[Tutorial] Make $50/A Day Wih Facebook and CPA With Zero To Little Investments
2014-12-18, 06:11 PM, (This post was last modified: 2015-01-28, 02:03 AM by CPA_Mastermind.)
I wrote this whole process and tested by myself and I actually shared it elsewhere and thought of sharing with you guys as well..

This is a nice technique to promote offers via Facebook, one of the most biggest social network online.
The technique I will describe here is Entirely my personal findings and any resemblance with anyone else’s idea with mine is entirely coincidental.
Well, as you know FB has become very sensitive these days so we have to be very careful while promoting through Facebook. Also, any Bann or termination of account caused for this method is not my responsibility and I should NOT be held accountable for any looses. My strong suggestion is you do not use your personal account for this.

1. Make 4 to 5 Facebook accounts, each time use CCleaner to clear your cookiz, and phone verify the accounts if required. I use CCleaner and did not asked for a verification. Or if you wanna go more advanced you can surely use proxies.

2. You will need to design your Facebook accounts so that they look like REAL people, My suggestion is you create Female accounts and upload 10 to 15 very cute and sweet looking Female pictures of the same person that you can collect from google search, different torrents and also from FB , so that it looks like the account is legit. Do not use any Explicit pictures as people are smart, they will know that this account is fake.

3. Now you need to add Friends to your account. You will need to add just 150 to 250 Friends per account. Now FB is very Strict in adding friends, so this is what you need to do.
a. Find pages and groups on facebook that shares fb user email lists. Just type “Add me” Or “email list” on FB search box and search for Groups and pages. You will find a lot of pages offering FB user email lists. All you need to do is Copy thous email lists and go to https://www.facebook.com/invite.php and just paste the emails and send them a request to be your friend. This is the easy way. Another way to send Email invitation is you import thous email lists to your email server, ie, yahoo or google, I would suggest using yahoo. Make sure you import the email lists to the same email account you have used to create the Facebook account. Now on the same invite page on the left side you will see a link says “Import Your Email Addresses” http://prntscr.com/2bx1as Click it and sign in with your email account where you just Uploaded the email lists and accept permission to import contacts from your Email account to your Facebook account. By doing this, FB will send notification to all your imported users to add you as their friend and you will start getting friend requests in less then 6 hours.
b. Another way of making friends on FB is by “Friend Suggestion” (Highly Recommended) . Here you will have to suggest friends from one account to another account. This is a cool trick, if you have FB accounts with Friends and you want to do a promotion but do not want your account to get restricted or loose your friends, you can create another account and suggest friends from one account to another. FB will probably not put any restriction when your new account will receive a suggestion to add Friends from another User / Account. If you do not have any account to send Suggestions from, you can do a little investment and buy some suggestions from Fiverr http://prntscr.com/2bx5pl The concept is, when someone send Friend suggestions, both parties receive notification to add them as friends. So, even if you do not send a friend request to others, you will start getting Friend requests from them. Now all you need to do is accept the requests and add them as your friend.

4. So, by now I assume you have 4 to 5 accounts with 1,000 to 1,200 Friends in total.

5. I would like to add that you can not use direct link from your Facebook account to your Offer page, if you do so, FB will immediately block your link. So WHAT to do? Landing Page ofcourse. You need to use a landing page for the offer you are willing to promote and use the LP’s link on Facebook.

6. How To Promote: We will do the promotions by tagging pictures. First you will need to find an offer you would like to promote, here I will use “Beyond.com - Job Lead Generation - 1st Page Lead Submit [US] “ for example. Search Google and download a Picture for this offer and save them on a folder. Now the Steps are as below:
a. First, go to your profile and click photos and then click “Create Album”.
b. Upload the pictures on Facebook and Name the Album similar to your Offer Name, ie, “Find A Job Get Employed “ And Add Description Like, “Find A Job In Your Area And Get Employed >> YOUR LINK OF LP <<
c. Put the same description on your uploaded picture(s).
d. Set the Privacy to Public and Click on Post Photos http://prntscr.com/2by0e9
e. Skip if any other pop up arises and you will be taken to this page http://prntscr.com/2by418
f. Now Click on Edit and you will be taken to another page where you will find Album Contributors Tag Option. In that Box, Tag all your Friends. Easiest way is repeatedly type one letter on your keyboard and click on the drop down friend list menu to tag friends unless all the friends name containing that particular letter ends http://prntscr.com/2by6v2 . Then Move to another letter. Go though 10 to 15 letters and all your friends will be tagged .
g. Click Done when your finished.
h. You will be taken to album page http://prntscr.com/2byb7q and all the Friends on your account will be notified instantly.
i. You can later share your album on your Status update for More Public Attention.
j. This is a viral method, coz by this not only the people you tagged will get the notification, but your friends of friends will also get notifications that their friends have been tagged on an album which is yours as you made the Privacy to Public.
k. This is a very Effective method and if followed correctly its easy enough to secure minimum of $50 to $100 Bucks a day.

My Success So Far:
I have around 35 to 40 accounts and continuously making new accounts and adding Friends. I promote on one account once every seven days so that friends on thous accounts do not get freaked out. People normally forgets most of the things in seven days, so when I promote same or different offer next week, I get conversions again.

Thank you guys for reading my tutorial, I hope it will help a lot of newbies.

UPDATE 2015:
Try to get social by engaging in conversations with friends, Like comment and sharing posts ETC. You dont wanna show only tagged pics when someone visits your profile Grin
My statistics say that engaging in conversations with friends increase leads to almost 4 times more.
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2014-12-18, 06:19 PM,
Nice tutorial man! I will try to do something similar!
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honeydew(2016-04-08 06:25 AM) 

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[Image: Il4ZQYz.png]
2014-12-18, 06:24 PM,
This is a very good tutorial ! Very interesting
2014-12-18, 07:15 PM,
how much you've earned from 35 / 40 accounts? & do you use only CPA?

[Image: oMf1PAv.gif]

2014-12-18, 07:16 PM,
Thanx for sharing .. the method given for promoting cpa offers is very good and should work in the majority of cases.
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CPA_Mastermind(2014-12-19 04:11 PM) 
2014-12-18, 07:34 PM,
Great share, buddy.

You implemented your knowledge very well, thanks for minding to share with us!
2014-12-19, 12:54 AM,
nice method bro, sounds like it could work good.
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tofu1077(2014-12-28 06:39 PM) 

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2014-12-19, 03:05 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-12-19, 03:29 AM by vynilboy.)
nice tutorial,
thank you very much

how much emails i can import in yahoo mail
is it restricted by number or something?
2014-12-19, 04:29 AM,
Thanks for share with us:) Nice to see

[Image: ce66557fcf4b.gif]
2014-12-19, 04:15 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-12-19, 04:57 PM by CPA_Mastermind.)
(2014-12-18, 07:58 PM)hieu230592 Wrote: very well copy paste from another forum. You even didn't change anything just copy paste the post of their mod. Very nice copy paster

This is my personal finding and I have already shared this on another forum with My User ID and With My Name on it.. anyways, if your accusation is correct you may show proof, But I dare you can do that..

(2014-12-18, 07:15 PM)CallmeReaz Wrote: how much you've earned from 35 / 40 accounts? & do you use only CPA?

Thanks for your question. Frankly for every 1K tags I get around 10 to 12 or maybe sometimes even 20+ Conversions depending on the offer + My LP + The Whole Presentation ETC.... I mostly do 1 field Email Submits.

(2014-12-19, 12:48 AM)goldenman Wrote:
(2014-12-18, 07:58 PM)hieu230592 Wrote: very well copy paste from another forum. You even didn't change anything just copy paste the post of their mod. Very nice copy paster

What the prob with copy and paste.
people who are not on other forums can not see it

thanks for your share buddy.

Thanks for understanding. But this whole process is my personal findings and as I said, I have already shared it on another forum and I did a little Google search and found that some other ppl have copied my writings on their websites and blogs as well which is completely fine with me as I have already shared this publicly.
And for thous who think I have copied it from somewhere else, well, it dosent make any difference to me, coz I am the one who wrote it and it really feels great that a lot of ppl have shared my writing already..

(2014-12-18, 07:16 PM)ZeroDos Wrote: Thanx for sharing .. the method given for promoting cpa offers is very good and should work in the majority of cases.

Hello ZeroDos,

I got your PM and thank you so much for your concern. Yes you have read it right and I have shared it on the other forum as well. I shared it here coz I thought it might help users of this forum as well..

Thanks Again :-)
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CallmeReaz(2014-12-20 01:09 PM) 

Looking For Cheap USA Phone Verified FB Accounts?

Send Me A PM !

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