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The Dream You Never Had...
2015-10-01, 10:19 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-11-24, 10:22 PM by MoneyCashers.)
Hey Elites :)

You know what’s funny. People… People are funny. We are funny…
But we’re also Creative, Smart, Responsible, Committed, Incredibly talented, Disciplined, Focused, and Knowledgeable.

Many amazing humans have proven this time and time again throughout the long and timeless fathoms of history… you can read about people who changed their worlds with literally 1/1000 of the knowledge and resources that you and I have at our disposal now in the coming winter of 2015.

But do you know what I found all those people had in common? They had a Dream.
Now you may say… oh but MoneyCashers I have my goals and I’m working really hard to reach them…

And Good for you… and many people have their little money “goals” and that’s fine…
But that is not what I’m talking about… I’m talking about a true since of destiny… a Life dream. Something you are willing to completely trade your life for.

What are you willing to trade your life for?

Because after your time has expired, everything you have… or have not done… is what you traded your life for… And remember you can’t take a $10M house or a $200,000 car to the grave. It’s not that a nice car is Bad… it’s not… it’s just not all life can be.

Because the truth is… we’re dying. Some very slowly, but we’re all dying…

And I meet people every day who tell me: “oh I want to do this and that someday”
Remember, Someday is just code for never. And they say “oh I tried this and that but I failed”



Do you know how many people that we read about in schools today failed?

Let me give you a real example… did you know Walt Disney got fired from the Kansas City Star where he worked because his editor felt he and I quote: "lacked imagination and had no good ideas."

Did you know: Oprah Winfrey was publicly fired from her first television job as an anchor in Baltimore for getting "too emotionally invested in her stories"

And you may say “well yeah but they were special” So are you! You are the only person who can choose your worth. And if you pick a worth, the world will follow suit and let you go for it, and do you know why? Because everyone wants to watch someone else do something, because they never did… they failed. The strong one’s failed three maybe four times before they gave up.

But you know what, I bet you didn’t know that Theodor Seuss Geisel, you know him better as Dr. Seuss, had his first book rejected by 27 different publishers. But you know what… the good Dr. (lol) didn’t give up… he didn’t give up on himself or his dream. And today his works have sold over 600 million copies. That’s million with an M.

Listen, you only get one shot at this.

So why not really make it count doing something real, something that will make a change.
Because after it’s all over you will be remembered for the fears you defied, not for the ones you harbored.

And please don’t deceive yourself into the lie that “oh I can wait a little”
There’s a saying… Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday…
Life is about right now… it’s about what you do today, so your tomorrow is that someday you dreamed about yesterday :)

Pick something you love to do and just GO FOR IT! And if you know in your heart it’s right, don’t ask anybody for permission… this is YOUR DREAM! Not theirs!
Don’t listen to negativity… it’s like an acid, dissolving one dream after another.

Remember, your brain is a muscle… and it can be developed, you can develop, you can change… I don’t care what you’ve done, or haven’t done... You see you really do matter, your life matters and what you do matters :)

And even though I can’t see you right now, I see greatness in you my friend :)

Remember: Never Give Up, Shut Up, or Put up until your times up :)

If anyone wants to chat sometime, my official Skype is Money.Cashers
And while I am a very busy person, I will always try and find time for you :)

And with that said I’ll leave you with this question.

What is your dream?


*While all of this content is mine, I would like to make a call out to two people who have had an impact on my life and the life of many people:

Zig Ziglar And Peter Daniels... two amazing men who will forever be missed.
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Even if you don't believe in yourself... I will. :)
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2015-10-01, 10:24 AM,
Awesome Thread Man! Regarding my dream I told you even though I'm trying my best to reach it but who knows.
As you said Life of Regret sucks so why not go for your dream when you have a chance of getting to your dreams.

Inspiring thread man, Will motivate alot to work and go for their dreams just keep this kinds of threads coming

[Image: di1WHG0.png?1]
2015-10-01, 01:29 PM,
Truly inspiring.. Thanks ^.^
2015-10-01, 01:42 PM,
One of the most useful threads here. :)
2015-10-01, 02:15 PM,
awesome ... thank you man ...
2015-10-01, 02:16 PM,
(2015-10-01, 10:19 AM)MoneyCashers Wrote: Hey Elites :)

What is your dream?

Not a dream bro.Just a target.I need a good life in Portugal.I'm doing everything for it :) . Thank you for the thread bro.A+++++

We're in a time where all enterprises fall
We should beware of the wolves that haunt us
They are not all the same, cannot take the blame
Await the time to unchain utopia
2015-10-01, 04:32 PM,
"Life is about right now… "
2015-10-01, 11:34 PM,
That moment when it's too long to read the all thread :|
2015-10-02, 02:42 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-10-02, 02:43 AM by LeadCatcher.)
Beautiful thread! Really inspiring and you're so damn right :)

I have a dream: To be self-employed and wealthy after school. I want to do my hobby as my job and just want to live my life happily with my friends. Everyone tells me I'm something really special. And I am! I'm so creative and obsessed if I really want something and I can do everything if I WANT to. My passion is the music and I'm really talented. I'm also motivated to do internet marketing and Youtube videos as well.

This is also an important point: Know what you are and be proud of yourself and your skills. There's nothing wrong with saying I'm pretty good at ... and I know it. This helps you to get more self-confident!
2015-10-02, 02:59 AM, (This post was last modified: 2015-10-02, 04:56 AM by MoneyCashers.)
I'm so happy to hear this thread is giving you guys just a trace of hope.

I've received a ton of support so far and it means so much to me. If anyone would like me to continue making more threads like this, please let me know.

(2015-10-01, 11:34 PM)why2001 Wrote: That moment when it's too long to read the all thread :|

It may interest you to know I cut the length of my post by 2 pages already. I'm sorry my thread didn't interest you enough to finish... but I think for the time it took you to write that, you would have been close to finishing it :)

Also, for anyone who selected option two on my poll... Someday I hope you learn that life is not a spectators sport, it's a fight to the death, winner takes all, one round battle that only the committed can win :)

Remember, Stay Strong my friends!


Even if you don't believe in yourself... I will. :)

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