[Tutorial] Animoto Plus Account Free Forever
2018-09-03, 11:29 AM,
[Image: rIXWwLV.gif]
Animoto is a Web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos using patent-pending technology and high-end motion design. Each video is a fully customized orchestration of user-selected images and music. Produced on a widescreen format, Animoto videos have the visual energy of a music video and the emotional impact of a movie trailer.

[Image: 1600.jpg]

First, go to the Animoto website and sign up. You are going to want to create a new account even if you have one already.

[Image: -2557%2B%2BAnimoto%2B%2B%2BTry%2Bout%2BA...557%2B.png]

It will ask for your email but don’t bother. Animoto won’t ask you to verify through email so you don’t have to worry about creating new email accounts for this to work. Enter anything you want in the form and click sign up.

*Note: Do not sign up using Facebook

Once that is done, navigate to https://animoto.com/education/classroom. Find and click “APPLY NOW” and fill out the form with random details just as we did before.
[Image: -2557%2B%2BAnimoto%2B%2B%2BEducation%2B%...557%2B.png]

The next page will be a “Animoto for Education” page. You will see a code. Copy that into a notepad text file and save it.
[Image: -2557%2B%2BAnimoto%2B%2B%2BEducation%2B%...557%2B.png]

Now go here and apply the code:

[Image: -2557%2B%2BAnimoto%2B%2B%2BAccount%2B%2B2557%2B.png]
Click that and paste the code that you saved in your text file earlier.
You should see a bar at the top of the page that has your code with a confirmation message that says it has been applied.

And there you have it. You now have a free Animoto Plus account for free, for the next 2 years. Once that runs out, simply repeat this process.

[Image: -2557%2B%2BAnimoto%2B%2B%2BAccount%2B%2B2557%2Bf.png]

There you have it now - you see how EASY that is?
That gives you TWO FULL years of FREE Animoto Plus account! WOW!

This works this way for the account you sign up for the education account with because it gives
you 1 year when you sign up for the education account then ANOTHER year when you apply the
same code to the account! TWO YEARS.

The same promo code you received with this account can be used on up to FIFTY other accounts!
Now, you can make other accounts and apply the same code to them.

You should NEVER have to worry about having at least a FREE Plus account!


Just for giggles you can either record your animoto videos with screen
capture software and leave the end logo off or edit it after you download it
(my choice) with your favorite video editor and clip it off.

ALSO, I think they have an inactivity limit or something meaning that if you
don't use the account in so long they DELETE the videos. I'm not positive on
this but I had maybe 40 videos in one account and didn't use it for months and
when I went back to it all the videos were gone.

[Image: animoto%2BLogo%2BV2_Full%2BColor1%2Be138...500%2B.png]

Thanks :)
2018-09-03, 12:47 PM,
HQ tutorial buddy, Thank you so much.
2018-09-03, 09:32 PM,
(2018-09-03, 12:47 PM)amandh Wrote: HQ tutorial buddy, Thank you so much.

no problem dude , I wish u good banking .even i didnt earn any penny yet haha
2018-09-03, 11:26 PM,
Thanks for sharing the method. I used the method but I got the error of "This promo code does not apply to your current plan." Not sure why. Can you tell me how to fix it?
2018-09-04, 04:12 AM,
Getting error "This promo code does not apply to your current plan." while applying promo code

Money Learning And Earning
2018-09-04, 09:04 AM,
(2018-09-03, 11:26 PM)affmarketer101 Wrote: Thanks for sharing the method. I used the method but I got the error of "This promo code does not apply to your current plan." Not sure why. Can you tell me how to fix it?

U receive one year and the code can be apply in another account for another year . Enjoy

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