This is why your tiered system ain't RANKING!
2014-03-23, 11:46 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-23, 12:08 PM by Launder.)
Okay, okay, I'm sorry I click-baited you but I should have gotten your attention. I'm not saying that 3 tiers does not work. It does and it does very wonderfully. However, it is unnecessary in most cases.

Long read ahead.

[hide]We know that each page passes on a certain amount of link juice depending on its power. However, it's not independent. What I mean is, you share that link juice with other OBLs (Out bound links). Let's assigned an arbitrary value to a certain page, let's put it at 10. If that page has an OBL of 5, then each link would get a link juice of 2.

Link juice is an abstract value, there's no way of finding out how powerful a backlink from a certain website is but what I stated above still applies. This is why a High PR Homepage Backlink from a private blog network is powerful! You have a high powered backlink shared by a few links (low OBL) on the most powerful page for a website (the homepage).

On with our example, let's visit a common link from our tier 1 which are articles and scan the page for OBL. I scanned the pages using SEOQuake, a firefox/chrome plugin. Here's my example page: . And here's the stat page from SEOQuake for that page. An OBL of 12! So that page's link power is divided by 12.

So what's the best way to boost that article page (Tier 1 backlink)? We build backlinks to our article page! So here comes our Tier 2! But a dilemma appears like on our Tier 1! That link's juice is being divided up by the OBL! Let's put another arbitrary number of OBL of 10!

Now are you seeing the problem already? If we're going to assign an OBL of 10 each link (the best case scenario, we would need 10 tier 2 to power up each tier 1 backlink. Going further, we need another 10 tier 3 to power up each tier 2!

All of those backlinks just to match the power of a PR0/1 homepage backlink! And that's only when you're making backlinks on the best case scenario.

The ratio now would be:
Money site - 10 tier 1 - 100 tier 2 - 1000 tier 3.

To make things more concrete, imagine a tier 3 backlink with an arbitrary link power of 5 and an obl of 5. When that reaches your tier 2, the power becomes 1. If that tier 2 page has an obl of 5 again, the power that passes through from tier 3 to tier 1 would now be 0.2. Do the same procedure for tier 1 to the money site and you'll see that the link power from a tier 3 backlink would now be 0.004. That's a fraction of the original link's power when it finally reaches your money site! 5 OBL would be a godsend, Google treats a page good until it reaches 100 OBL. This is why you need more backlinks to your tier 3 to compensate for the power lost.

Unless you have one hell of mastery of your backlinking tool and a very powerful machine, it would be very difficult to make enough backlinks to make things matter!

This is why Churn and Burn works! You have many backlinks directly linking to your website which would mean these are higher in terms of power compared to backlinks on your Tier 2 and Tier 3. Too much of anything, too fast is bad. Think of it like a sink where you're continually pouring water to it but your sink can only let through a certain amount of water before it starts to accumulate. This would lead to an overflow of water. In terms of SEO, this would lead to over optimization and eventually a Google Slap. But this is a lesson for another day, hope you subscribe to it.

So what do I suggest you do?

Limit your tier into two levels. As we go down further the tier, the cost-efficiency of a backlink decreases.
Compress more backlinks on your upper tiers. Specifically on tier 2.
Throttle the amount accordingly.

T# - your contextuals.
T#n - your non contextuals.
n - this will be a letter corresponding to the amount of projects in GSA SER.

T1 - Points to your money site.
T1A, T1B, T1C - Points to your T1.
T2 - Points to your T1.
T2A, T2B, T2C, T2D, T2E, T2F - Points to your T2.

Remember, you are not limited to 1 project per tier. The more projects you have for a particular tier, the more backlinks you can make. You can have multiple T2 contextuals if needed.

If you're going to build web 2.0s as first tier, then still build 2 tiers out! You want to treat a web2.0 blog as a mini site to your money site. Build them like you're going to build a PBN!

Tier 3 are still viable, but only on very competitive niches with 200,000 searches. Like I said, the efficiency decreases as you go further down the tiers so we make more backlinks to your upper tiers. However, like in the case of Churn and Burn websites, you can only make a certain amount of backlinks in a given amount of time before you get the slap from Google. But do not worry about it, unless you can make 1000 backlinks per week to a single URL on your Tier 1 backlinks, this would not happen.

Certainly this is now how Google exactly does things but it mimics the model and the basic principle.[/hide]
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2014-03-24, 02:00 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-24, 02:00 AM by alexparris.)
thank you, bookmarked
useful post!
2014-03-24, 02:01 AM,
yes thanks for that very detailed and food for thought :)
2014-03-24, 02:22 AM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-24, 02:22 AM by Mr. Tokyo.)
Man, thanks for this HQ post. Any good information about SEO is always welcome! :)
2014-03-24, 02:45 AM,
I got confused reading this but i think i got what you are trying to explain to us. Wink
2014-03-24, 02:45 AM,
This is why you need to build first tier dofollow +contextual. Like wikis, articles...ect
2014-03-24, 03:07 AM,
So for churn and burn,i should create 142 urls per day and index them in a week to get 1k urls and do it for a month to rank ?

Will this be ok for a churn and burn ?
2014-03-24, 05:42 AM,
Thanks for share ! very usefull for me :)
2014-03-24, 08:49 AM,
(2014-03-24, 03:07 AM)Crusader Wrote: So for churn and burn,i should create 142 urls per day and index them in a week to get 1k urls and do it for a month to rank ?

Will this be ok for a churn and burn ?

For churn and burn you need to build a lot more links than that, for my churn and burn project, i spammed each uRL up to 10k verified links per day, and yes the ranking spikes in a week. :)

To OP, great share man, i will test this system out tonight.
2014-03-24, 03:09 PM,
Whatif i get deindexed within the next week ?

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