There's too many 'Trash/Spam' replies on this forum
2014-03-25, 07:21 AM,
There's too many 'Trash/Spam' replies on this forum

Now I understand the majority of users first language isn't English, however I CONSTANTLY see terrible terrible replies that;

1. Don't make sense
2. Don't address the original post
3. Saying thank you to something that has a dead link (Obviously they haven't downloaded it)
4. With pathetic English skills, even Google translate does a better job than these guys
5. Idiotic comments. Sounding like a 5 year old child

These are all obviously to increase their post count. But I don't understand why? This isn't a Runescape forum where you need to look like you have a lot of posts so you are able to scam everyone. How does spamming this trash benefit these idiots at all?

I have posted a few threads asking questions, as I'm new to CPA, only started on the 20th Feb.
I received replies that just infuriate me as they aren't helpful and don't make sense.
I can't see reason to report them? As they aren't breaking the rules?

Conclusion: Report low quality replies - Constant low quality results in ban.

Rant over
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2014-03-25, 07:44 AM,
Troll Unsuccessful. Go home little boy
2014-03-25, 08:54 AM,
Some of them increase their post count to be able to PM. That's one of the reason.
2014-03-25, 09:02 AM,
Ah there we go! But it needs to be stopped. Really irritating.
2014-03-25, 09:16 AM,
(2014-03-25, 07:44 AM)Guidex Wrote: Troll Unsuccessful. Go home little boy

That guy wasan't Trolling . He is doing Lq Posts all around the forum . And yes , I agree with you those LQ / No sense posts really bugs me too . We should report when we see those .
2014-03-25, 09:17 AM,
And see his "Thanks Received: 384"? How this poster got this much? with LQ posts?
2014-03-25, 09:20 AM,
(2014-03-25, 09:17 AM)♫_B2S_♫ Wrote: And see his "Thanks Received: 384"? How this poster got this much? with LQ posts?

He shared some niches . Then his other posts are all spam / LQ ;
2014-03-25, 10:44 AM,
Prime example.

Too much trash posting useless BS.

We need a sticky.

I'm going to report these posts aswell.
2014-03-25, 10:51 AM,
We cannot tell if all of those posts are useful or not to the thread. But it was given by members who tried to help, appreciate someones work, or just trolling around. Comment posts are ideas and knowledges that might not be helpful to you but helpful to others!
2014-03-25, 11:22 AM,
This is a forum. You will find all types of users from Experts to Newbies. It is up to you to take it or not.

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