The Drug Lord
2015-09-16, 07:26 AM,
I actually moved away from CPA a few months ago and moved to colorado.. where i was aspiring to grow weed. I met 2 growers; a very well kept, calm, and collective minded grower.. and one who is scatter brained and all over the place but grows big and they arent the healthiest but they are huge. I am keeping my plants with the calm collective grower for now.. lets call him "T" and the scatter brain lets call him "D" my initial plan was to make a lot of money with growing weed and selling it then I was gonna use it to invest into houses for bigger ops then into PPV / SEO workers and at the same time take advantage of the stock market as well... but it's been slow.. as i type this i am at a call center making 10 an hour.. with only 10 bucks generated today off my SEO in the mean time while waiting for my own set up (because landlord found my grow told us we cant grow there, reason why i got to move it in with T) I basically been flipping medical dispensary bud around town... getting good stuff for 135 an oz i usually sell 1/8ths for 25 and quarters for 45 so worst case scenario = 45 x 4 = 180 - 135 = 45 dollar profit best case its 25 x 8 = 200 - 135 = 65 dollar profit so either way coming out positive. Building up clientele and also working on PPV methods currently and about to make major moves soon. hoping to come out with plenty of money in the near future... I only moved because i was tired of a dead end job and living with my mom.. im 25.. woulda thought i would have gone somewhere more by now.. you know? only reason I've moved to such drastic measures to move up quicker.. i want to mainly invest big into stocks and options.. that and i want to find that gold mine of a PPV niche.. while still grinding SEO!! never want to work this dead end job type ever again... forced to be this pawn of a random corporation, because it takes money to make money and if you don't have money sucks to be you... but I been tired of being poor.. driving shitty cars.. relying on 500 - 700 dollar checks... I even went to college too so please no replies of the "typical story of success" get a degree, get a good job, blah blah because you know who gives people those jobs? people making profit on your effort. I dont want to work for anyone... "directly" that is... weed and cpa entice me because there is no limit.. there is no one telling you that you can only grow 1 gram of weed a day. or saying you can only make 1 site a month.. well im at work and only got 5 minutes left and then going to go flip for an hour or so... good night. felt like rambling sorry if it doesn't make a lot of sense.
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2015-09-16, 08:31 AM,
can't you use paragraphs or something , this hurts both my eyes and my mind
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bossul(2015-09-16 11:43 PM) Heraclitus(2015-09-16 11:10 PM) FRENCHINDAHOOD(2015-09-16 07:39 PM)  LB'Decoy(2015-09-16 07:27 PM) Mr. Tokyo(2015-09-16 10:51 AM) 
2015-09-16, 10:34 AM,
El chapo is that you? Jk all jokes aside just don't give up and you'll make it.
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Wrennstigator(2015-09-16 11:56 AM) 
2015-09-16, 11:56 AM,
(2015-09-16, 08:31 AM)Sudan Wrote: can't you use paragraphs or something , this hurts both my eyes and my mind
my bad, you know how rambling is. I would edit it if i could, i guess if an admin walks by and sees this feel free to tab it out.
2015-09-16, 04:55 PM,
Have u ever seen this image?

[Image: 14614081403_1fed5909e4_o.png]
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bossul(2015-09-16 11:43 PM) Heraclitus(2015-09-16 11:11 PM) FRENCHINDAHOOD(2015-09-16 07:39 PM) 
2015-09-16, 09:50 PM,
(2015-09-16, 04:55 PM)cracky Wrote: Have u ever seen this image?

Lol.. yea next time ill just say "so I sell weed now and work at a call center"
2015-09-16, 10:18 PM,
Good move by posting public that you grow weed.
2015-09-16, 10:25 PM,
(2015-09-16, 10:18 PM)NyanCat Wrote: Good move by posting public that you grow weed.

its legal in Colorado so no worries this way :)
2015-09-17, 12:50 AM,
How much can you grow, is there limit?
2015-09-17, 12:54 AM,
(2015-09-17, 12:50 AM)NyanCat Wrote: How much can you grow, is there limit?

there is but cops don't give a crap tbh.just living here you get a 6 plant count then basic med card gives you another 6, thats 12 then you can get bigger plant counts up to 99...thats +6 so 105 per person unless they are caregivers or you get someone to "sign" over there plant counts.

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