move the post to the right place?
2014-10-03, 03:31 PM,
Simple yet informative. Grin Grin Grin
2014-10-04, 12:10 AM,
Great article, very informative. I'm impatiently waiting for part two.

Anyone, who says that something is impossible, shouldn't disturb the one who is doing it at the moment.
2014-10-04, 08:52 AM,
This was a nice read, but I think it's something people already know. It's nice though to be reminded what the basic foundations of CPA marketing really is. Even just for internet marketing in general.
2014-10-04, 12:21 PM,
Thread moved to tutorials and shares Section. :) thanks for the guide

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2014-10-04, 02:51 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-10-04, 02:53 PM by Edge.)
(2014-10-03, 03:31 PM)Niklaus Wrote: Simple yet informative. Grin Grin Grin

Thank you, I will post the rest of the tutorial today, be sure to check it out!

(2014-10-04, 12:10 AM)Sunspear Wrote: Great article, very informative. I'm impatiently waiting for part two.

Thanks, I am glad you liked it. The rest of the tutorial will be posted in about 10 minutes. Thank you for waiting!
2014-10-04, 02:54 PM,
Thank you for this tutorial mate.

[Image: 4kwrr7.gif]
2014-10-04, 02:56 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-10-04, 02:59 PM by Edge.)
(2014-10-04, 08:52 AM)thepowerhour Wrote: This was a nice read, but I think it's something people already know. It's nice though to be reminded what the basic foundations of CPA marketing really is. Even just for internet marketing in general.

I just hope you liked it ad you didn't mention it. A lot of people search for ways to make money online and they stumble upon CPA Elites. For someone with ZERO experience on this subject, this is something that will explain the basics of CPA in a most simple way. Thanks for commenting, be sure to follow the rest of the guide!

(2014-10-04, 12:21 PM)Superhero99 Wrote: Thread moved to tutorials and shares Section. :) thanks for the guide

I was afraid nobody noticed this. Thanks for the support!

(2014-10-04, 02:54 PM)Enjoy Wrote: Thank you for this tutorial mate.

Thanks for commenting, I hope you liked it!

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