"The Day That Turns Your Life Around"
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This is a post from my blog - I don't know if it will mean much to you guys but the moment I describe definitely spoke to me. Sometimes our inspiration comes in form of thought, sometimes it is physical objects.

Quote:As many of you will become very aware, I am a huge fan of Jim Rohn and everything he stands for. The title of this blog post is one of my favorite of his audio tapes, packed full of life changing material that you should listen to. However that isn’t my main purpose here;

Many people think Internet Marketing is a get-rich-quick scheme, and it’s not. In fact, at this point in time, I’ve only made $40 online to date, for 4 months of HARD work. One thing I understand is that it will take time (yes it is hard – given the hours and work put into it) however it will pay off in the end. What prompted me to write this post, what made me think about the day that turned my life around… was actually when I was driving home tonight.

I drive an Oldsmobile intrigue ’99, it’s a faithful car, that I am extremely thankful for it! It has driven faithfully, although it is a little beat up, it’s still a nice car. There are various problems with it monthly, lights going out, windows not rolling down. This is all fine and dandy and are normal with cars. Just yesterday I found out I need to fix my muffler…again. I was thinking about the car tonight on my drive home from work, when I stop at a red light.

I look next to me, at this yellow car, the engine roaring, practically speaking to me. At that moment in time, I realize that Internet Marketing is my way out of this normal life. I am not given much time on this planet, many people are lucky to reach 100 – to be normal, to live a moderately challenging life trying to keep up on bills until retirement does not sound fun to me. What DOES sound fun to me, is blogging and making money on the internet, and spending money without worry, and spending time without worry of missing work and school.

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” – Jim Rohn

I hope that speaks to you like it speaks to me – we are in control of our lives and the direction that it takes us, we can’t let our lives take control of us. My dream in a couple years is to be that guy revving his engine a the red stop light – it may seem annoying to everyone else but if I earned that privilege I will live it to the max! It has been a lot of idle work and although I’ve given it all my thought, I have definitely not given it my all. From this moment on I will be the best Internet Marketer I can be.

That may have been a little cheesy, but the jist of it is to find that moment, that day, that second, that turns your life around.

It seems like a lot of people dismiss this life-style because it doesn't seem real, that you can't put work into online. A lot of people think they're required to earn a degree to get up - when really you're just getting bogged down in student loans.

A friend of mine I met through MLM/MLM/Pyramid schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. schemes are now banned from CPA Elites. wrote an article about how 'A' students work for 'C' students, which I found EXTREMELY thought provoking. He speaks about Barbara Corcoran, I'll quote an excerpt here:

Quote:Take Barbara Corcoran, for example, a straight-C student who employed a slew of A students who helped build the New York City’s preeminent real estate empire, The Corcoran Group, which she sold for a reported cool $65 million. Not too shabby, huh? And definitely not a straight-A student (self-proclaimed straight-C student).

For what it's worth, I hope you take some of these thoughts and think a little bit about it all. Give me some of your opinions on information I said here!
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2013-08-18, 12:44 PM,
Wut. OK, inspiration post. Yay
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Bandit(2013-08-18 12:47 PM) 
2013-08-18, 01:13 PM,
A good read, and definitely inspiring, we gotta take control. I was actually looking for inspirational messages when I stumbled into your post.

I could have spent all of my years until retirement on a government office doing the same routine, no promotion, getting same salary and hoping for a raise which is likely not going to happen, if it did, you won't even notice it as inflation rate is always high each year the comes.

Honestly, I've been fighting against my self on mentality that as long as you are employed, you are okay, well that depends. But no, I finally made the decision to quit my job, I was making good money online then, and what I have in mind is if I work for myself I can scale my online earning at a higher level, but then I was losing focus.

I't breaks my heart to see my earnings go low, then gets ecstatic when it hits a spike. To cut it short, I wasn't consistent on what I do.

So just now, new things have come in mind, I was kind of enlightened on what I really want to achieve, something that is possible on my current skills and level of knowledge.

So to stay focused, I would set a monthly target income, work my ass to achieve it and don't get distracted. Gotta stick to it, and hopefully I can achieve greater goals in the future.

Consistency is my key!
2013-08-18, 01:56 PM, (This post was last modified: 2013-08-18, 01:59 PM by tripluc.)
You must think positive always on whatever you'll do, that's the secret.

If you think negatve like "I won't handle this method it is too hard" .. well obviously you won't handle it because (this will sound weird) you are sending bad messages to the Univers. Yes, I do believe that the Univers is like a store or a shop where you can buy everything you want for free and has unlimited supplies. You just need to want that stuff!
If you think positive you'll have all what you want, believe me. For example: this summer I wanted badly to make some money, but not from PPD/CPA because I thought that aren't profitable so much anymore(I worked and 1 year ago) so I looked to make some $ in another place, but I only made like 50$ in two months from some designs(i am also a web designer).. and like on everyday of July i was thinking positive that i'll make more money .. somehow I'll make more. At the begining of August I met somebody who explained me some methods for CPA and from 5 August to 18 August I made $650 and I am still amazed of this "positive thinking" method.

Some few of you will say that I'm crazy or I am easy to fool.. say whatever you want ..I know that this thing really works.

So keep thinking positive mate, it will help you a lot! Say in your mind that you want that thing and you'll have it!
If you want more information about this you can search for the documentary named "The secret".

PS: I also wanted a Xbox a few months ago.. Guess who's getting one next month? :D

"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
2013-08-18, 08:02 PM,
jdpreacher Sorry to hear about your earnings dropping, however keep up the good work man. I definitely believe in you! Definitely keep up with goal setting, it becomes your accountability partner that will help you get to where you need to be.

tripluc Hey man, whatever works for you we all have our own beliefs and if it gets you rich who cares what people think, right? Smile Congratulations on your Xbox, dude!
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tripluc(2013-08-18 08:05 PM) 

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