[Topnotch FB Secrets] Learn Why Your Facebook Ads Are Getting Disapproved
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I'm very rare to post a Thread in this forum just to give solutions for some questions on other threads. Well! this thread should be on VIP or somewhere else but I don't mind, I don't want to require anybody to pay something else just to read my thread and give solution to them... I hope it helps...

It's very strange that sometimes or most of the times why facebook disapproved our ads even though it's legit.

Continue reading for you to know why...

1. FB Auto-disapproval

FB has a system will automatically reject some ads if you have the first-time human approval failed. Here are some factors to trigger that.

URL: If one URL was disapproved once, all future ad submissions with the same URL will be automatically rejected.
The URL includes URL entered into FB destination field, and the actual destination URL if you use a tracking link.

Fan Page: If promote a dark post, or a regular post through a Fan page, once disapproved, all posts from the same Fan page will be automatically rejected.

Image: If one image was rejected, using the same image will not get auto reject, but will trigger human review. If you download one image from the Internet, you have the risk of having human review because it might have been disapproved by other FB advertisers. So you better make a pixel change by adding a small change to the image, to avoid that.

Target by Interest: Some targets/brands are blacklisted. If you target a brand that are on the blacklist, you will get a human review - mostly end up rejected. Most people will not encounter this but for guys want to the borderline stuff, keep this in mind.

2. Cloaking

It’s relatively safer to cloak when you are not targeting countries like US, JP, IN, IE. These countries have FB review teams and FB bots, you don't want them to continuously see your ads.

If you are targeting to the US, it’s always best not to cloak. When you get caught, you account will be shut down.

That's why in my last case study I decided to move the Binary Options offer to another account as I still want to tap into the US market.

3. How to Fly Under the Facebook Radar

You never want to hear from FB’s risk management team.

Run totally legit campaigns (Tshirts, Fanpages Likes, Squeeze Pages, link to sites passed WOT scores) when your account is brand-new - they now will review your account after your first few payments and ask for your ID proof. You will see messages like "Your account has been hacked", "We have seen suspicious activities" etc. Don't panic if it does happen, send them your photo proof, they will reinstate your account.

Don't access your FB Ad account from multi computers, different IPs, different locations. FB will lock up your account when it sees different IPs and ISPs. Its better stay with one computer one IP. If you travel, use remote server.

You will start with a daily spending limit of $50, the system will gradually, automatically increase your limit when you hit the spending limit 3, 4 times without payment failures. Then the auto-increase will stop at $2k limit.

If you have any ads with the risk of getting shut down, but you are making money, so you need to fly under the radar.

The way is NEVER hit the $2k daily spending limit again by spread out to new accounts. If you hit the limit 3 - 5 times, you will get manual review. They will review your ads, and see anything they don’t like, they will shut down your account - they might be nice enough to give you a warning if you are not so shady.

If you are running totally white hat stuff, you can request limit increase. They will be happy to grant you that.

If this thread helps you, it's up to you if you give some rep+ but if didn't just forget it..

Enjoying banking $$$$$$ through FB Ads....Possibilities are Endless.
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2013-11-28, 09:12 AM,
Will use this in the future!
2013-11-28, 09:20 AM,
good information
but theres a few ways to get almost any ad approved as well
2013-11-28, 09:32 AM,
great thread mate and helpful informations
thanks a lot
2013-11-28, 10:08 AM,
Thanks for the information. I have a same problem yesterday but now they approved them. I think the most ads are reviewed by human because bots cannot know if an ad is a dating ad so to check the appropriate targeting options.

They were disapproving my ads again again even i changed all to meet the Guidelines for dating ads so i send them email. Then, they approved all my ads :)

I don't know what exactly was the problem but i think (as i said in my thread!) maybe the specific moderator was very strange person and doesnt like me for no reason, lol!
2013-11-28, 10:52 AM,
(2013-11-28, 09:20 AM)lancerimpact Wrote: good information
but theres a few ways to get almost any ad approved as well

That sounds great, if it's ok you can post those ways and methods you had then I will add it on the first post or make a separate thread to help people to get their ads rolling..

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