The Complete Guide for Product Research for Amazon FBA in 2018
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In this guide I am going to show you how I built a 100K per month business which some people consider nearly impossible.

We are going to build this business by leveraging the power of Amazon. Almost every day we receive one or more boxes from Amazon and what you may not realize is the other end of this is someone just like you and me is selling on Amazon each time some of these are sold someone is making profit for their business.

I am going to show you in just a few minutes how you can build you real business by creating you own brand of products just like these.

You will own the brand and the products will be yours and you can change your life for ever with the business that you built.

What is so great about you being with us right now is that something new is happen very recently that is completely changing the game of building this business.

Years ago amazon used to have kinds of special tools and advantages available only to big brands, but all that is changed now for the first time ever people just like us have access to brand new tools resources never before available and now the plain filled have been completely levelled.

Just last year Amazon sold over 177 Billion of products just like these around the world. This year amazon will likely sell over 220 billion and that is 40 billion more than last year. Based on this growth rate Amazon is going to be selling over 300-400 billion in just a few years from now.

People around the world are buying more and more online and over the past 20 years Amazon has positioned itself on this unstoppable trend.

Even If you have never build any business before you can do this. Years ago I was in your same shoes.

NOW we will Start:

To build this business there are six major steps:

1- Get set up to sell on amazon.
2- Find and choose a product.
3- Find a high-quality supplier.
4- Nearly automate the business.
5- Lunch your product.
6- Scale your business.

Step one – Get set up to sell on Amazon in 5 Minutes:
I am going to show you in this section of the guide how easy it is to get set up to start selling on Amazon.

In the past we advised selling on the USA no matter where you lived in the world. However, on the past few Years Amazon has grown rapidly in a few key areas on the outside the USA. Amazon sells billions of dollars each and every year in the UK, Japan, and Germany. So if you live in one of these countries start in those market places, but if you live anywhere else in the world then you should start selling in the USA.

All Amazon market places have the same sign up process and requirements.
So to get set up in:

1- The USA -->
2- The UK -->
3- Germany -->
4- Japan -->

And then you see this page: Click on Register now

[Image: 1.png]

Once you have done that the next step is to click on Start selling as shown below:

[Image: 2.png]

And when you get to this point you just want to click on Create your Amazon account

[Image: 3.png]

And then you fill this form below and once you click on the Next button it is going to take you through the process of actually signing up and it is really straight forward and Amazon will tell you what to do.

There are two different types of accounts an Individual account and a professional account. I recommend you go with the professional account to get all the features you need to grow your business fast.

So, that is it as long as you stick to the rules it is very simple to set your account set up on Amazon.

Step two: Find and choose a product:

The type of product that we want to sell need to be regular consumer products that millions of people are using. Regular products like these are bought on the 100s and millions on Amazon every single year.

And the products that I recommend you to sell are just like these. The could be fitness products, health products, home and kitchen products, auto products, camping products, pet products and many more that people use all the time.

The products that I don’t recommend you sell are things like software, mobile apps, clothing and a few other categorize of products that are really big or expensive or even really cheap.

So, to make this supper clear I am going to show you The 5 Hot Product Criteria so you can find great product to sell on Amazon with high profit potential and low competition.

The 5 Hot Product Criteria:

1- The best seller rank (BSR): BSR is how Amazon measures the demand for the product. The lower the BSR number the higher the demand. Each top level category has its own BSR.

I recommend a range for BSR between 500 and 50,000.

So to find the BSR for a product just scroll down on the product page until you find the product information table and you can find the BSR there as shown below:

[Image: BSR.png]

2- The price of the product:

I recommend you look for products priced between $18 and $70. I have found that this price is the sweets part for providing enough profit margin while still meaning your inventory cost is not too high.

You will always find the product price under the title, but some products will provide two prices the one you interested in is the one that is in red.

[Image: Price.png]

3- The number of reviews:

Review are important because the give a good indication of competition for the product. When you are using combination with the BSR.

And I recommend you avoid products with more than 1000 reviews.
You can find the number of reviews under the title.

[Image: Reviews.png]

4- The weight of the product:

I recommend a product that weights 3 ib. or less. Or the shipping of the cost will start cutting of your profit margin.

You can find the product weight on the product information table.

[Image: Weight.png]

5- Private label potential:

It means that you can put your own label on it and put your own brand’s logo on it. For example, you can’t do that with Nike products.

[Image: Brand.png]

SO, those are the five criteria for great Amazon product. You can look on Amazon yourself and find thousands of products that fits the criteria, but I am going to use a tool called Jungle scout, so I can find them with one click.

I will go to Amazon and write in the search bar the following “-hghghghghg”.

[Image: hghghghg.png]

What is this? It is a minus followed by 8 or more characters that don’t make a real word. And then I will select toys & games, but you can select any category you want.

What this dose, is that it is going to bring up all the results in this category without restricting the by using a key word.

And then to make it easier, I am going to scroll down until I see the price the right hand side. After that, put 18 as a minimum price and 70 as a maximum price. Finally click go.

I do this to make the results match the price on our product criteria. And for the other parts of the criteria I will use Jungle Scout.

Note: You can do this without using the Jungle Scout by opening each product page and do what we did when discussing the product criteria.

[Image: Jungle_Scout.png]
As you can see, the first result in Jungle Scout is what we are looking for:

[Image: Jungle_Scout_2.png]

1- BSR --> 1,925
2- Price --> 27.97
3- Number of Reviews --> 2390
4- Product Weight --> 0.25 lb
5- Private label potential --> Yes

Then this is how you can find a hot product that makes a 100K on Amazon.

Note: Don’t use the product shown in the Example above, because 100s of people who will read this will do the same.

For more information about 3,4,5,6 --> Click here
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Now that is a very nice share from you. Thank you for this.
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MarkRobert(2018-04-27 09:03 PM) 
2018-04-27, 07:34 PM,
Woow! very elaborate explanation.
BSR is very powerful measure
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MarkRobert(2018-04-27 09:03 PM) 

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2018-04-28, 12:30 AM,
Thank you for the detailed guide, good job mate!
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MarkRobert(2018-04-28 06:06 PM) 
2018-04-28, 01:47 PM,
Nice explanation buddy, Thank you!
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MarkRobert(2018-04-28 06:06 PM) 
2018-04-28, 07:42 PM,
Thanks for detail guide. Looking for the guide for step #3,4,5,6. :)
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MarkRobert(2018-04-29 02:09 AM) 
2018-04-29, 02:10 AM,
(2018-04-28, 07:42 PM)affmarketer101 Wrote: Thanks for detail guide. Looking for the guide for step #3,4,5,6. :)

You got it bro: Click here
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