This guy must be a complete retard
2013-11-11, 07:33 PM,
Okay, the internet is like Wild West, but come on. Fuckin leechers. I just can't stand it.

Seriously, how difficult is to come up with something unique on your own? JUST FUCKIN' THINK FOR 10 MINUTES FOR CHIRST SAKE. Of course, do the same like everyone else but be a bit more creative.

So this ididot ripped my landing page - I mean it - this is MY work. LoL. He changed basically everything (except the statcounter code lololol) but I can tell you for sure that the page layout was mine.

Whatever. I just wanted to create this thread IF YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS well, shame on you mofo.

This is really pissing me off. Anyways, I tracked your link down, and well, somebody's AWM account will be banned soon. Say goodbye to a great network you idiot, because ain't nobody can fuck with me. I would be more than happy to let your site live if it wasn't the complete copy of mine.

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2013-11-11, 07:52 PM,
That is sad that he copied your LP but look what will happen when everybody will start reporting CPA links for gaming niche?
We all will end up with BANned CPA accounts. Not really good idea. If you feel really hurt there are other ways to do something.
2013-11-11, 08:05 PM,
Things like this really suck, check out my thread bro

Consistency is my key!
2013-11-11, 08:06 PM,
I have no problem with gaming niches at all BUT when someone simply cannot come up with a new idea on his own - which is really easy - that's really pisses me off.
2013-11-11, 08:14 PM,
Just going to put this out their for you I had to laugh when you said you will get is AWM account banned really man I guarantee this won't happen as they don't ban some for using other's site's maybe try a DMCA on him . also your niche is probably is a scam niche so it will most likely come back to you and get attention to your AWM Acc,

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2013-11-11, 08:17 PM,
It's called competition. But well, if it's really your work, you can file a DMCA complaint. I've taken down several sites that copied my work. Don't fuck with me :)
2013-11-11, 08:33 PM,
I dont think his AWM account will get suspended . By coping your work he has not violated any of that CPA network rules. Pursuing that course of action will make the CPA network look into what niche you are promoting. You might get your account suspended too for fakes.
2013-11-11, 08:42 PM,
(2013-11-11, 08:17 PM)Phlong Wrote: It's called competition. But well, if it's really your work, you can file a DMCA complaint. I've taken down several sites that copied my work. Don't fuck with me :)

I'm interested in DMCA, what did you use to take down a leecher's site? Was it the account with $10/month fee?

I think I have more chance of totally getting back to the leecher since his only traffic is from search engine.

Consistency is my key!
2013-11-11, 08:43 PM,
You cant takedown his account on awm. Its just a landing page, its not illegal content, well if you report it, you too will be fucked if your niche is illegal.(blackhat,fake shit)

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2013-11-11, 09:00 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-11-11, 09:01 PM by D@vid.)
Lol, his AWM account won't get suspended because he copied your LP. Grin What is your proof? You could of copied his website... (In theory... not saying you did...)
In my opinion, you aren't going to get far with it... you could fill in a DMCA complaint but then again, it's not copyrighted, so you can't...

All you can do is to mass-dislike his video/flag it.

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