[Topnotch FB Secrets] Learn Why Your Facebook Ads Are Getting Disapproved
2013-11-28, 08:54 AM,
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I'm very rare to post a Thread in this forum just to give solutions for some questions on other threads. Well! this thread should be on VIP or somewhere else but I don't mind, I don't want to require anybody to pay something else just to read my thread and give solution to them... I hope it helps...

It's very strange that sometimes or most of the times why facebook disapproved our ads even though it's legit.

Continue reading for you to know why...

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2013-11-28, 09:12 AM,
Will use this in the future!
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giuseppe(2013-11-30 06:34 AM) 
2013-11-28, 09:20 AM,
good information
but theres a few ways to get almost any ad approved as well
2013-11-28, 09:32 AM,
great thread mate and helpful informations
thanks a lot
2013-11-28, 10:08 AM,
Thanks for the information. I have a same problem yesterday but now they approved them. I think the most ads are reviewed by human because bots cannot know if an ad is a dating ad so to check the appropriate targeting options.

They were disapproving my ads again again even i changed all to meet the Guidelines for dating ads so i send them email. Then, they approved all my ads :)

I don't know what exactly was the problem but i think (as i said in my thread!) maybe the specific moderator was very strange person and doesnt like me for no reason, lol!
2013-11-28, 10:52 AM,
(2013-11-28, 09:20 AM)lancerimpact Wrote: good information
but theres a few ways to get almost any ad approved as well

That sounds great, if it's ok you can post those ways and methods you had then I will add it on the first post or make a separate thread to help people to get their ads rolling..

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