This should not be tolerated on CpaElites
2013-12-30, 09:48 AM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-30, 09:49 AM by Shiina.)
Hey guys, I would just like to bring up something that I can't stand that user's do on this forum and that is this (see outlined content):
I feel it's very LQ and quite frankly very annoying to see people do, if you want a high post count then make them high quality posts. It's certainly annoying to see people come here to post whore thinking that it will make it seem like they were an actual contributing member. I don't have a lot of posts, reason is, I don't post on every single little topic that comes up to increase my post count. I don't want this forum to end up LQ, from the start this forum was HQ and very welcoming. Condoning this behavior is just like allowing children to come to your house and scribble all over your walls and then claim their artists.

I know there are certain people out there who may see it as "contributing" or "promoting conversation" but more often then not the responses are general one-liners that apply to the overall topic and bring little content to the topic. I don't want to point this specific member out or seem like I'm bashing him, because there are quite a few people who have done this, however unfortunately for him he was the example in this case.

I beg you elite's please do not end up doing this, it ruins the forum's ecosystem by mixing relatively low quality posts with the few HQ or standard posts. To the very least if you want to increase post count, create a thought provoking relevant thread and be active in the discussion. That way we don't have all these old topics being brought up, and you can increase your post count in a legitimate way.
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apetrov(2013-12-30 09:05 PM) locmanis(2013-12-30 03:09 PM) FederalBureau(2013-12-30 09:59 AM) 

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2013-12-30, 09:51 AM,
Especially if there are 6 threads he replied to within 5 minutes. It's just spam.
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Shiina(2013-12-30 09:53 AM) 
2013-12-30, 09:56 AM,
They do this because they want 50 post to pm watch after he gets his 50 post he will stop

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2013-12-30, 09:59 AM,
@DOBZ Thats the main Reason :D
2013-12-30, 10:04 AM,
(2013-12-30, 09:56 AM)ÐỚℬℤ Wrote: They do this because they want 50 post to pm watch after he gets his 50 post he will stop

This is a factor however, he could do this much more productively by just making 2 or 3 threads about something then replying to all responses. Much less annoying but I do agree with you. I realized a problem with making 2-3 threads and responding to all responses is that if a couple members did this you would always be seeing the same few threads in the new/active content bar. We really need to workout a way to make sure people don't just come here to spam and scam, while allowing those who plan to use the forum legitimately a way to pm.

[Image: Kh7ZcMn.png?1]
2013-12-30, 01:58 PM,
i think new you should at least need a post count much lower for pm
2013-12-30, 08:53 PM,
(2013-12-30, 01:58 PM)Pr0Found Wrote: i think new you should at least need a post count much lower for pm

I've agree, the post count should be lowered but how do we make sure that the posts don't become spam? It's much more easy to determine post quality with more examples however it also promotes lower quality posts when people are in a rush to get Pm'ing abilities.

I know Hawk has looked at this however what is it we need to do? The real issue is not what people are doing, more so what we can do to ease newcomers into the community.

[Image: Kh7ZcMn.png?1]
2013-12-30, 08:57 PM,
There's so many post here its not hard to reach 50 none spam guides ask questions,give good honest feedback etc
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Shiina(2013-12-30 09:51 PM) 
2013-12-30, 09:02 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-12-30, 09:04 PM by apetrov.)
Another example I'd like to add is when somebody shares something and for example I say "thank you for the share" he will reply me "no problem". Then 10 more people will say "thank you" and they will each get "no problem, glad to help" post.

So the thread looks like this:

(R = Random Member)
OP: Here's a share
R1: Thanks
OP: No problem!
R2: Thanks
OP: No problem!
R3: Thanks
OP: No problem!

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Shiina(2013-12-30 09:51 PM) 
2013-12-30, 09:05 PM,
this forum started to be LQ when every scammer or everyone else come to forum and after 1 post he upgrade to legends or elites and thinks he is trusted and hq.

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