The Zombie Apocalypse suddenly begins... what's your plan?
2014-03-23, 03:51 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-23, 04:21 PM by Mabaet.)
The Zombie Apocalypse is happening right now at the moment you're reading this.
You are hearing loud screaming outside, zombies are running everywhere.
What are you going to do?

[Image: BTH5Tbh.jpg]

Rule: Zombies can run but do not swim/climb. Plan must be possible and reliable to your current condition.

My Plan:
Well, I'm alone in the house, so I think that's an advantage because I have no people to protect, they're just burden for me. First is to quickly take important things(smartphone,bag w/ food & stuffs, etc.) I'd simply go the roof of the house and start moving from there making my way from roof to roof(using some plank or something as a bridge) as houses here have a small gap between. I'd call my bestpal for partnership if I can and prepare an armored car inside a garage quietly. Then move to an officially protected area(which of course at some point will be breached by zombies later on -,-). Once I get there, I'd stay there for a while and look for my relatives if they made it. I'll secretly leave the family there soon because you know what I said (It'll get breached later on), and then head to an isolated land w/ a lot of trees near a beach where me and my partner will build a fortress with an escape route towards the beach with a boat ready. We'll try to survive until the cure by awesome scientists.

What's yours?
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2014-03-23, 03:58 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-23, 03:59 PM by Peakfire.)
I live on the 5th floor. I'm not sure if that's a convenience or not but zombies will take a while to reach it. I have a knife (not a kitchen knife) and I think my father has a weapon from the army. I'd clean my way to the police station (near my house) using the knife and other objects, there I would probably find ammo for the weapon. After that I'd move to a place with HERC troops and other survivors, using my dad's car..

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2014-03-23, 03:58 PM, (This post was last modified: 2014-03-23, 03:59 PM by Mr.Basra.)
I will take fire crackers and through them from my house roof to attract more zombies. After that i will through some oil on the floor and take a match stuck and open the door. And once several zombies entered my house i will through a burned match stick over the oil. And run over my house roof. From there i will come back to entrance to my house. I will take my gun and kill all zombies from back while they were going to my house roof. I will lock doors again and start marketing :)

Thats all xD
2014-03-23, 04:10 PM,
1 I live in a flat, the first thing i would do is to turn onthe tapwater and fill every bottle + bathtub.
2 The first couple of days would be the toughest as zombies and anarchy all over, somy plan is to stay indoors for 1 week and let them kill of each other
3 after the 1st week i pack my bag and start heading to the mountains, I know some grate fish farms in the mountains and that is my goal
4 once i get to the fish farms I will try to find a shelter in a 5 km area, the reason why I wouldnt use a shelter next to the fish farms is because its a grate resurce and people will do anything to have it.
5 My long term goal is to fish with a net huge amounts of fish during the summer, make a smoker and smoke the fishas it will stay eatable for a long time after that
6 I got my food, shelter and water, time to get some company and find out what the fuck happened.
7 I would help out people but if my instincts say that someone is not reliable , not trustworhy or I have no benefit in helping them I just leve them to die

If I manage to help some people and have a group I will pick up the gratest weapon created by mankind... the bible... and start teaching from it, people will and answers for what happened, I will use the bible to brainwash people into submittion and hopefully make them stop killing themselfes or else thay will end up in hell.
This worked in the past and it will work in the future the only diference is that there wount be a pope but a pepe and this is how I would rule the world + killing everyone who doesnt accept my socialist dogma or religion

Top that
2014-03-23, 04:13 PM,
Some of you don't need to worry about zombies. As zombie eat brain.... xD
2014-03-23, 04:26 PM,
i've got my samurai here im gonna fight them >:)
2014-03-23, 06:11 PM,
I will smoke some weed with 'em and get high. I will make new friends.
2014-03-23, 06:18 PM,
Most of the people will survive the zombie apocalypse because zombies like brains

[Image: 4f3uTb7.gif]
Don't stare too much.
2014-03-24, 04:29 AM, (This post was last modified: 2016-12-02, 01:45 AM by DutchPride.)
(2014-03-23, 07:25 PM). Wrote: Setup a niche on how to avoid getting bitten by zombies and how to cure yourself in case u got bitten.

I bet this would be the best whitehat niche ever. :D

I second it,Cool

will be the best niche ever Grin lol

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