Tutorial for make a CPA/PPD program
2013-05-07, 03:39 AM,
Hey, I'm wanting to make a program which offers the generation of a random key, like "Diablo III keys" (Example)

Can you give me some lights about how to do that? I have some knowneldge about PHP and internet languages but I wanted to expand to VB (I guess this is the language everyone here uses.)

Thanks in advance btw.

I'm not vip because I didn't earn a single penny with CPA/PPD, but yet, I never really tried.
My first 20$ will be spent on this forum for VIP :P
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2013-05-07, 03:19 PM,
i can find out. I guess it's not that hard.

I'm not vip because I didn't earn a single penny with CPA/PPD, but yet, I never really tried.
My first 20$ will be spent on this forum for VIP :P
2013-05-07, 04:02 PM,
It's really easy to fake such programs with VB.net. I actually made a real program with it like 2 years ago, and i made it in 3 days.
2013-05-08, 02:57 AM,
Anyone can learn to make a fake keygen within a couple hours. It's not too hard. :P
Just download Visual Basic Express and you're good to go
2013-05-08, 12:50 PM,
A simple one you can do with just one key would be like this ...

User presses button and it generates one key, XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
They click the other button and another form pops up.
They paste the key they got and hit verify.
A progress bar comes up and says it's verified.

Some people prefer to have it generate just a bunch of random keys and then validate it, but it's up to you.

1 Project, 2 forms.
Form 1:
Text box
2 Buttons

Name one button validate and the other generate.

The "Generate" button, double click it and put the code:

Then double click the "Validate" button and put this:

If you don't know how to add another form, right click the project file and add a new Windows Application.

Form 2:
1 Progress Bar
2 Button

Name button 1 Validate and button 2 Finish

Double-click the form and type in:
ProgressBar1.Minimum = 0
ProgressBar1.Maximum = 10
ProgressBar1.Step = 13

Adjust it as you wish.

Double-click Button1 and type in:

Double-Click button2 and type in:
If progressbar1.value = 100 then
end if

Feel free to mess around with this code to fit your needs.
I think I got everythingr ight lol :l

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2013-05-09, 02:46 PM,
All u want to learn is here :)

2013-05-11, 05:11 PM,
The easiest way to make it look nice, and then make it generate a random code with is similar to what the CD-code of a game is, and then put in one valid code, so that when you copy and paste it from that supposed "generator" into the installation, it will "work" and get you downloads.

2013-05-23, 09:14 PM,
I learned how to make them just following YT tutorials then kinda combining different things to one generator to make it look and feel more legit.
2013-05-30, 05:17 PM,
(2013-05-07, 12:55 PM)ReadByte Wrote:
Imports System.Text

Module Module1

    Dim Randomizer As New Random

    Private Function RandomCharacter() As Char
        Dim chars() As Char = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ".ToCharArray()
        Return chars(Randomizer.Next(0, chars.Length + 1))
    End Function

    Private Function RandomNumber() As Integer
        Return Randomizer.Next(0, 10)
    End Function

    Sub generate()
        Dim builder As New StringBuilder
    End Sub
End Module

Just wrote this for you. I assume you know how to use drag and drop interface building in VS Express?
which language is this
2013-05-30, 06:50 PM,
Download visual studio and search for tutorials in youtube.

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